The Coup in the U.K.


The coup against Liz Truss’s Conservative government in Britain ought to be concerning for all those who believe in democracy. The ease with which she was overthrown carries lessons for all conservative politicians, including US Republicans. First and foremost they need to be aware. Lacking intelligence literacy and being somewhat cloth-eared, with respect, Liz Truss was a sitting duck.

Thinking that she had done the hard work by beating her sleazy opponent, no offense intended, Rishi ‘von’ Sunak, there was never any chance that she would last more than a few months. In the end, she was Prime Minister for just seven weeks.

Whilst Sunak was a devious and determined opponent, who was never going to take defeat lying down, there was no way that he brought down the government all on his own. Indeed he was a pawn in the hands of the Germans. Bankrolled offshore by high-yield trading programs the banks committed huge amounts to undermine sterling, polls were rigged to help generate panic amongst jittery Tory MPs, very few of whom possess much moral fiber anyway, and careful preparation was made by pensions regulators and the Bank of England.

Andrew Bailey, the sinister Bank of England Governor

The Bank of England Governor, Andrew Bailey, a deeply sinister Remainer figure, no offense intended, who wants to crush the British economy under the full weight of EU membership, made sure that the pound would crumble by not following the Fed’s rate rise of 75 points. He is now an object of hate and suspicion on the Right and rightly so. Again however he couldn’t have crashed the pound on his own.

The MSM played their part, of course. Desperate to reverse Brexit they promoted linear tax theory as though it were fact and rubbished Kwasi Karteng’s mini-budget. The polls showing huge Labour leads were pushed as reliable. Interestingly, whilst the Tories have undoubtedly taken a battering as their core voters have stayed at home, Labour has struggled to replicate this phantom leads in actual results.

There are council by-elections in Britain on most Thursdays. By definition, they are local, not national, elections, but they represent real votes in real contests, sometimes in swing seats. On Thursday, for example, there was a by-election in the Longstanton Ward of South Cambridgeshire District Council, with two seats up for grabs. Some 1,800 ballot papers were issued, rather a bigger sample than the average poll. (I should explain that we don’t have voting machines in Britain, that is to say, the votes are cast here rather than in Frankfurt.)

The Lib Dems just pipped the Tories, each of their top candidates being elected, with the best part of 600 votes. Labour came fifth. This is from a party with a supposed 30 percent lead in the polls.

The DVD’s role

As explained in my last column the coup was masterminded by the DVD. This has geo-strategic implications because it confirms that the continued existence of the Federal Republic of Germany and democracy are incompatible. German politicians are so hopelessly compromised that there is no sensible prospect of them shutting down the DVD. The FRG is not and never has been a functioning democracy. Like the Second and Third Reichs before it the Fourth Reich is an intelligence state.

The power structures of the Fourth Reich are even more opaque and impenetrable than those of the Third Reich, but ultimately all key decisions are made in Dachau. With a German puppet government now having been installed in Britain that goes for the UK as well of course, indeed Jerry even controls the British Prime Minister’s diary. (He’s just been ordered to goose-step to Cairo, in order to boost the German global warming propaganda campaign, which has been faltering due to the energy crisis.)

The only way to break up the DVD and seize the intelligence yield is to break up Germany, which would require a short war. The problem goes right back to 1945 when the decision was taken to leave German intelligence in place. Since the German spy Clement Attlee was in charge of Britain by the time of the Potsdam Agreement, their man Stalin had Russia firmly in his grip and the US President, Harry S. Truman, was an intelligence illiterate, no offense intended, who would probably have been out of his depth as Governor of Missouri, no offense intended, it wasn’t hard for Germany to win the peace.

The other problem was that very sadly Germany did not suffer enough to refrain from continuing to try and dominate Europe, and, through proxies, like Mao Tse-Tung, the world. Whole suburbs were left intact after the bombing of Dresden, for example, which was ridiculous. Partly because the German government had a policy of exterminating sectors of its own civilian population (the Nazis were even eviler than the present German government, no offense intended), calculating Germany’s war dead is far from straightforward.

The issue is further complicated by the German habit of inflating losses due to Allied bombing for propaganda reasons. 25,000 is widely quoted for the total number of fatalities at Dresden, for example, whereas only about 18,000 were killed. A useful bag for a couple of nights and two days’ worth of bombing, but a long way short of official German estimates. (Only about 3.9 Kilotons of high explosives were dropped over all four raids.)
Excluding Austrians (in other words nice Germans, apart of course from our community partner Adolf Hitler) the total number of the German military and civilian dead was probably fewer than seven million. That’s a lot of dead Jerries, but it wasn’t enough, I’m afraid.
Germany resumed goose-stepping over other European states and Britain (which is not of course in Europe) within months of the war ending. All that changed were the methods – the strategic imperative remained the same. Soft power replaced hard power, but ‘soft’ does not mean that people didn’t die. Millions of people in Britain have suffered due to German post-war economic sabotage, for example, with countless stress-related deaths. (Jerry loves inflicting stress – the Klingons were modelled on the Germans for a reason.)

