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That nice man Joseph Farrell raised the subject of Martin Bormann in our interview last week with Tino van Struckman. There is no doubt that ‘von’ Bormann, a man so nasty with respect that he could have been a European Commissioner or even a Cabinet Secretary, was born in Wegeleben, near Halberstadt, Prussia, in 1900. (In World War 1 Halberstadt was an important aircraft works.) The issue is when Bormann died. Bormann was a key player in Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler’s private secretary, he ended up controlling access to the Führer. By 1943 he was effectively in charge of Germany’s internal affairs. He was heavily involved in the persecution of Jews and gays.

A Halberstadt – this is a D.V

Moreover – and this is the key to what happened in 1945 – he was Abwehr and then DVD, reporting to Herr Admiral. Our community partner Adolf Hitler was only his nominal boss. Access denial and information control, in which Bormann specialised, are standard German intelligence methods. They were used very effectively for example by the Cabinet Office to prevent ousted British Prime Minister Liz Truss from receiving good advice and to keep her in the dark.

The Joint Intelligence Committee uses methods very similar to Bormann’s, seeing its primary function as ensuring that Prime Ministers operate blindly. Like Bormann it’s been a great bureaucratic success – British Prime Ministers are amongst the most ignorant of world leaders.

Bormann, with the Fuhrer, Himmler and Goering

The Official Version of Events

Officially Bormann stayed behind in the Reich Chancellery when his brother Albert, who died in 1989, flew to Obersalzburg, near Berchtesgaden, Hitler’s retreat. He allegedly tried to escape the encircling Red Army on May 1st 1945, after our community partner the Führer allegedly topped himself.

Bormann was supposedly accompanied by SS-Sturmbannführer Dr Ludwig Stumpfegger, Hitler’s personal surgeon and a doctor so bent he could have been a Chief Medical Officer – the sort of doctor who thinks that Covid comes from bats. Hitler Youth leader Artur Axmann was also officially a member of the party.

The intrepid trio are supposed to have tried to cross the River Spree behind a Tiger tank, which was allegedly knocked out. They became separated and Dr Stumpfegger supposedly found the bodies of the other two, near Lehrter station. The Russians however never found the bodies.

Bormann at the Eagle’s Nest

The story is full of holes. The only court ever convened to try the issue, the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, rejected the suggestion that Bormann was dead. He was tried in absentia and very properly sentenced to death as a war criminal, which he was.

Bormann’s body was allegedly found in 1972, its identity being confirmed by dental records reconstructed from memory by none other than Hitler’s own dentist (!). A DNA test conducted in Munich in 1998 is supposed to have confirmed it.

The DNA test was however ordered by the German federal government, whose head was the very dodgy Helmut Kohl, no offense intended. Indeed he was even dodgier than Olaf Scholz. Moreover the remains said to be Bormann’s were cremated the following year.

There is no doubting the integrity of Herr Professor Wolfgang Eisenmenger, Germany’s most distinguished forensic pathologist, to whom I have copied this column as a courtesy, who conducted the test. The problem is with the samples.

It is often said that DNA doesn’t lie, which is true, up to a point. The interpretation of DNA results requires expertise. If the samples are of related individuals the test results are less reliable, for example.

When dealing with a high-ranking Abwehr/DVD officer like SS-Obergruppenführer Martin Bormann however DNA tests need to be treated with caution. They could easily have been manipulated. Put another way whilst the sample comparison may have been conducted skilfully and in good faith by Professor Eisenmenger, he had no control over how the samples were gathered.

DNA tests moreover only confirm, or tend to confirm, identity, or the opposite. They tell us nothing about how someone died, or why, or when. The fact that the body allegedly found near Lehrter station looked like the Obergruppenführer doesn’t tell us very much.

Most senior German intelligence officers had doppelgängers, who by definition looked like the principal. There would have been little point, for example, in Hermann Goering having a slim doppelgänger with a beard! The post war South American sightings of Bormann were almost certainly of assorted doppelgängers.

There were so many Jerry doppelgängers running around South America after the war that they could have organised a soccer team, although it still would probably have been beaten by Japan. Indeed they could probably have organised a competition. (The Adolf Hitler Challenge Cup?)

