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Is Biden Bringing 100,000 Ukrainian Nazi Murderers to America?

Evidence going back to 2015 suggests that the Ukrainian white nationalist Azov movement has been co-opting American right-wing extremists to advance their own international agenda.

Mariupol Nazi Battalions Plan Mass Murder False Flag

The commander of a separate special detachment Azov of the 12th operational brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine is preparing a mass provocation with the death of civilians in the city of Mariupol, the DPR PM claimed.

Zelensky’s ‘Army’ of Convicts Terrorizing Kiev

Deaths across Ukraine are mounting up. Car jacking murders by Zelensky's criminal army and summary executions of Ukrainians who are trying to flee hostage situations where the Azov and other terror "Battalions" are using tens of thousands of Ukrainians as human shields.