By Dave DeCamp

The CIA has been using a European NATO country’s intelligence services to conduct sabotage attacks inside Russia since the February invasion of Ukraine, investigative journalist Jack Murphy reported on Saturday, citing unnamed former US intelligence and military officials.

The report said that no US personnel are on the ground in Russia but that the operations are being directed by the CIA. The US is using an ally’s intelligence services to add an extra layer of plausible deniability, and a former US special operations official told Murphy that layer was a major factor in President Biden signing off on the attacks.

Murphy said he didn’t name the NATO country whose intelligence services were being used in the report because “doing so might endanger the operational security of cells that are still operational inside of Russia.”

The report appeared on Murphy’s personal website, and in a note at the end of the piece, he explained why it wasn’t published by a media outlet. “While working with editors at mainstream publications I was asked to do things that were illegal and unethical in one instance, and in another instance I felt that a senior CIA official was able to edit my article by making off the record statements, before he leaked a story to The New York Times to undermine this piece,” he wrote.

According to the report, the covert campaign inside Russia has been years in the making. Two former military officials said that the NATO country’s spy services had hidden a cache of explosives and equipment in Russia more than a decade ago, and some of the gear has been used recently.

A former US special operations official and US person briefed on the campaign said that the CIA didn’t get involved with the NATO country’s operations inside Russia until 2014. The first time sleeper cells entered Russia that were directed by both the CIA and the NATO ally’s spy service was in 2016, and more entered the country in the following years.

The NATO ally provided the undercover operatives with stories to explain their presence in Russia and documents to back them up. The report said that around the time Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, the NATO ally’s spy service activated its sleeper cells inside Russia using covert communication, and they were ready for orders on what targets to strike.

It’s not clear how many attacks the sleeper cells have been responsible for, but there has been a series of mysterious explosions at Russian military facilities, powerplants, and railways since the invasion. The report suggested that the saboteurs could have been behind an April fire at the research institute of Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces, which killed over 20 people.

The sabotage operations that the CIA is overseeing require a presidential finding. President Obama signed a finding before he left office that allowed covert action against Russia over allegations that Moscow interfered in the 2016 election, a claim that has never been proven.

According to The Washington Post, Obama’s finding allows “planting cyberweapons in Russia’s infrastructure, the digital equivalent of bombs that could be detonated if the United States found itself in an escalating exchange with Moscow.” Murphy cited a former CIA official who said the finding also allowed sabotage operations against Russia, although other former officials he spoke with said the current operations would have required an amendment or an entirely new finding.

A CIA spokesperson denied the allegations made in the report, but Murphy pointed out that the spy agency can legally deny the existence of its covert operations.

The CIA directing sabotage inside Russia risks a major escalation between NATO and Russia and could lead to a nuclear escalation. Ukraine has recently stepped up its own attacks inside Russian territory, and according to The Times, the Pentagon tacitly endorsed recent drone strikes that hit air bases deep inside Russian territory, adding to the risk of escalation.

In his note at the end of the report, Murphy said that he published the story to inform the public. “Indeed, the Russian government knows perfectly well who is sponsoring these sabotage strikes. Moreover, the intelligence community wants them to know. The only party left in the dark is the public at large, left unaware of the shadow war taking place behind the scenes,” he wrote.

Murphy said that the article “went through a vigorous fact-checking process, and was deemed newsworthy as the strategic bombings of Laos and Cambodia or the CIA’s secret drone campaign in Pakistan.”


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  1. It’s well understood by anyone that has read Michael Collins Pipers books on the CIA-FBI-Mossad’s infestations of the mafias Ashkenazi underground, part of the whole infernal security apparatus of the USofA’s, Nazi dualistic citizen traitorous Judas Goats, now infiltrated into the U S congress. Like Mitchell McConnell’s long tenure of serving the Goats themselves… ERGO, hereto, its money allocating committees, ruled by the latter, who are of dual Israeli citizenship. Make no mistake, If the likes of Diane Feinstein’s husband can sell older F-16’s for 10 cents on the dollar, heaven know what else, to the likes of the Nazis running the Jewish Knesset, via the Rabbinical Babylonian Talmud’s oracles of cult practices in the kabbalistic- Zoharian false religion, believed to be true by its clergy and patrons of brainwashed tradition and mythological allegory’ Heretofore, as Hitler was to have said in his tenuous Mein Kampf personal diary and his tenuous personal insights into the drama of Judaism’s parasitic nature! For example, The spice routes through the middle east where the so-called Jewish tribes pitched their tents… all, in order to rob the caravans on there way to the Mediterranean for trade to capitalize on their hard work. Parasite’s then, and still, they steal our wealth through the Banking cartels of the IMF, the internationalist who keep the people under regressive duress. The Federal Reserve is just another of their robber baron ideological uses of kabbalistic Magic.

  2. Certainly the Russians know that the AngloZionist Empire is on its last legs, just like they know who the real perps of 9/11 are. They seem to be trying desperately to avoid the inevitable, a nuclear exchange between Russia and the USA. Zionism is ultimately a suicidal death cult so the end of empire in this case will be the end, period.

  3. These cells may not be US, but they are NATO. These sabotage efforts are more likely to be an impetus for a wider confrontation, far more so than weapons supplies, regardless US public claims of innocence. I find it strange that Murphy would not name the country, in as much as he states that Russia already knows who they are. His concern that his naming the country might endanger their cells seems strange in that respect…especially as he states that the US wants the Russians to know what country this is. Does he expect that he would be assailed by the gov if he told the public what everyone, except the public, already knows? Possibly, but this does not explain his stated reticence in naming them due to the possibility of exposing them, since he says the Russians already knows who sent them. Even stranger is that Murphy admits to being manipulated, that this sabotage could possibly escalate things and that the CIA is lying when they deny his accusations…yet he is concerned about exposing their cells? WTF?

    • My guess as to who this country is? Number 1 would be Latvia, followed by Poland, then Germany. There might be quid pro quo in said country by Russian agents. I would keep an eye out for ‘accidents’ in Europe… especially around military bases or energy supplies. Then again, Russia has more than one way to tighten the screws on the EU or the west in general.

  4. Of course the “anglo mob” is running sabotage operations in Russia in the same way they are running similar operations at home and abroad. They have been doing this for millennia regardless of what cover the WASP mob decides to use. Russia has a vast trove of land and natural resources that the mob covets for themselves and sacrificing several million (or more!) innocent pawns is nothing in the great game. Tragic, pathetic and endorsed by the puppets in London, Washington, Berlin, Rome, et al.

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