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Ukraine’s Little “Goebbels,” Dmitry Blykov

Give us your tired, your poor, your fuddled m asses yearning to thieve free.

Ukraine: Do Not Seek Protection from the Gestapo

Great Britain wants to revive the Galician-Bandera ideology, and its special services skillfully exploit the parallels between the post-WWII (1944-1953) resistance in the Baltic countries and the OUN-UPA, which is banned in Russia. London, as you know, supported both, and harbors plans to revive the “Nazi belt” in exchange for their guarantees of military security for Poland and the Baltic states.

Biden bans Russian-linked ships from US ports

Biden bans Russian-linked ships from US ports and US sends Ukraine new $800 million military aid package and speeding up immigration for Ukrainians to the US.

Today’s Censored Videos, April 18 2022

Selection includes an Iskander launch; update on Day 54 of Russian Special Operation; Mariupol update; crew of the Moskva is celebrated; Westerners celebrate the legacy of Bandera terrorism; Moscow rehearses its Victory Day parade; and Russia has detained two British nationals who were fighting them in Mariupol.

Caitlin Johnstone: US officials admit they’re literally just lying to the...

From spreading no-evidence claims to outright lying, all is fair to 'get inside Putin’s head', apparently.

How Ukrainian Nazi/Nationalist Movement Post WW2 Was Bought by the CIA

The birth of Ukrainian Nationalism as it is celebrated today has its origins in the 20th century. However, there are a few historical highlights that should be known beforehand.

Russia Says Germany Aiding Ukraine Nazis in Abuse of POWs

The Kiev regime, in its treatment of RUssian prisoners, mirrors the behavior of its predecessors and ideological inspirer, the German fascists.

Far from all Americans Are Blind

As more eyewitness testimony about Ukrainian nationalist atrocities appears, there is an epiphany and an increase in civic engagement by US citizens.