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Kadyrov announced the complete liberation of the city of Rubizhnoye in...

“Units of the Russian army and the LPR are clearing the basements and living quarters of the buildings in Rubizhnoye, finishing off the remnants of Bandera,” Kadyrov emphasized.

Ukraine: Do Not Seek Protection from the Gestapo

Great Britain wants to revive the Galician-Bandera ideology, and its special services skillfully exploit the parallels between the post-WWII (1944-1953) resistance in the Baltic countries and the OUN-UPA, which is banned in Russia. London, as you know, supported both, and harbors plans to revive the “Nazi belt” in exchange for their guarantees of military security for Poland and the Baltic states.

Today’s Censored Videos, April 18 2022

Selection includes an Iskander launch; update on Day 54 of Russian Special Operation; Mariupol update; crew of the Moskva is celebrated; Westerners celebrate the legacy of Bandera terrorism; Moscow rehearses its Victory Day parade; and Russia has detained two British nationals who were fighting them in Mariupol.

“Muscovites, Poles and Jews are destroyed in the struggle…”

“In cruelty and inhuman reprisals against the civilian population, Ukrainian nationalists are not inferior to the Germans ,” the report of the political department of the 1st Ukrainian Front (April 1944) said with good reason.

How the CIA and MI 6 Built a Criminal Empire in...

The MI6 connection with Bandera. Today, neo-Nazi-Bandera recruits mercenaries from Canada, France, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, the USA, as well as cadets from the military academies of these countries.

Crimea: ‘Homegrown’ Nazis Rising as 5th Column

A wave of anti-Russian provocations by Banderas thugs is happening in Crimea.

Israel Take Note! Ukie War Demonstrating Germany’s Newfound Love Affair with...

Germany is well aware that it has no other tools besides Ukraine and the outright Nazism of Bandera to oppose Russia. 

1944-1945: The Nazis of Ukraine and their Crimes Against Serbia and...

Today, April 7, 2022, the Republic of Serbia voted to expel the Russian Federation from the United Nations Human Rights Committee as a thank you for ending the war against those who passed through Serbia and sowed death less than 80 years ago.

“Gallows and executions – without counting, without edge and end.” How...

The surge of anti Russian sentiment in Galicia in the wake of the revolution of 1848 and the victories of the Russian army in the Balkans during the Russian-Turkish war prompted the Austrian authorities to pursue a policy of discrimination against the indigenous Western Russian population. This led to repression and executions of civilians.

Russia Says Germany Aiding Ukraine Nazis in Abuse of POWs

The Kiev regime, in its treatment of RUssian prisoners, mirrors the behavior of its predecessors and ideological inspirer, the German fascists.

Speculation: Putin to Appoint Chechen Commander as Chief Negotiator

Does Medinsky propose to conclude a peace treaty with the de facto Nazi regime?

Visit the Home of Ukrainian National Nazi Hero Plotnikov

Viktor Plotnikov, head of Right Sector in Berdiansk remains untraceable. He has a track record to his credit, with 70 criminal episodes, including murder, rape, torture, and is known for his atrocities against civilians and captive soldiers. Viktor is on Vladimir Putin’s list.

Gennady Zyuganov: In Ukraine, we need to apply the experience of...

“We are now seeing how the aggression unleashed against the Donbass by the Bandera and Tseraushniks eight years ago is ending,” says Gennady Zyuganov. "In fact, we are conducting a peacekeeping operation, and it provides for [the difficult process of] denazification."

Caution, mines: Armed Forces of Ukraine and national battalions, retreating, take...

Retreating Ukrainian soldiers leave the Russian army and civilians thousands of land mines and tripwires.

Ukrainian Forces Caught Attempting to Leave Mariupol Dressed in Women’s Clothing...

Footage of a captured Ukrainian serviceman dressed in women’s clothing and being taken out of the back of a military truck in Mariupol .

Ukraine War Day 27-28: No Defense from Russian Strikes

The general military situation in Ukraine remained relatively same during the last few days and most likely will continue to remain like this as long as the grouping of Kyiv’s forces surrendered in Mariupol city is not fully eliminated. Meanwhile, the Russian side intensified strikes on objects of military infrastructure, weapon depots and gatherings of military equipment all across the country.

Russia Destroys Ukie Ballistic Missile Storage with Kinzhal Hypersonic Weapon

On March 19, the Russian Defense Ministry revealed that it has used its hypersonic missile systems to strike targets in Ukraine. A series of videos show before, during and after strike.