Breaking up Germany

Once the Russians have finished smacking the Ukrainians about the way will be clear for a two front war, always the key to crushing Germany. Unlike the German armed forces, which apart from the Luftwaffe in the Vietnam War have not engaged in serious combat since the Battle of Berlin, Russia’s glorious armed forces are now battle-hardened.

North Vietnamese Mig 21 on the bottom, B-66 on top. The Migs were mostly flown by Jerries.

France, which in practice has been a German client state since the DVD-sponsored collapse of the Free French Fourth Republic and its replacement by the Vichyist Fifth Republic, would most probably stay neutral. British involvement would of course require a sensible new government, as in 1940, but that can easily be arranged. The Tory Party is not about to split, it’s already splitting. Rishi ‘von’ Sunak looks as isolated as Neville Chamberlain (his political idol, no doubt) did.

The Western allies would not repeat the mistake of 1944 and invade Europe via Normandy, that is to say the part of Europe furthest from the German frontier. It would be much easier to go in via Denmark, assuming of course that Denmark were to be belligerent.

Germany doesn’t have enough panzers to take on the Russians on the North German plain (ideal for large-scale combat maneuvers) and British armored formations attacking across the Kiel Canal, not least given the weakness of the Luftwaffe and the likely loss of control of the air. There is also the huge problem of civilian morale.

Whilst seven million dead wasn’t enough to persuade the German elite to stop wanting to dominate the world (hence the EU) it was enough to rattle the German civilian population. It’s unlikely that the Germans would be able to sustain high casualties for very long. The sight of rebuilt factories going up in smoke, blitzed Volkswagens strewn about autobahnen, along with bits of their drivers, and shot down Luftwaffe aircraft littering the fields of Germany is bound to have an adverse impact upon enemy morale. We can’t afford to repeat the mistakes of 1918 and 1945 when our cack-handed and often compromised leaders left Germany more or less intact and threw away the fruits of victory.

The FRG must be broken up.

Schleswig-Holstein, including the Kiel Canal, should be handed back to its rightful owner, the Queen of Denmark. That would cut Prussian squadrons in the Baltic and the North Sea off from each other, a highly desirable strategic objective. (Germany could not start World War 1 until the Kaiser Wilhelm Canal had been widened to accommodate the Helgoland, Kaiser and König battleship classes.)

Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia

The rest of Germany should be split into Prussia, with the Hohenzollerns restored, in order to ensure stability (Prince Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, a descendant of Her Imperial Majesty Queen Victoria, is by all accounts quite nice – much nicer, at any rate, than the sinister Olaf Scholz, no offense intended), the Hanseatic Federation, the Rhineland, Saxony, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

Naturally the other German royal houses would be restored. The heir to the throne of Bavaria, Duke Franz, is by all accounts a decent old stick, although he’s knocking on a bit. The House of Wittelsbach have built some lovely castles of course and by and large were quite sensible. At any rate they didn’t invade Poland. His Grace is a Catholic, naturally, and the restored Kingdom of Bavaria would probably enjoy good relations with Austria and the Vatican.

Great Britain would probably enjoy good relations with the German states. Naturally our occupying troops would do their best to look after the German civilian population (the killing stops when the war stops), as they did after the last war. The problems with Germany only arose when a united Germany came about. Prussia was an ally of Britain, with Marshal Blücher doing splendid work at Waterloo, killing lots of Frenchies. He would not have approved of the EU!

Destroying the EU

One of Germany’s motives in organising the coup was to force Britain back inside the EU. Although the British economy is being crushed under the weight of EU regulations, under Cabinet Office direction, there is always the possibility of a pro-British government coming to power. The Right is already in the process of realigning.

Germany and the EU will continue to apply pressure on Britain in a desperate effort to reverse Brexit. The only way to stop it, aside from a short war with Germany, would be to break up the EU. Although the EU is likely to break up anyway we need to accelerate the process.

Many Brexiteers are complacent, thinking that the euro is bound to collapse. However, the European currency is backed by vast, stolen offshore funds, going back to a large commitment years ago to a trading program by that nice lady Madame Chiang Kai-Shek. She was misled by Bush 41 into thinking that the funds were to pay for the Gulf War. ‘41’ was working for the Germans of course, who at that time were setting up the euro. It needed backing, so they stole the funds.

A huge intelligence effort to recover the funds, in which I was involved, failed. The result is that the euro survived, sadly. However with government support, the funds could be recovered, in conjunction with say diplomatic recognition of Taiwan. That would pull the plug on the euro. Taiwan should be offered security guarantees at the same time. The brutal Chinese dictator Xi Jinping is overdue a smack, no offense intended!

