Guest submission by Richard Cook, Challenger disaster whistleblower

Tucker Carlson, whose nightly show on Fox News, “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, is the most-watched US TV news show, has changed history with his feature broadcast last night on “‘The CIA Was Involved in the Assassination of President Kennedy,’ Top Source Tells Tucker Carlson.”

This is the first time a mainstream media news program has stated this formerly unthinkable and unmentionable fact that millions of people have already known for decades, yet one that the CIA has successfully choked off a meaningful discussion about until now.

The genie is truly out of the bottle. Of course there are hundreds of other suspected CIA crimes we now might be able to discuss openly as well. Let’s include 9/11 in the mix, along with CIA terror programs in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places going back to the infamous Vietnam Phoenix program. And let’s lift the lid on CIA drug dealing as exposed by the late journalist Gary Webb and other sources over the past fifty years. Not to mention MKULTRA that flooded college campuses with LSD in the 60s and 70s and Operation Mockingbird, by which the CIA controls–and throttles–the mainstream media with its resident censors. We can also throw in the CIA’s control of foreign governments by bribes and assassinations as well.

The list goes on and on. But one thing is clear. It is now time to revive past proposals to abolish the CIA altogether made by Senators Bernie Sanders, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and others.

I think I know who Tucker Carlson’s source was–a former CIA Director–but cannot name that person without further confirmation. But I am certain that the source was absolutely authentic. I am also not surprised that Mike Pompeo, President Donald Trump’s CIA Director, refused to appear on Carlson’s show, because he was one of the worst ever, ramping up the covert CIA assassination program in Afghanistan and declaring before a public audience his delight at the ease with which his minions at the CIA “lie, cheat, and steal” with impunity. Pompeo also seems to have the gall to have expressed interest in actually running for president himself. With Pompeo at the helm, we could expect an even worse reign of terror.

We also need to focus on the role of the CIA in the current war in Ukraine. The 2014 Maidan coup, when the elected government was overthrown in Ukraine and replaced with a Neonazi cabal, was a CIA project. A key player was the CIA cutout, the National Endowment for Democracy, which has been doing the CIA’s dirty work since the mid-1980s with “color revolutions,” etc., aided by dirty money from the likes of George Soros and State Department Neocons like Victoria Nuland.

The war in Ukraine is above all a CIA project, aimed at destabilizing Europe, Russia, and the world. So is the deindustrialization of Germany, another CIA enterprise.

It all has to stop–now. Maybe Tucker Carlson’s revelations can finally get the ball rolling before the CIA succeeds in what seems to be its dearest wish of blowing up the entire world.


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  1. Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick – Full Documentary

    Watching this video will complement or supplement this info here..

    You will have names and time for everything you looking for…


    -Note: video done by Francis Richard CONOLLY

  2. JFK’s intent was to declare war on all the factions including the bankers, their tool the Federal Reserve, the CIA/Mossad/FBI, Israels attempts to acquire nukes and the international KM, multinationals…as well as their main tool, the MIC. It was a multi-pronged strategy that was noted and acted on by all above in a concerted effort across the board. To blame only one or two factions is fallacy, as they are all related and fully intertwined cohorts.

  3. Are you sure the CIA is a state agency? A true investigative journalist, Daniel Estulin, wrote in “The Tavistock Instute” in 2011 that Interpol is a private agency of Rockefeller and that the passing of the OSS into the CIA was an operation between Rockefeller the Tavistock Institute and Dulles. Their first project was the Marshal Plan for Europe where they exported what, between the 1920s and the outbreak of WW II, they did to the detriment of the American people (and how in the U.S. unions were bought, parties were bought, universities were bought, culture was bought. In Italy with Gladio or Stay Behind in Germany with real death squads). If you believe these are fairy tales stop reading.
    Was the CIA involved in J.F.K.’s death? Again D. Estulin writes that that murder was a Masonic ritual (his Chapter 3, The Killing of the King). But if you feel like it there is more.
    On 22.11.1910 there was the Jeckyl Island meeting to plot the birth of the Federal Reserve.
    On 22.11.1963 J.F.K. was killed. Coincidences?
    Other connections that always recall Rockefeller.

    • By Executive Order of June 4, 1963 No. 11110 J.F.K. institutes the issuance of $5.00 State Ticket. Government note means untied and free from the Federal Reserve. Don’t you see the interest of even someone like Rockefeller behind it all (I am speaking of facts and hypothetically)?
      Enrico Mattei in Italy was killed in 1962, and U.S. documents show that J.F.K. did not trust Italian politicians and bet on Mattei who knew this. Mattei operated, and scared the 7 sisters, for Italy’s energy autonomy (but didn’t the oil companies include a certain R…r?).
      On July 1, 1963 J.F.K made a trip to Italy, and Italy with Moro rea 1967 also issued state bills of the 500 lire. In 1978 Moro was killed as well.
      These facts say that the genie was always out of the bottle. To have tried to say so for the Covid, so for the Russia Gate, so for the truth that is not in only dream but in the dream of many … was treated as garbage.

    • Thank You, beppe pal for Your report. It is the nice Jews that own the Federal Reserve Bank that have immense funds and access to protect and keep going their “Fortress America” plans. A few of their accomplishments:
      1. The discovered how to use a nation’s wealth to create a credit money system that has financed America ever since.
      2. WW1 & 2; 3. The Great Depression during which America’s population decreased 7 million between 1930 and 1940; 4. And lots of other cool stuff that is good at causing suffering and death, while making PROFIT$$$.

  4. You said it Mr. Barrett. The Jews will be destroyed a second time just like they were in 70 AD but this time it will be world wide. Don’t ask me how. Only the Eternal Father knows.

  5. It should be the primary objective, of those who understand these devious events and the entities attempting to control such events: to gather together various, diverse, competent and capable individuals from all races, religions and persuasions to bring the public to ‘light’ so that those truly responsible can be dealt with and no alternative agenda allowed to prevail. Knowledge is nothing without wise action.

  6. Blaming the CIA means that nothing well ever be done about it. I know that Kennedy had threatened to break up the CIA into little pieces, butt sadly that was only one reason why the chosenites decided to off JFK. Most likely he would have prevented the Israelis from having nukes, so there’s that. Certainly every president since then has had to dance around the ugly truth that if he doesn’t follow the Zionist playbook he will be offed just like JFK.

    • Laurent Guyenot views “blame the CIA” as a limited hangout sponsored by Mossad, the main authors of the crime. He’s at least partly right. Abolishing CIA without abolishing the Zionist entity and its crime network would be pointless.

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