This has been a hell-a-va few weeks for the media and specifically FOX NEWS.

WOW!  Earlier this week we received notice that Fox News entertainers admitted they knew Trump’s Big Lie was complete bullshit yet they continued to abuse their trusting unsuspecting viewers with the election fraud lie.  Ballsy Right?

Fox News Overlord Rupert Murdoch testimony (Dominion vs. Fox News)

Then, the Chairman and Owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch testified that he knew it was a lie too; that he knew his anchors were lying and did NOTHING to stop them.  BTW, what’s with all these leaders never taking responsibility for anything?

Then, after being exposed in court and under oath, that complete idiot, the $ 44 million a year man, Tucker Carlson goes on his Fake News show and, with the support of that moron Speaker of the House McCarthy and his videos again attempted to spin Jan. 6th as a sightseeing expedition by American Patriots.

This bullshit, after over 1000 of these “sightseers” were convicted for their participation in the riot and attempted coup.  Propagandist Tucker Carlson even said the Shaman Guy needs a new trial; even after Shaman Guy, when presented with evidence, willingly pleaded guilty and took responsibility for his lawbreaking.  Could you be any more of a total dick Tucker?

And let’s not forget the actual video of vandalism, violence, and destruction that the world can clearly see on YouTube and any legit news channel around the world.  Here is just one of these videos…but you can find tons of them… just not on FOX FAKE NEWS channel. There you will only find the anti-septic versions.

Clearly, Profiteer Carlson knows the overwhelming majority of his viewers only watch him and nothing else. He is their truth god and nothing else counts.  They view him as a victim instead of the actual con-job that he is.

So these abused viewers know nothing of Murdoch and his anchors’ damming testimonies under oath.  In fact, Fox News is the only news organization in the world NOT covering this major international scandal.  So they don’t know anything except what Tucker tells him. It’s weird but hey, this whole thing is beyond weird.

So here we all are.  We all want to engage in serious debate on the issues so the country can have collective success.  We argue, get animated, sell ideas, and then vote.  So many times, we don’t get exactly what we want.  I wanted Marianne Williamson to be President. But did I get my way?  No! So what! I am a big boy! It’s not about me!  I mean that’s the breaks in a representative democracy. We vote in representatives to take action in Congress on our behalf  We keep them there when we are happy with them and vote them out when they are not good.  And when “our guy” loses an election, we respect the result and live to advocate another day.  That’s how to play this game. It’s the best system in the world and gives us the best chance for relative freedom in our un-free world.

Watch REPUBLICAN STEVE SCHMIDT go off and tell truth to these knuckleheads

But we cannot do FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY when a cancer like a profiteering irresponsible FOX NEWS fills up the heads of our trusting people with complete bullshit sold by a weak sad sore loser con man.

Look, for many many VT viewers, I get it. You hate the Biden Policies and their think tanks.  OK, fair enough!  You hate Clinton!  OK!  You can’t stand Obama!  Ok, You don’t like black people, gay people, jewish people, yellow people, brown people ….OK!  That’s your right!

But as a true independent, I will never defend any political party just because they support a policy I like.  For me, it is super easy to condemn them all for their corruption.

But for those that remain partisan, ok, sell it.  You’ll get your chance to exercise your values and vote in 2024.  But when you win or lose, it’s incumbent upon you to respect the result otherwise it insults the system that is for all of us.  That allows us to be the United States of America.  That’s very important folks.

Now, believe me, I get it. There is so much wrong with our political system.  Heck, it would take me a thousand articles to outline them all.  And we will outline them here on VT.  I want media and political reform across the board.  But I don’t always get my way.

But as Fox News owner Murdoch said in his testimony in the Dominion case and I paraphrase “Trump Lost 2020”.  That’s the breaks!  It sucks but that’s the contract we have with America.

But this in-your-face complete bullshit?  Fox News?  NO! NO! NO!  The average unsuspecting voter has no chance against them. They are powerful.  And it’s total Bull-Shit no matter what side of the issues you stand on.  For all Americans, we cannot allow cancer like this to thrive. Period!

So stand against this major media organization that openly peddles lies and still advocate for policies you support.  You can do both.   it does not need to be all or nothing. OK?

And for all those other media organizations that do the same as Fox News, let’s expose them too; no matter who they are or what side of the political issues they stand on.  It does NOT matter.  The only thing that matters is truth.

Here at VT, we have NEVER called ourselves “NEWS”.  Our international writers seek truth always and do so with a free wheelin’ un-censored spirit.  Sometimes, they get it wrong. Sometimes they get it right.  We are NOT mainstream news.  We ask our readers to corroborate our posts; to be vigilant.  We want smart readers.