I should explain that unlike a booking in a long running musical engagement as a doppelgänger had its drawbacks. If the principal needed to be bumped off for any reason, for example, then your engagement was terminated, along with you of course.

The reliable post war sighting

In July 1946 Bormann’s long time chauffeur, Jakob Glas, saw him in Munich. This sighting has largely been discounted by historians, but this may be an example of ‘my cat is a dog’ syndrome. My cat has four legs, so does my dog, therefore my cat must be a dog. Most sightings of Bormann have been of doppelgängers or have been flawed in other ways, therefore Jakob Glas’s sighting must have been of a doppelgänger, or flawed in some other way.

Munich of course was near the DVD’s headquarters in Dachau, and not far from Hitler’s hideaway in the Austrian Alps. It was roughly where we would expect Bormann to be.

I consider that Jakob Glas did indeed see his former boss. The last place where the DVD would put a doppelgänger would be Munich! It would be like trying to hide a double for William Burns in Maclean.

I also respectfully agree with the International Military Tribunal, which on October 15th 1946 sentenced Bormann to death for war crimes and rightly so. The Tribunal was not persuaded that Bormann was dead. Had they been briefed in on the DVD, as they should have been, they would have been even less convinced.

Then there’s the EEC, which became the even more evil EU, no offense intended. Whilst the Obergruppenführer was not a nice man, no offense intended, although he was almost certainly nicer than the average Cabinet Secretary (or, if you prefer, Kabinettratsführer), he was undeniably a capable administrator.

Reporting to Admiral Canaris (he was too smart to be a Nazi) he was highly effective in denying information to the Führer and in frustrating the Führer’s wishes, to the greater benefit of Germany, since the Führer, like fellow dictator Joe Biden, no offense intended, got most things wrong. There has always been a suspicion that an evil administrative genius lay behind the EEC. The European Commission has never exactly been a collection of geniuses, or, if you prefer, genii.


My conclusion, necessarily tentative, since Germany is such a secretive society and the DVD operates behind closed doors, is that the man who died in Berlin in 1945 was one of Martin Bormann’s doppelgängers. The Obergruppenführer probably flew out of Berlin on the same plane as Hitler and his doctor, and probably continued to act as his private secretary until his death, in Austria, in or about 1951.

I also conclude that Bormann died in either 1971 or 1972, which allowed the DVD to inter his remains near to where the doppelgänger had been bumped off in ’45. Professor Eisenmenger’s DNA test was undoubtedly correct, but as indicated it does not tell us when Bormann died or where. The DNA test was probably ordered to clear the way for Bormann’s cremation, which prevented tests on the age of the skeleton.

German intelligence are rather good at killing people, depositing bodies all over Germany, ageing skeletons and pretending that major players have died. For decades we in the West were led to believe that Admiral Canaris (post war photograph below) had been executed by our community partners the SS in 1945.

Herr Admiral, probably photographed in the late 50s in East Germany.

Up till now historical analysis has been distorted by the theory that Bormann was a Nazi – what Professor Law would describe as an intellectual black hole, a bit like global warming. The argument, put last week by my fellow intelligence author Joseph Farrell, that Bormann was involved in the planning for the Kennedy Assassination in 1963 now gains greater weight.

We can’t be sure until Germany’s final defeat and the breakup of the DVD, when we’ll get a peek at Bormann’s file. The ersatz defeat in 1945 of course got rid of the Nazis but solved very little else. It’s brought us more than 75 years of wars, coups, assassinations, genocide (AIDS and Covid, for example), terrorism, the Cold War and the EU.

This isn’t actually the World Cup, but you get the idea!

The World Cup

Well done the USA for holding us to a draw! As usual the odds have been rigged against England. There hasn’t been a level playing field in a World Cup since 1938.

The Football Association, being intelligence illiterate with respect, have sent yet another England team into the lion’s den, with wholly inadequate briefing. The DVD may be the Bad Guys, but they’re not stupid. They have long understood the huge boost for national morale which sporting victories can deliver. They have therefore developed a series of tactics for use against England in soccer tournaments.