Rather like 1941, when Jerry invaded the Soviet Union, it looks as though he has overplayed his hand. Sadly, we won’t see German troops freezing to death outside Moscow, but as the proxy war between Germany and Russia in Ukraine drives up natural gas prices hopefully we’ll see a few Jerries freeze to death this winter. Serve them right!
If you want to see my presentation on the coup, delivered in Pewsey, Wiltshire last Sunday, here it is:

The October surprise

We knew one was coming, we just didn’t know what it was going to be! In the end it turned out to be a staged stunt involving Mr Pelosi, a strange gay man, or maybe that should read another strange gay man, a bunch of corrupt San Francisco cops, if that is not a tautology with respect, and a secretive and ambitious Democrat DA facing an election.

The problem with October surprises is that nobody’s surprised anymore. It’s not like finding an Amazon delivery driver who speaks English, indeed it’s a bit like a wife buying her husband socks for Christmas.

It’s a reasonable inference from the cover-up going on in San Francisco that there was a screw-up of some sort. It’s unclear whether David Pelosi knew DePape, although it rather looks as though he did, which in turn begs the question of whether Pelosi himself is gay or bisexual.

Given that Nancy was over 2,000 miles away in Washington at the time it is far from clear what DePape thought he was doing, apart that is from following instructions. The facts are murky and could get murkier still. In any view, the incident is unlikely to help the Democrats avoid a shellacking on Tuesday.


It’s a bit early to congratulate Luis Inacio Lula da Silva on winning the Brazilian presidential election, as it’s not clear that he’s actually won. The first thing that struck me about the second round result was the sheer number of invalid ballots – over five million, way more than the difference between the candidates. That’s an awful lot of spoilt ballots for a two-horse race.

Brazil uses voting machines open to the Internet, so tampering with the vote would be fairly easy. The Supreme Court are backing Lula, so their prognostications don’t count for much, frankly.

I suspect that the military are watching the situation closely. If they conclude that the vote was rigged they’ll probably step in, that is to say, stage a small coup, shoot Lula and have another election.

Photo credit: Matty STERN/U.S. Embassy Jerusalem


Congratulations are definitely due to Benjamin Netanyahu, who has triumphantly returned to power in Israel. He has a clear majority, which looks to be fairly stable, consisting as it does of stable MKs. Israel doesn’t use voting machines, so the election was free and fair.

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  1. The video above in the article, which is M. Shrimpton’s speech at The Bases conference, is very good. He discussed the DVD’s Rishi Sunak coup, and the bungs (illegal payments/bribes) that were made. But the speech, and the Q and A, ranged over many other topics and the last 100 years. For example, MI5 arranged for the IRA to get rid of Louis “Dickie” Mountbatten, the German spy responsible for the Canadian losses at Dieppe. Why was there a turkey-shoot of Canadians at Dieppe? Shrimpton reveals that it’s because Germany wanted to remove Canada from fighting with the UK in WWII. They failed in that aim, obviously…

  2. Meanwhile, back on the planet Earth, Germany is a virtual colony of the same evil cabal that gave us 9/11 and all the wars of this century. It is about to be de-industrialized just like the USA was de-industrialized in the 1980s and 90s. NATO has recently blown up Nord Stream 1 and 2, creating what looks to be a horrible depression in Germany this winter. Shrimpy still thinks that Osama bin Laden and a bunch of Arabs did 9/11. He’s become very adept at dancing around the simple fact that Israel nuked the USA on that horrible day and got away with it.

  3. From above article: “We can’t afford to repeat the mistakes of 1918 and 1945 when our cack-handed and often compromised leaders left Germany more or less intact and threw away the fruits of victory.”… The Allies did worse than leave German infrastructure intact. Under Harry Truman’s admin, major Jerry symps were put in high places in the US: for example, 5-star Generals Dwight Eisenhower and George C Marshall… The Marshall Plan transferred $13B to rebuild Germany (= $115B in 2021 dollars). The German Marshall Fund continues to exist, with its purpose being to destroy America and build up Germany and its clients. In fact, if you check their website, you will find that they are touting a “Marshall Plan for the Ukraine”.

    • Here’s the website for German Marshall Fund: . In addition to hawking their Marshall Plan for Ukraine, they also say near the top, “The German Marshall Fund celebrates 50 years of GMF and 75 years of the Marshall Plan”. Their need to brag will be their downfall.

  4. 100,000 civilians died in Dresden fire bombing according to David Irving WW2 historian
    see interview by Jonas of WW2 historian Veronika Clarke on VT uploaded same day as this
    “On David Irving, Nazi Germany and WW2”

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