But always, VT seeks the truth as the base foundation.  And we invite our viewers to always way chime in because they teach us, they educate us, and the discourse is good.  It’s part of our duty as citizens to know as much as we can so we can properly and intelligently engage in discourse.  It’s our responsibility as citizens.  Then we vote!  It’s simple folks.

But how can we have proper discourse when 50% of our body politic is debating a lie as fact?  We can’t!  We need facts and truth.  Plain and Simple.

  • So what will the government do about Fox News?
  • What will We The People do?
  • What will the jury do in the Dominion Case?
  • Will anyone force Fox News to stop gaslighting America?
  • What will you do?

Lots of questions need to be answered/

Me?  I refuse to watch Fox News.  Period.  I cut out that cancer from my sphere of influence.  To me, it’s junk.  I don’t like to be stroked by an whores.  I truly don’t have time for nonsense.

I also signed the “Demand Your Cable Service Provider Make FOX News Channel Optional!” petition going around the net today.

But what I really want is for Fox News to be indicted for fraud and forced to remove the title “News” from their moniker.

Then because they intentionally misrepresent themselves, I want the full power of law dropped on their sorry lying asses.  And as most of you lawyers, any monies earned from misrepresentation are “proceeds of a crime” (money laundering) and ALL monies deposited into the banks that came from the lie must be confiscated from the network and those talking heads who willingly sold the lie.  Let them all go broke and live in poverty like the rest of us.  Let them prove in court that they did NOT benefit from their lies.  They can’t.  They won’t!  They already admitted it in court.  So I have NO SYMPATHY for them whatsoever!

In fact, moving forward, we need FOX and all other media to properly label themselves so that consumers know what they are digesting.   For example, “Fox GOP Daily” would work.  Maybe MSNBC can rename as “DEM Daily Journal”. Then they can be saying anything they want under the 1st amendment and not be held to the higher standard that is “news”

Please feel free to chime in and comment.  Yes, even if you disagree with any position I have taken.  That’s what VT is all about!  Freedom is a contact sport so get in there and engage! Don’t worry, I am a big boy!  I can handle it


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  1. J.P.,
    One last comment and if you want to laugh as I laugh.
    There was a video from February 2020 that described all that Carisio denied, and that later will be history.
    That video was deleted by order of Carisio, government spy and his protectors.
    Taken aback I tried to upload it to you tube and response was that it is banned.
    So I made transcript and Carisio and government associates know that.
    After three months I tried again and what was banned is now not I thanked you Tube and, nuntio vobis, that maybe the world is changing if what was banned is now not banned.
    If it changes it is because everything happens in Italy where I am falsely criminalized, even with Carisio’s contribution. Do you understand what a corporation has acknowledged to a little man like me?

  2. @ J. P.
    I see 10 comments of which 5 are your responses to the previous five.
    I ask myself is this normal? I answer myself that no, it is not normal.
    In your five replies I always found “I understand but …”.
    I would like you to understand that you live by solopsism, “what I say is not and what you say is.” The world is not univocal but multiplanar, and you should respect others’ ideas and contrast them only on a plane of logos and not prejudice.
    You repeat the same steps you did when you were not yet the “master” of V.T.
    It is a bad turn. If you see it, good. If you don’t see it what information if not embebed?
    Or will you answer “I understand but …”?

  3. Watched the videos that were released and it looks to me that very few of the people should have been charged certainly not 1000. Milwaukee was set on fire by the BLM and none of those people were charged! They were arrested but Biden and the Harris paid their bail and they went out to riot more. The city of DC was damaged by riots with buildings burned but again, it was the BLM and Antifa, so NO ONE CHARGED! Double standard for all to see. Pelosi told the security to stand down and many of the capitol police were sent home even though Trump wanted the national guard there. All a Deep State set up. Drop boxes everywhere, which are illegal! Mail in ballots dropped off by the box full in Detroit to be counted and NONE OF THEM WERE FOLDED SO NEVER WENT THROUGH THE MAIL! I could go on and on about the discrepancies that were reported by poll watchers but they don’t count. So you can’t stand Trump. So what. Tucker Carlson apparently hates Trump but he managed to tell a story about Trump without you knowing his feelings about Trump. You can’t. Not too objective of you. As far as the FBI and CIA, all of them Deep State. Christopher Wrey was at the WEF with all of the other Deep Staters. What is really disgusting is that the Republicans and Democrats are one and the same, DEEP STATERS!

    • I agree with your statement that GOP and DEMs are both corrupted parties. Clearly they are controlled by the corporatocracy and huge amounts of international money. But this article is really an indictment of the main stream media that creates the narrative for the serfs. Because of the court filings, Fox News is the target here and I condemn them across the board. The are garbage created by a corrupted system that opened the door for them in the 1996 Telecommunications Act. We need mad reform across the board in media. We have got to find a way for the masses to get truth in news and not all this propaganda. It’s making everyone crazy!