These include but are not limited to: assassinating key players before a World Cup (for example Duncan Edwards in 1958), paying opposing players to attack England’s best players, usually aiming at their ankles or feet, either in the run-up to an international tournament or in the group stages, arranging for the England captain to be arrested on a trumped up charge, causing a team plane to crash (Munich, 1958, the team being Manchester United, which contained several England players), paying off the referee and paying England players to miss crucial penalty kicks.

Thankfully the plane carrying the England team got to Doha safely and none of the team has been assassinated, leastways not yet. So far as I know nobody’s checked on that Brazilian referee’s bank accounts. Good luck to England! They’ll need it!

This week’s movie review: Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (2022, dirs Will Speck and Josh Gordon)

Please don’t write in and ask why I’m not watching movies made for my intellectual level. There aren’t any! In fact I find the more intellectual a movie aims to be the more pretentious and boring it is.

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile is neither pretentious nor boring. It’s actually quite fun. Of course you have to suspend belief – there aren’t actually that many singing crocodiles about. However you have to suspend belief every time you read a UN report on global warming or a European Commission press release. The Anthropogenic Global Warming Hypothesis is about as scientific as the idea of a singing crocodile.

Lyle is cute, the music is rather good and Javier Bardem turns in an excellent performance as Hector P. Valenti, Lyle’s owner. He’s a baddy, but not such a baddy that he could be a European Commissioner. That is to say he has some human qualities.

The movie has a point to make, about not letting lack of confidence holding you back. You’ll enjoy it – it will make you smile. Let’s face it with Rishi Sunak in Downing St and Joe Biden in the White House we all need cheering up!

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  1. Good comment JS! Of course truth can sometimes find its way into a work of fiction, and authors can be pressured into retracting. The novel is an intriguing episode, but I’ve placed no reliance on it and I’m not sure that Joseph places huge reliance on it either.

    The first hint in the West that German intelligence had survived WW2 more or less intact came in the 007 books by Ian Fleming, who assigned the fictional name SPECTRE to the DVD, using the names of real German spies such as Drax that he had encountered when working in Naval Intelligence.

    The Panzer commander ‘Edward Longshanks’ cites probably saw the doppelganger being killed. I don’t doubt the man’s claims or his courage – he actually sounds like quite a nice chap. I’ve never met a surviving member of the German military from the war I didn’t like.

    I suspect Bormann’s doppelgangers were revived after the sighting in Munich, with a view to laying a false trail. There would have no need to murder the other doppelgangers of course once one had been sacrificed – too many dead Marti Bormann’s turning up might have got even MI5 suspicious!

  2. You can’t believe a word about the so-called history of WW2 or WWi for that matter. The brits were just playing the great game of world dominance as they continue today with the US military as the main conduit for its ceaseless terror campaign. I hope Borman escaped the Nuremberg shows trials. Too bad Churchill wasn’t led to the gallows!

  3. In the Tino Struckmann interview (access it in the previous Shrimpton column), Joseph Farrell said he thought Bormann was involved in the planning of the JFK assassination. Since Bormann was alive then, he certainly could have been involved. The problem is that Farrell used a work of fiction as his evidence. He held up the book, “Treason for my Daily Bread”, by Mikhail Lebedev, publ. 1977. The book was actually written by Bill Stanton, and Lebedev was a fake name he used. But don’t let this detract from the interview, which was a great 3-way round table of Struckmann, Farrell, and Michael Shrimpton.

    • Hi JS
      MS hard to stop once gets rolling! At one point JF had to YELL “let me speak” four or five times!

      BTW Joseph Farrell never would use just a single book of fiction as the only evidence in investigations in the books he has written.

      I do not agree with alot of JF’s speculations such asmTrump a halfway good guy or US president, but do agree Biden being the worst.

      MS seemed to agree that Bormann survived the war and they both agreed Canaris did too.

      These two guys in agreement about everything especially including “post WW2 Nazis” involvement in assasinaton of JFK…

      JP no fan of “homo-globals” and the woke culture of gays in military etc so when MS went on and on about being gay and placed in a jail for sex offenders and befriending the IRA sex-offender/assasin, JP’s reaction was to go into hysterical laughter non stop underneath MS describing the party atmosphere.

