Russia Says Germany Aiding Ukraine Nazis in Abuse of POWs


FULL DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian State-Controlled Media

MOSCOW, 4 April 2022, RUSSTRAT Institute.

RUSSTRAT – The media reported that the Ukrainian authorities are persuading “Western patrons” to encourage the International Committee of the Red Cross and various international humanitarian non-governmental organizations to “abandon attempts to gain access to Russian prisoners of war”.

The Kiev regime does not want the facts of the committed by it monstrous atrocities to be revealed, the leaked information about which shocked even Western organizations that fully justify the Ukrainian Nazis.

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has banned the posting of videos of torture and murder online.

Please note – that this is not about banning ill-treatment and punishing the perpetrators, but about hiding these facts from the whole world.

It is extremely important to understand that the atrocities against Russian prisoners are a direct continuation of the ideology of Nazism, which the West is now using as the most important tool of anti–Russian mobilization in Ukraine.

The Kiev regime, in its demonstrative unwillingness to comply with international obligations regarding prisoners, is following the path of its predecessors and ideological inspirers – the German fascists.

Germany already did this in 1941.

It is precisely back then that the genocide of Soviet prisoners of war, forgotten today, took place, during which at least 3 million people died. The cruel treatment of prisoners, which included mass executions, physical torture and psychological humiliation and torture by hunger and cold, was a premeditated action of the Nazis.

The horrible death of millions of Soviet people was the result of the scrupulous implementation of the guidelines of the German command contained in the directives “On the establishment of an occupation regime on the subjected to seizure territory of the Soviet Union” from 13.03.1941, “On military jurisdiction in the Barbarossa area”, “On special powers of troops” from 13.05.1941, “On the conduct of troops in Russia” from 19.05.1941 and “On the treatment of political commissars” from 06.06.1941.

The provisions contained in these documents were compiled and summarised in the “Order of the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht on the treatment of Soviet prisoners of war” from 08.09.1941.

It is important to understand: at the beginning of the war, the speed with which mass killings of Soviet prisoners were carried out was even several times higher than the rate of extermination of Jewish prisoners in Nazi concentration camps.

By April 15, 1942, out of 361,612 Soviet prisoners transferred to Poland in the autumn of 1941, only 44,235 people remained alive. The death rate of Soviet prisoners of war in just 6-7 months reached 85.7%.

At the same time, a month after the German attack on the USSR, the order of the Quartermaster General of the Wehrmacht dated 07/25/41 No. 11/4590 ordered the release of prisoners of German, Ukrainian and Baltic origin. Thus, the genocide had a very specific ethnic orientation – Russians together with Jews were specifically targeted in Nazi captivity.

At the same time, the acts of genocide extended not only to military personnel but also to all residents of the occupied territories. Here, for example, is an excerpt from the order of the command of the 2nd Tank Army of the Wehrmacht dated May 11, 1943: “When occupying individual settlements, it is necessary to immediately and suddenly capture available men aged 15 to 65 years.” Further, it was prescribed to consider all captured youths and men as “prisoners of war” and to shoot them when trying to escape.

Fascist punishers carried out demonstrative brutal executions of Russian prisoners in concentration camps. It was in this way that they killed a major Soviet military commander, one of the leaders of the Engineering Troops, General Dmitry Karbyshev, and the commander of the 315th battery on the island of Saaremaa, Captain Aleksandr Stebel. After many months of inhuman treatment, the last commander of the defense of Sevastopol, General Pyotr Novikov, was killed.

What relation does all this have with modern events in Ukraine?

The most direct one.

We see that in terms of the attitude towards prisoners, the Kiev regime is an absolute continuation of the fanatical practices of Nazi Germany.


Firstly, Nazism is primarily a product of German history.

Secondly, Berlin had a hand in organizing the coup d’etat of 2014, which ended with the establishment of a nationalist regime in Kiev.

Immediately after the end of World War II, Germany was not punished for the death of three million Russian prisoners, and now it is washing its hands and not reacting to the atrocities of Nazism 2.0. in Ukraine.

Contrary to the statements of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who decided to remove historical guilt from the German political class for the crimes of the Nazis, this guilt is obvious and, unfortunately, has not yet been lived out.

Now the fact has been revealed that Germany has its own military biological program in Ukraine, funded by the German Foreign Ministry and the Bundeswehr. The main emphasis during the experiments was on the study of particularly dangerous viruses in order to create selective biological weapons and their subsequent use against Russia.

Crimes against humanity have no statute of limitations.

It is time to raise the question of Germany’s legal responsibility for the genocide of Soviet prisoners of war during World War II, and the political responsibility of official Berlin for what is happening to Russian prisoners in Ukraine today, where Germany not directly, but actually is participating in the war against Russia.

In this regard, Germany can be considered not just as an “unfriendly country”, but as an aggressor country. The practical conclusion is to stop the supply of Russian gas resources to Germany.

Elena Panina, Director of the RUSSTRAT Institute



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  1. of course germany is an agressor country just now, massiv violating the cease fire after WWII, there is NO peace treaty, foreign minister Genscher refused this offer from Gorbatshov, because peace would open the discussion about WWII reparations for the western states.

    But I doubt very much, that cutting the gas supply would harm the transatlantic Nazi elite, it would harm the people, like 10%Joe’s gas fraud is harming the ukranian people.

  2. Today, our soldiers who returned from captivity through the ICRC were shown on the main news. They told about how they were treated by Ukrainian soldiers: they were kept like cattle in cold rooms, they were not fed at all, they could beat a prisoner for half a day without stopping. They didn’t let me sleep. They hit the parts of the body where there were injuries. They were forced to speak the prepared text on camera. Some were beaten to death. There was a particularly cruel attitude towards the pilots. There were also rooms where soldiers and those locals who were suspected of sympathizing with Russia were brought for torture. Moreover, local people could get there simply by viewing Russian websites or news. During the torture, the Nazis turned on loud music to drown out the screams of people.
    The soldiers who returned from captivity survived only because it was necessary to make an exchange of prisoners of war.
    Today, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the surrender of 200 Ukrainian Marines. Ran out of ammunition. But no one will torture them in Russia.
    Before that, the number of captured soldiers of Ukraine was practically reduced to zero. I think they just stopped being captured.

    • Very sorry for all that – from germany.

      The russian assignment was the best help, Ukraine got for long.

  3. As time goes on I see that Germany never rid it self from the Nazi, they ban it their in name but support everywhere else. It’s what you call closet Nazi, deep down they are still Nazi!

    • and Romo, I never heard about these 100 partys, it’s like in Ukr, the Nazis dominate the other partys, the green party even most and you heard about von der Leyen’s (elected from the Bilderbergers as EU boß)) Father’s state terrorism, the ‘Celler Loch’ ?

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