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Elon Musk is a massive Pentagon contractor

In addition to the billions in government contracts Musk’s companies have secured, they also have received similar numbers in public subsidies and incentives.



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  1. As well, the person of Paul who is said to be one of Jesuses followers… Tha latter, is most likely a mythological allegory of deviance to the contrary beliefs of Talmudic Jewish sects, Paul may not even be a man person, but the contrived vision of fraudulent journalist that created the Bibles books of disrepute, as history has been well shown for those that chose to be beyond the lies and allegorical mythological imaginings. The latter is contrary thinking againt the Talmud, of which men not willing to be controlled by The Talmud’s so called satanic forces, that the Rabbis created in their own minds of willful conceit, that kept people working for the leisure of priest and kings, ant the pharaohs of Judaism’s copycat religious dictums of the ancient Egyptians, and their so-called transitions into the hereafter, or afterlife… UFOs are just as you think and say, by products of the imaginations of men of the Jewish Zionist cloth who would like nothing else to bend the minds of Christians and their dislike of Judaism’s mental and physical bondage to the shills of the Jewish one world order. Let’s be aware of the anti-Semitic trope of the so called chosen, to want to rule with impunity to enslave the masses. Muslims, Hindus as well, Buddhist who have already succumbed to Jewish communism.

  2. “During a 2018 publicity stunt, he blasted a Tesla into outer space using a SpaceX rocket. However, he did not sterilize the vehicle before doing so, meaning it was covered in earthly bacteria – microorganisms that will likely be fatal to any alien life they encounter. In essence, the car is a biological weapon that could end life on any planet it encounters.”

    There are no aliens, and even the CIA and military intelligence know it, but the idea is promoted, like so many other lies, for social engineering purposes, to make us believe in the myth of evolution, and to discredit Christianity, which is the one religion the ruling Oligarchs, the self-Chosenites and their Masonic assets hate the most. Supposed UFOs, if they’re not just hoaxes, are either advanced military or from malevolent preternatural beings, a.k.a. demons. “Outer space visitors” are in reality demons from hell, who can take on human, animal, and other forms. Satan and the other fallen angels want us to believe in aliens, since such belief distracts us from the real spiritual warfare in which we are engaged. Just like not recognizing our chief enemies on earth, the Talmudic-Masonic elite makes us unable to overcome them, likewise not recognizing or admitting the reality of malign spiritual beings seeking our destruction and especially our damnation, makes us easy prey to them. The old saying is true: the devil’s greatest deceit is to get people to believe he doesn’t exist.

    • Look up UFOs and/or Aliens at the Most Holy Family Monastery website for a lot of evidence.
      Also “Aliens Are Demons Exposed – A Demonic Deception FULL DOCUMENTARY” on Rumble.

    • The Devil is in the details of human interactions with the conditioned human psyche, What if the devil does not exist? Pray tell, the human double edged illusional perceptive intelligentsia strive to find ways to sequester the mythic origins of the Gnostics and their beliefs… Needless to say, their profound imaginations of the stars and planets being or then transformed into men of special means to control others across the great divide of history’s religious allegorical falsehoods… “The power of myth” is an example of men and theory Linguistic vision created in the mental laboratory of the human consciousness! Here is where the so-called free will becomes the source of two choices! Here the word choices give nuance to the powers the creator(S) gave us to think???? I question the latter as the ability to also think deviants through his own selfish choices, something the Talmud itself finds wired in men’s minds of suffocating humans to be in bondage to these egotistically deranged Rabbis that worship themselves. The counter balance to any chaotic norm is the filter of the seemingly and quite relevant counter philosophical principles of the so-called Christian mindset! Was there actually a Christ man named Jesus, or just the mycological pyramid of the counter balance by different sects of jews who were not willing to be under bondage to these brainwashing facilities of Talmudic influence? continued

  3. Dear Mr. Alexis,
    every company in the US or more or less worldwide obeys to DC. In 2003 i worked as a bond-trader in a german public sector bank. Iran was going to issue a Euro-denominated bond & made the mistake not to mandate an US-Banking house. Iran mandated Commerzbank & Paribas. So the DC admin advised S&P to eliminate the single A-Rating. Without rating the bond is useless. At the same time a customer ask me for Iraqi-Bonds, traded on the grey market in London at 30%. I tried to find the Iraqi government bonds on the Bloomberg archive, because my employer paid money for it to Bloomberg. But Bloomberg established in the biggest rogue-state ever, said, Eddie, you must understand, we are an US-enterprise. The US voter decides that more than 700 billion a year are spent to industrial military complex. Why the US voter does not elect a president who spends the money in schools & infrastructure?

  4. Won’t matter, ukies are being obliterated on the battlefield and the country is mostly in the dark . Back to the 18th century soon.

  5. “Truth does not lie in one dream. But in many dreams” (eventually I will say later where the quote comes from by associating it with another of equal power).
    But you are all in the American dream, worse than the Italians represented here by Carisio the worst of the worst of Italy which is in the Globalist dream.

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