Crimea: ‘Homegrown’ Nazis Rising as 5th Column

In the photo: the detention in Crimea of ​​a suspect in participation in a banned Crimean Tatar battalion (Photo: Russian Federal Security Service for the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol / TASS)

FULL DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian State-Controlled Media

SV Pressa: The military operation took place in the city of Russian glory. FSB special forces stormed the apartment of local Nazis. The official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported two detained thugs. Although the video from the scene shows at least three.

“Photographs, literature, and Nazi paraphernalia have been confiscated. Video materials confirming their illegal activities were found in the smartphones of the suspects, ”the law enforcement agency said in a statement.

More specifically, we are talking about correspondence in the chat of the Ukrainian national battalion “Azov” *.

The local people are really shocked by what is happening. A military special operation has been going on for more than a month, the townspeople are burying fellow countrymen who fought for the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazi regime. In Mariupol and the Kherson region, ordinary marines and senior officers of the Black Sea Fleet are dying. In the meantime, a quiet lane in the Nakhimovsky district became the refuge of another Bandera group.

The hardest part is the non-immigrants. Sevastopol guys who stuffed the “Azov” runes not only on the body but also in the soul. The oldest, born in 1999, managed to serve time for evading military service. The rest are even younger.

Despite the Nazi paraphernalia and contacts with the punitive battalions, they are charged with only part 2 of article 167 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Deliberate destruction or damage to another’s property, committed out of hooligan motives.” The hooligan is very peculiar – the scum was caught cutting the tires of cars with the letter “Z” pasted on them.

They cannot realize the slogan “Muscovites to knives”, but it seemed fun and safe to chop wheels at night parking lots. The investigation absolutely definitely established that it was the cars with patriotic stickers that were cut. Went to work all March. During the search, knives with rubber particles on the blades were found.

Another Sevastopol bander log is also imprisoned under a modest “hooligan” article. North Bay, next to the famous Mikhailovskaya battery and the monument “Guards Star” rising above the waves. A young man bursts into a street minimarket. Yells, whose car with the letter Z is there? The gray-haired old man responds. And then the big man hits the 70-year-old pensioner in the face with a flourish.

The fact of the beating was recorded by the video camera on the trading floor. The footage went viral on social media, sparking widespread outrage. The police found the attacker, a native of Sevastopol. A criminal case has been initiated. The arrested man explained, and they say, “I’m very worried about my friend, who is on Ukrainian territory.”

City portals vigorously discuss the situation:

– Where did this come from? Has it grown here or come in large numbers from the Western world?

– And what, for 25 years of randomization, we had few openly-svidomo lyceums and schools? Few of our children were forced to learn the history invented by the nationalists?
– It’s a shame that these – in fact, are not “come in large numbers”, they are really ours, home-grown. And how many more to calculate them …

Many remember the great spring of 2014. Tens of thousands then came to Nakhimov Square. Men and women stood at checkpoints, military units of the Ukrainian Navy were blocked by a living wall. It seemed that the whole city of Russian glory stood up for Russia in a single impulse.

However, there are other characters as well. For example, the priest of the Greek Catholic community of Sevastopol, Mykola Kvich, was taken with a batch of body armor. Armor of the 4th protection class, capable of stopping high-penetration bullets. Although the battered Sevastopol investigators were surprised by something else.

Horror took from the interiors in the house of the holy father. Banners of the SS division “Galicia”, fascist banners, portraits of Stepan Bandera and the commander of the UPA **, Hauptmann of the Nachtigal battalion Roman Shukhevych flaunted on the walls.

It is not difficult to imagine what kind of parishioners Pan Kvich brought up. Exactly the same Bandera paraphernalia was filled with another bad apartment, where they detained a group of teenagers from Sevastopol – adherents of the “Right Sector” **.

Sharpeners, clubs, gas, T-shirts with emblems of Galician militants. There are a lot of materials propagandizing Nazism in the phones. During the interrogation, the members of the youth group stated that they themselves tried to create a branch of the “Right Sectors”. Hard to believe. They drew slogans about “an early punishment for the Muscovites” in an organized way, conducted combat training, and experimented with “Molotov cocktails “.


Clicked Zelensky on the nose: Merkel broke the vow of silence on Ukraine

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the first time commented on the situation related to the Russian special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine.

The age category of Sevastopol Nazis is from 16 to 18 years old. The headquarters of the defense forces of Sevastopol was forced to hand over the minors detained on bail to their parents. In exchange, they received written promises to “carry out explanatory work” and compensate for the possible losses that these “children” are capable of inflicting on the city in the near future.

The reaction of the parents was different. Most could not believe that their child, who grew up in Sevastopol, was becoming a fascist. Now, these youngsters are well into their twenties. It’s time to fuck Z-cars?

Black Sea Higher Naval Order named after P.S. Nakhimov in independent times turned into a naval institute. When, in March 2014, the flag of the Russian Navy again flew over the parade ground of the legendary Nakhimka and “Glory to the Fatherland” burst out, more than two dozen cadets defiantly sang “Not Yet Dead.”
Soon the patriotic lads left the Crimea. They received shoulder straps of officers of the Ukrainian Navy in Odessa, and a few years later they took their boats to a provocative breakthrough through the Kerch Strait.

