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Who is ISIS today? Israel for oil

From yesterday's Southfront, "As ISIS self-proclaimed caliphate collapsed in Syria, the Israeli military intensified their strikes on forces and facilities belonging to the Syrian...

Turkey: “SDF Never Existed,” Arms all Went to Kurdish Terror Groups...

The revelations come amid repeated calls on Washington by senior Turkish officials, insisting on the cessation of weapons deliveries to the Syrian Kurds, which...

Capitalism Fails as an Ideal Economic System

One could make a point that capitalism ended in 1929 with the Wall Street Crash. The American proved itself without war.  Capitalism, as we...

Iranian officials: ISIS and Israel fail miserably

Rouhani - “Today with God's guidance and the resistance of people in the region we can say that this evil has either been lifted from the head of the people or has been reduced.”

ISIS/DAESH are NOT from Mars

One thing for sure, ISIS and its fighting members did not come from Mars. Mostly are mercenaries with substantial numbers coming from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Morocco with at least 7,000 from Western Europe mainly from among immigrants from North Africa.

BBC Busts US, ISIS Commanders “Resettled” for More War

Gordon Duff - The video above is BBC and proves beyond a doubt that the US helped found ISIS along with Israel and Saudi Arabia.  Turkey made billions trading with ISIS,

Last ISIS Town Falls

The Syrian Army and its allies have captured the last major stronghold of Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL), according to RT Arabic. Iraqi mobilization...

ISIS’ Self-Proclaimed “Caliphate” Is Witnessing Its Last Days In Syria And...

...from SouthFront The self-proclaimed caliphate of ISIS has suffered a double blow in Syria and Iraq. While US-backed forces were democratically negotiating with ISIS-linked Arab...

Is Donald Trump dumb on purpose?

...by Jonas E. Alexis   As Jim W. Dean would have put it, you can’t make this stuff up. Donald Trump has recently tweeted: “NYC terrorist...

NEO – Mystery of the never-ending ISIS Hordes on the Iraq...

A private security company establishes and secures Iraq’s first "toll highway". Will this mercenary action facilitate state-sponsored terror aimed at regime change?

Real Masters of the ISIS Exposed

By Sajjad Shaukat for VT If we take cognizance of related-developments in the world, especially in South Asia and the Middle East, we can note...

US allows ISIS to operate under its nose: Russia

Russia accused the United States on Wednesday of allowing ISIS to operate "under its nose" in Syria, saying Washington was letting the terrorist group move about freely in an area abutting a U.S. military base.

Breaking: US Caught Faking War on ISIS as Terrorists Moved...

The Russian Defense Ministry has accused the US-led international coalition of “simulating” the fight against ISIS in Iraq. The coalition conducted fewer airstrikes in...

NEO: How Washington Found Itself in Bed with ISIS

Jim W. Dean - NEO's Alexander Orlov has pulled together the best recap that we have seen of the complex behind-the-scenes hands involved in the major rebound of an ISIS that was deemed to be broken and on its last legs two weeks ago.

ISIS claims responsibility for Las Vegas attack, says shooter converted to...

  __________ RT ISIS claims responsibility for Las Vegas attack, says shooter converted to Islam a few months prior The shooter, who killed 50 people and injured hundreds,...

Russian air strikes kill 2,000+ ISIS Al-Nusra terrorists in Syria in...

Russia says stopping the violence and reducing humanitarian suffering is necessary to give the Syrians a chance to talk out how they want to live.

Russia: Britain’s Efforts Against ISIS “Worthless” and “Laughable”

Editor's note:  As Russia points out, the idea that 1500 air strikes over their years in Syria is nothing compared to the nearly 100,000...

Marine General Joseph Dunford: Russia and China Are Threat to New...

The Syrian government, with the help of Russia and Iran, continues to obliterate ISIS in the region, and they intend to complete the job before the year is over.

ISIS now defeated – what’s next?

The Khazarian Mafia's ISIS mercenary army has been completely defeated.

