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Classic Hollywood: Top 10 Movies from the 1950s

Movie buff Johnny Punish gives VT his list of the best movies from the 1950s. What's Yours?

Who Doesn’t Own The Media?

Traditional Christians do not own the media, though no one claims they do. How could they?

An anecdote about Hollywood Depravity

Many of the A listers [actors, actresses, producers and directors) were into child porn, child sex, torture, etc.

Kate Winslet: Woody Allen and Roman Polanski “f—ing disgraceful”

Is Kate Winslet really sorry for working with people like Allen and Polanski? Hardly.

Only Fiction Can Tell it: Ralph Cinque on “Texas Ground”

I can tell you this: that no film, in the history of film, was ever made with more passion, conviction, and purpose than this film was made with. It speaks truth to power. It exposes American war crimes and atrocities.