However, the fate of other young men who were silent is much more interesting. A significant part of the cadets did not want to continue their studies. Under Ukraine, these “cunningly made” Sevastopol guys had no doubt that they would remain in the resort expanses of the Black Sea. The new Russian future promised the young lieutenants a harsh service in the northern latitudes. They refused, they took off their shoulder straps. Gradually they became embittered, although everyone took the passports of citizens of the Russian Federation. And they continue to live in their hometown.

The Nuclear Institute in Holland Bay has the longest history of all the local universities. Its main educational building was laid at the beginning of the First World War by order of Nicholas II  – as the Naval Cadet Corps, where the heir to the throne was to study. The project copied the Winter Palace. The obelisk on the shore of the bay reminds of the brilliant Igor Kurchatov, who developed protection against Hitler’s magnetic mines in the besieged Sevastopol. Until 1996, the Naval Engineering School (SVVMIU) operated here, which trained specialists in the nuclear submarine fleet.

The independent power did not have nuclear submarines, therefore it organized the civilian Institute of Nuclear Energy and Industry. Crimean wise men and clever women acquired profitable IT professions in institute classrooms.

Touching stories still hang on YouTube about first-year students who sobbed hysterically when the yellow-blue ensign was removed from the main building of SVVMIU. Chasing burning tears, boys and girls also tried to sing the anthem of Ukraine. Yes, there were not so many of them. But the big question is what this independent generation breathes in modern Crimea.

By the way, the special services have not yet found the scoundrels who scratched out the eyes of the painted Putin. Huge graffiti and the inscription “Welcome back to your native harbor” appeared on the Shipside, a stone’s throw from Malakhov Kurgan. The opposite is the famous “Monument to the Sailor Cat ”, right there is a military unit, and behind it is the campus of the Moscow State University branch.

Vladimir Vladimirovich was depicted in a naval uniform and cap. At night, unknown people descended from the roof and mutilated the image of the President of Russia. They did not put a truck with a cradle to the five-story building, they used climbing equipment. There were traces of studded mountain boots on the wall.

“They did it on the sly, some kind of scouts,” the surrounding residents lamented. There were many demands to identify and punish the vandals as soon as possible. We talked about the Maidan activists, about the thousands of Ukrainian soldiers who remained here and their families. They remembered teachers who supported and even formed youth groups to participate in Euromaidan. They offered to “be sure and publicly expel such scum.”

It ended up that the graffiti with GDP, known throughout the country, was simply hidden by public utilities under fresh plaster.

Time has passed, and now the April Sevastopol is experiencing another Bandera provocation. At night, in Victory Park, unknown people stained red paint on a memorial stone in honor of the Sevastopol volunteers who died in the Donbass.

The stone itself appeared exactly a year ago. “Thanks to such people, the Russian spring happened. Then they went on to defend their ideals, but, unfortunately, not everyone returned, ”Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev said at the opening ceremony. It was planned that soon a capital monument would appear in the park.

Oleg Makhonin, the head of the public organization “Self-defense” Sevastopol without fascism “was the first to report the action of the vandals :

– I immediately went there, called the police, wrote a statement. We were unable to remove the paint with a solvent.

Alas, the structure of artificial granite turned out to be soft, the nitro enamel literally soaked into the micropores of the stone surface. The memorial object was dismantled and restored in a special workshop. In addition, park benches had to be painted over, on which insulting inscriptions addressed to the Russian army also appeared.

Most recently, a major reconstruction took place in the Sevastopol Victory Park. A whole video surveillance system has been installed in the alleys. However, it seems that the night scum are not at all afraid of being found. They know that even to the maximum they will receive a suspended sentence. But they will gain authority in their Bandera get-together.

Be that as it may, the fact is that a wave of anti-Russian provocations is now rolling through the city of Russian sailors.

* Images of chevrons of the Azov Battalion, recognized as extremist by the decision of the Frunzensky District Court of Vladimir on November 30, 2015, and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials under item 3269.

** On November 17, 2014, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation recognized the extremist activities of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), the Right Sector, the UNA-UNSO, and the Tryzub im. Stepan Bandera”, organization “Brotherhood”. Their activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited.

Source: SV Pressa


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  1. A distinctive feature of Bandera has always been cowardice. They are brave to fight with monuments, with elderly people who can no longer defend themselves. I really think the Ukrainization of the brain is a disease. A plague on a massive scale. I have noticed many times how Ukrainian tourists behave abroad. A sad sight: barbarians, monkeys who consider themselves superior to everyone else. This is a paradox that requires the study of psychiatrists. For how can we explain the fact that most of the Nazi leaders in Ukraine have Russian surnames? Or what is going on in the minds of those Ukrainian military generals or colonels who graduated from the military academies of the USSR? But they give criminal orders to destroy their own peaceful people…

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