3,000 US troops headed to Afghanistan—to die for Israel

Trump is causing trouble in the Middle East because the Israeli regime tells him what to do. If fighting terrorism was his main goal, he would almost certainly go after terrorist states like Saudi Arabia, which destroyed Yemen and imposed a blockade on Qatar.

Jimmy Carter: US is more an “oligarchy than a democracy”

Jimmy Carter: “Israel's continued control and colonization of Palestinian land have been the primary obstacles to a comprehensive peace agreement in the Holy Land

Ancient Temples of Maaloula Destroyed and Looted by ISIS Being Restored...

In the Syrian city of Maaloula (Ma’loula) The Christian Church began to commence services in the Christian monastery of St. Thecla.  The pilgrims from all...

Russian cruise missile strike wiped out ISIS Deir-Ezzor fortification

Jim W. Dean - We are seeing a war of attrition going on now with ISIS doing all that it can to stave off the inevitable.  Those commanders with good Gulf State and US coalition connections will miraculously be helicoptered to safety, to be redeployed.

Tunnels, guns & abandoned tanks: Secrets of ISIS stronghold revealed in...

Russia Today: Syrian forces have captured the fortified area near Deir ez-Zor that was struck by Russian cruise missiles, which Moscow says killed over 200 jihadists.

Syrian army about to break siege of Dayr al-Zawr

Jim W. Dean - The current Syrian Arab Army offensive is a wonderful display of combined operations, good target Intel over a fluid battlefield, with artillery, air power... both fighter bombers and helicopters, supporting infantry and armor on the ground.

Russian frigate fires Kalibr cruise missiles at ISIS targets in Deir...

Russia Today: A Russian warship in the Mediterranean Sea has fired a salvo of Kalibr cruise missiles at a group of jihadists stationed near...

NEO: Nuremberg Tribunal for ISIS and Friends

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow A dozen nations armed ISIS, protected them, some provided air support, others funneled jihadists from the far...

Syrian rebel defector says his US-trained unit sold arms to ISIS

Russia Today: Not only were the US-backed ‘moderate’ militants in southern Syria never meant to fight ISIS, but their commanders actually traded US-made weapons...

The Mystery of the 14 Dead Russian Officials: November 2015-August 2017

Curious patterns present perplexing questions.

ISIS threatens Europe and U.S.

Playing with terrorism entails terrible and irreversible consequences. Watching what's happening in the world, it is hard to argue with this statement.

ISIS, Trump and climate change, seen as biggest threats in world...

A survey by the Pew Research Centre found that ISIS was named as the top threat by citizens in 18 countries, including the UK, France, Germany and the US.

20 terrorists killed, one-third of border area liberated by Lebanese army

The Lebanese people have no desire to let ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) continue the long history of Zionist incursions into their country.

Jerusalem Post lies about Russia and Iran

But the war machine will not give up easily. They seemed to have made a pact which says that Russia and Iran must pay.

‘Iraqi soldiers who suffered under ISIS see Mosul victory as payback...

The 16th Division of the Iraqi Army consisted of Mosul residents persecuted by ISIS, and now they consider it payback time, says Saad al-Matlabi,...

Syrian Arab Army to Cut off ISIS Escape Routes Bounding As-Sukhnah...

The Syrian Arab army (SAA) backed by the allies began a large-scale offensive and the assault of the city of As-Sukhnah, a gateway to...

US contributed to ISIS creation, now tries to claim victory over...

The recapture of Mosul is an achievement of the Iraqi people while the US is trying to highjack it and claims it was them who "led that war," Iraq's Vice President Nouri al-Maliki has told the RIA Novosti news agency.

Is Trump about to dump Israel on Syria?

It has been reported that “Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria." This would be a devastating attack on the Israeli regime.

The Kurds: Washington’s Weapon of Mass Destabilization

The pop singer, HellyLuv is a willing marketing tool for the Kurds. The Kurds are often portrayed by mainstream media as gallant freedom fighters, with cute girls fighting in their ranks. By and large they have cast their lot with the US in its efforts at regime change in Syria. This places the Kurds in what would seem to be some atrocious alliances, including with Israel, the Saudis, and… ISIS.