Over the past days, Ukrainian forces have carried out several terror attacks against Crimea and against Russian ships in the Black Sea. The Russian Defense Ministry stated on Saturday that Moscow is suspending participation in the grain deal, which foresaw the transportation of food and fertilizers from Ukrainian ports via the Black Sea» Sputnik International reported.

“In view of the terrorist attack, carried out by the Kiev regime on October 29 – with the participation of British specialists – against ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian vessels involved in ensuring the security of the grain corridor, the Russian side suspends participation in the implementation of agreements on the export of agricultural products from Ukrainian ports,” an official statement read.


The Kiev regime carried out a terrorist attack on the ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships in Sevastopol, using drones, the Russian Ministry of Defense told reporters on Saturday. “Today at 04:20 am, the Kiev regime carried out a terrorist attack on ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships,” the ministry said.

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According to the statement, nine drones and seven autonomous marine unmanned vehicles were involved in the attack. “All air targets were destroyed,” the ministry said.

The Black Sea Fleet ships that were attacked earlier on Saturday were involved in ensuring the security of the grain corridor used to export agricultural goods from Ukrainian ports. “The Black Sea Fleet ships that were the target of the terrorist attack are involved in ensuring the safety of the grain corridor within the international initiative to export agricultural products from Ukrainian ports,” the Defense Ministry said.

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According to the governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the use of drones in the waters of Sevastopol Bay on Saturday was the most massive offensive since the beginning of the special operation. “Today we witnessed the most massive attack by UAVs and remote-controlled surface drones in the waters of the Sevastopol Bay in the history [of the special military operation],” Razvozhaev said. He noted that all broadcasts from CCTV cameras in Sevastopol that were previously available to civilians will be closed.

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British experts

Experts from the UK Royal Navy, who were preparing military personnel of Ukraine’s 73rd Maritime Special Operations Center for the recent terrorist attack in Sevastopol, were also involved in the Nord Stream gas pipeline sabotage.

“According to the information available to us, representatives of the UK Navy participated in planning, supporting, and executing the terrorist act in the Baltic Sea on September 26 in order to disrupt the Nord Stream and the Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines,” the statement said.

According to the ministry, British experts also prepared the Ukrainian military for the terrorist attack in Sevastopol. “The preparation of this terrorist act and the training of military personnel of the Ukrainian 73rd Maritime Special Operations Center were carried out under the guidance of British specialists located in the city of Ochakov, Nikolaev region,” the department said.

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The Ministry reported earlier on Saturday that Ukraine carried out a terrorist attack on the ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships in Sevastopol, using drones. “Today at 04:20 am, the Kiev regime carried out a terrorist attack on ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships,” the ministry said.

According to the statement, nine drones and seven autonomous marine unmanned vehicles were involved in the attack, all air targets were destroyed.


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  1. I don’t recall, ever, in my 80 years on the soil, hearing such intense propaganda as we now hear on the Ukraine situation. It seems that every word is carefully crafted to avoid any semblance of truth whatsoever, and blame Russia if the wind blows. Most intelligent people know it for what it is, but we have those fools among us who fly Ukrainian flags in their yards and on their vehicles, and wear blue and yellow arm bands, etc. I do feel sorry for the Ukrainian people, but their government has been totally corrupted and they’ve been unable, or unwilling, to do anything about it. Many still fancy their neo-Nazi Zelensky as some sort of hero. I look forward to the day the Russians put a heavily-armed drone up his fairy ass.

  2. I think Russia is showing remarkable restraint, considering the provocation by NATO and the U.S.. They just continue to poke the bear, trying to provoke a response. A friend of mine has a brother who fancies himself a cowboy. They had a black bear that came into their backyard from time to time, so the brother, in his infinite wisdom, decided to rope the bear. I don’t know what he thoughtwas going to happen, but he successfully threw his noose over the bear. When the bear hit the end of the rope, he turned around in a flash and grabbed his tormentor by the thigh. Good news is, after short stay in the local hospital, he’s back to cowboyin’ again. The limp will probably go away in time. And the U.S. will probably not be as lucky when the bear urns around this time.

  3. Did you see the british narrated youtube propaganda video of the drone attacks on Sevastapol???

    Three seconds into the video, a “powerful explosion” is described showing an extremely white flash.

    White flash = nuclear explosion

    maybe for EMP purposes to mess up electronics?

    Set off by Russians to destroy drone computer chips?

    Or maybe a real bomb and “warning” from the British?

    Regardless sure looks like a nuke.

    Hopefully neither side dumb enough to admit that it is

    Here is video:

  4. source en dot topwar dot ru
    30th Oct

    According to available information, the Russian Armed Forces carried out an attack on the Naval Forces of Ukraine base in Ochakovo, where the Training Center for the MTR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is located, it is reported that the communications center and other facilities on the base were destroyed. Previously, kamikaze drones “Geran-2” worked out at the Center. Earlier it was reported that Russian “Geran” went in the direction of Ochakov and Odessa, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine traditionally reported on their destruction, but apparently not all of them were destroyed.

    According to the military department, it was at the MTR Training Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that British instructors trained Ukrainian servicemen to control naval drones, which were used to attack Sevastopol. By the way, the drones were also supplied by Britain. In general, the center in Ochakovo was built by the Americans and the British precisely for conducting special operations against the Black Sea Fleet, the presence of Ukrainian Navy units there was only a cover.

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