      As for the political scene, it needs a major overhaul as well from term limites, public campaign financing and more.

      Trump is just the big mouth who told truth when he said he bribes both DEMS and GOP. He may be a truth teller at times but he’s NO messenger from GOD and he is certainly no Gandhi. He’s a sad con job who profiteers off the corrupt system. He has the biggest balls of them all, flaunts it and will die a free man because he knows he is untouchable. None of these crooks will ever go to jail. But me and you? Don’t jaywalk my friend cause you’ll 20 to Life!

  4. If you’re going to spout lies as bad as you claim FOX is doing (I am NOT a FOX fan,) then you better include the WHOLE TRUTH.

    President Trump told the million+ there to PEACEFULLY go to the Capitol.

    The instigators of the “Insurrection Lie” were FBI, Nancy Pelosi & Mitch McConnell! They used Antifa to do it! Last time I checked, Antifa is certainly not on Trump’s side.

    Again, what you posit as truth ARE LIES.

    I work at the precinct level (in the trenches,) connected nationally and know WE HAVE THE ELECTION FRAUD EVIDENCE. PLENTY OF EVIDENCE.

    It’s the Deep State dirty lawyers who are out-legaling the truth. When any election fraud suit is filed, Marc Elias immediately filed breech of ethics suits. You don’t think Deep State would pull off one of history’s biggest heists & not plan ahead?!

    OPEN YOUR EYES MR PUNISH!!! If you are going to assert such blatant lies as truth, I suggest you research first. I suggest you research A LOT MORE FIRST.

    It is now a war between the people & the cabal, and I am appalled you are taking the side of the cabal over us.

  5. No one on Fox or Newsmax ever mention that THEY removed RT News from all media in the West. Nor will there ever be an opposing opinion against any news being aired on all Western media.

    • It is painfully clear that western media across the board is in desperate need of massive reform. The people need truth from news they can trust not this propaganda B.S. There has got to be a way that news media can deliver news and let us decide instead of being told what to believe. I don’t know the answer. I am NOT that sharp. But there must be very smart people out there that can put forth something that works for our future. HELP!!!!!!!

  6. What percentage of the people were tearing up things compared to the vast majority who were not? I am for the majority and not for those who were into destroying a rather peacefull demonstration. Be honest and focus of the vast majority of those who were peacefully protesting.

    • The “vast majority” were NOT charged with crimes. However, a bit over 1000 people were charged and convicted of various crimes. What I saw were many good trusting people following their leader’s directive. They truly believed they were doing the right thing! It must be shocking to them now to realize they were duped by the greatest CON MAN in US history and, at the time, his profiteering media arm at Fox News.

      I suspect many still struggle with this reality; many remain defensive and in denial. It hurts!

      As the son of a professional con-man, I know how hard it is to accept that you’ve been conned. I’ve seen it thousands of times, in person and up close. It’s brutal. I feel for most of these people who had great intentions. In fact, I join them in the intent. We all want a better government, more responsive, more transparent, honest, etc…. but Trump was NEVER the messenger from GOD some thought. He was and remains a worthless con man, useless and of no value….just a shell of a very sad weak man who, when given a chance to lead, passed like the draft dodging coward he always was. This will go down as a very sad moment in the history of the USA. Nothing to be proud of at all for anyone.

    • Mr Punish;
      THEY WERE DUPED BY DEEP STATE, not President Trump. We the People have the right to peacefully protest a STOLEN ELECTION.

      Why aren’t you holding the wicked judges in DC responsible for treating innocent people worse than we treat terrorists? Over half have not had a hearing & it’s been TWO YEARS.

      Do some damn OBJECTIVE RESEARCH (Julie Kelly writes extensively about this,) then write an article overlooking the lethal way these prisoners are being starved, tortured and denied justice for not breaking the law. They were INVITED INTO THE CAPITOL BY CAPITOL POLICE.

      The DOD had over 11,000 National Guard waiting to be deployed. This was denied.

      WHO GAVE THE STAND DOWN ORDERS TO THE GUARD & who ordered the Capitol police to ENTRAP those Patriots?

      Your hate has blinded you from the truth.

    • Thank you for your passionate comment OkiePatriotGirl. We agree on the “deep state” corruption. It’s the whole damn system that is corporated controlled serving their interests and not the interests of the people. But this article is actually an indictment of the main stream media that controls the narrative for the serfs. Because of the court case, it’s Fox News that is the target here. But across the board, the USA is dire need of masssive media reform. The people need real news they can trust and not this propaganda machine that has been created.

      As for the politics, it needs massive reform as well. As for Trump, he’s just a profiteer. He is NOT Mahatma Gandhi. He has no value for our future.

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