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Pence to headline Georgia rally for Kemp, defying Trump ahead of...

Jim W. Dean - Trump views everybody not like him as losers. It is his way of blocking out what a turkey he is.

Georgian in the Crosshairs: More than Rumor, March 23, 2022

As I wrote the editor of VT, Gordon Duff, March 23, 2022, I will keep you in the loop of what is going on, as there is a 5th column here of Ukrainian Nationalist and some Georgians are acting as mercenaries in Ukraine, funded by NED, CIA, USAID, et.al. And the Maiden snipers were mostly from Georgia, going back to 2014

Blockbuster: VT Discovers US Ukraine/Georgia BioWar Program to Test Diseases on...

VT: The study below is a very thin ‘cover’ for a biowarfare program, one of many we have documents on. There is no imaginable reason for a test like this unless a bioweapon was being ‘honed in’ through modification much like….COVID 19.

Breaking: Jury Convicts Brunswick, Georgia Trio on All Federal Hate Charges

A jury has just found all three white men involved in the killing of 25-year old Ahmaud Arbery, a Black man jogging in a Georgia neighborhood, of federal hate crimes charges.

Secret Bat Lab: Does US pay for Death of Georgia Citizens?

"Fauci is like a public health Mafia Boss - and lately the Lugar Lab is mum as to COVID and its role as a...

Georgia’s Raffensberger takes the Georgia fight to Trump

Jim W. Dean - The Republican party's effective endorsement of the Steal and fully supporting the Insurrection was a political act of war.

Georgia Is Now Leader in U.S. Coronavirus Cases

Georgia remains in the red zone for severity of the outbreak as measured by rate of case growth and test positivity.

Georgia Governor Overrides All Local Mask Orders

Why would the governor of Georgia not want mandatory wearing of masks in public?

A Funny thing happened on the way to the operating room...

Various state authorities talk about impending hospital and morgue overflows.