      NOTE that neither will blame Israel/Mossad for anything nefarious – with JF its always the “post WW2 nazis” with MS its always “the DVD” this has me conclude neither quite right on top of the ball.

  4. Dear Mr. Shrimpton,
    as usual fairy tales. No German politician or miltary commander can challenge a British politician or military commander for evil bahaviour in the past or now. The Albion perfide betrays erveryone in the past and now. In the 90s i met personally a German knight’s cross decorated tank-commander, who served in France, Africa & the Eastern front. He escaped 2 times Pship of war, 1 time in Africa, 1x time in the Sovjetunion. He survived 2 firing-squads. He was detached to protect Bormann’s escape from the Reichskanzlei with 2 or 3 Panther-tanks. The honourable soldiers reported that Bormann was killed by a German-communist partisan attack (gun-fire), walking on the fire-lee side (by sovjet-artillery) of the tanks from windows in the neighborhood. When is asked this old veteran, why he never reported Bormann’s death officially, he answered, no one asked me for it.

    • Hi Edward
      I am sure your friend the tank commander was telling the truth as he saw it to be,
      but according to JF those were most probably some of their body-doubles that were killed by the communists.
      Lots of evidence MB survived, made his way down in Pantagonia region of Argentina, was given protection by fascist dictator Peron too. Lots of nazi tech emerged in Argentina in jet fighters, probably UFOs too (the Horton brothers with their flying wings)

      The finding of MB’s remains finally dug up in 1973 and then DNA tests to scientifically conclude this was his remains, is “evidence” that MB had finally died in 1973,
      they then got a hold of some of his DNA from the corpse. And so the DNA tests accurate, but the body dug up was not that of MB, but the DNA sample was from MB.
      Thats why they waited so long to do the DNA tests, according to JF.
      IF you take hypothetical that MB and AH survived and escaped Germany, how they would get away with it would most probably be exactly through their body doubles left behind as evidence.
      And witnesses like your friend would be even more evidence.
      But who knows personally I think both got away and started up the “nazi international” as JF calls it, except now Hitler just an old drug addicted geek, and Bormann running the show with the tons of loot and patents and tech absconded.
      German military surrendered in 1945 but the German government never did!
      Opposite of WW1, then the government surrendered but the military never did….

  5. I watched the whole interview, Joseph Farrell knows his stuff really investigates things down deep, then likes to go out on a “twig of speculation” too and he is most often correct.

    Joseph went into hysterical laughter hearing about MS exploits in sex offender jail with the IRA assasin and having a jolly good time too!

    I have watched many JF interviews, one thing I like to quote is him saying
    “the German military surrended in 1945 but the nazi government never did”

    After MS signed off, Farrell was recovering catching his breath and in shock
    “I havent been around these MI6 guys much”

  6. Putting together the pieces of the books I’ve read on post-war Germany, Bormann knew with the fall of Stalingrad, that the war was lost. He was determined to allow the German p;eople to take the brunt of the loss, while he’d move the Nazi franchise abroad. He immediately started having top German corporations incorporate in neutral countries, and saw to it the Peron’s of Argentina got plenty of gold and top Gestapo talent to provide security for top former Nazis. Bormann began communications with Allen Dulles about moving Nazi expertise and technology to the west, post-war, in exchange for their escape and Hitler’s safety.

    Hitler and his immediate group escaped Berlin in a plane, which the CIA permitted safe passage to Spain and then on to the Canary Islands. Hitler’s body double as well as Eva Braun’s body double were killed, and their bodies burned outside the bunker. From the Canary Islands, two submarines took top Nazi brass, Hitler, Eva Braun and their daughter, plus much gold to Argentina. A house was being prepared for Hitler and Braun in Patagonia. Eva Braun left Hitler in the 50’s bored with her life. Hitler lingered on until ’62, ’63 finally dying. J. Edgar Hoover had documents detailing the whole situation. The arrest of Adolph Eichmann infuriated the west because it threatened to expose the existence of former Nazi’s in South America.

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