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Zionist Media will Never Talk About Sex Slave as a “Booming...

"It was reported the girls as young as 8 are sold at such slave markets. Some 3,000 to 5,000 Yazidi women are believed to be held captive by IS as sex slaves.”

False flag fails! ISIS defeated, “chemical weapons” hoax exposed

Say: "Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish."

Scott Bennett, Patriot Truth Warrior (Part II)

When US Army Psyops expert Scott Bennett was officially tasked with discovering the sources of terror financing, he succeeded and was stopped cold by corrupt higher ups.

Iraqi Army Declares Mosul Fully Free

Jim W. Dean - I just did rolling coverage with Press TV on the fall of Mosul with their Iraq correspondent and a Rome think tank guy. The victory is both a sweet and bitter one due to the huge casualties for the army and civilians.

Will the real Paul Joseph Watson please stand up?

It appears that Paul Joseph WatsonW is intellectually getting crazier.

The Unspeakable Crime of Viktor Orbán

It's becoming crystal clear to more and more European citizens that the monster that is Brussels today does not represent the true interests of EU citizens. The unspeakable crime of Viktor Orbán is his insistence on acting in the interests of his citizens, not to the self-declared, arrogant unelected Commissars in Brussels.

ISIS—Israeli Secret Intelligence Service—Accuses Assad of Using Chemical Weapons

Jerusalem Post: “Israel has opened its borders with Syria in order to provide medical treatment to Nusra Front and al-Qaida fighters wounded in the ongoing civil war…”

Israel blows up Syrian tank and wants World War III again

If you don’t think Israel is seeking World War III in Syria, if you still can’t come to the conclusion that the regime is a problem child in the Middle East, then think again.

Jim W. Dean – Rolling Press TV coverage on Iran missile...

All the ISIS people who were celebrating the big dual terror attacks on Iran just got introduced to the new arithmetic, that Iran can reach out and touch them, and knows where they are.

Benjamin Netanyahu threatens Iran for attacking ISIS

Netanyahu has to frame his political worldview in the context of Zionism. In order to do that, he has to assert implicitly that Iran is dangerous to the “Jewish state” and much of the world.

Terrorists Rape and Disembowel Pregnant Women: A Chronicle of Unspeakable Crimes

As if the mass rapes committed by self-professed Islamists in Syria, Iraq, and Nigeria did not suffice, I am saddened to report a long string of attacks in another nation.

Syrian Arab Army Successfully Advances and Reaches the Iraqi Border

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continues the offensive from eastern Homs to the city of Deir ez-Zor.

False flags backfire in Britain – voters repudiate lying establishment

Have false flags been so thoroughly exposed that they no longer work? That is the lesson of yesterday's British elections...

Daesh designed to spread chaos in Islamic world

“Daesh is not a radical Islamic group, it is a radical anti-Islamic group designed to spread fitnah and chaos in the world of Islam."

Torturers, Plunderers, and Looters Are Back in Iraq

Because of these abuses, which include sexual assault and beating, numerous detainees attempted to commit suicide. At least four of them succeeded; some “hanged themselves with makeshift nooses.”

London Attack: Mossad-led ISIS Again Targeted the UK

According to the British police and media, a van driving at high speed mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge before the occupants got out and began stabbing patrons at nearby bars and restaurants at the adjacent Borough Market.

U.S. Dooms IS Fighters Leaving Raqqa to Death

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in a statement extended their amnesty offer for ISIS fighters in Raqqa until the end of May

How Moderate are Moderate Muslims? The Facts Speak for Themselves

How moderate are moderate Muslims? Given the allegations made by Islamophobes, it would seem to be a fair question.

Western Conservatives are Wrong on Christians in the Middle East

This week the European Parliament gears up for a debate on the situation of Christians in the Middle East. The horrific Palm Sunday bombings at two Egyptian churches on April 9 that killed at least 45 people have spurred the discussion. The so-called Islamic State (ISIS or IS) has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks.

US changes tactics against ISIS, working on plan with ‘enthusiastic’ Russians

Jim W. Dean - The US is using a small number of militants, backed up by air power in Jordan, to take over as much of the SE Syrian border as possible. This is offense, not defense, meant to block Iraqi forces from joining the SAA anti-ISIS fight inside Syria.

Trump, Flynn Scuttled War on ISIS for Turkish Cash

Gordon Duff - Now we see that Trump and Flynn scuttled US efforts against ISIS on behalf of Turkey, Flynn got $530,000 and Trump simply served the gangsters who financed Trump SOHO and so much more, his Bayrock partner.

NEO – Jigsaw, Beyond the CIA and Soros

Jim W. Dean - VT has been shadowing the Google groups' black ops for some time, on a case-by-case basis. This is the first time we have published what we have been privately briefing those with a need to know.

Trump to Lavrov: US will put ISIS in Damascus whatever the...

Gordon Duff - As the US has now changed sides and is clearly working with ISIS and al Qaeda, who are openly Saudi allies, it is the United States that needs a regime change and Trump that needs to go to Russia for political asylum.

U.S. & Daesh (ISIS) are CIA mercenary thugs, must leave Afghanistan

The CIA and Pakistani Intelligence Service, ISI 's Puppet, Criminal Warlord, "the Butcher of Kabul," Gulbuddeen Hekmatyr, and Daesh (ISIS), who are CIA mercenaries, are Not the Solution for Afghanistan.

Russia: Isis Once Apologized for Accidentally Attacking Israel

Tel Aviv remains so “neutral” in the Syrian conflict that even Islamic State terrorists have on at least one occasion “apologized” to Israel for mistakenly attacking IDF soldiers in the occupied Golan Heights, according to a former Israeli Defense Minister.

Nikki Haley is a political maniac and psychopath

There are many crazy politicians in this world. And if you haven’t figured that out yet, then start studying the Israel/Palestine conflict. The astonishing hypothesis is that many of those people seem to be deliberately insane.

Asia Pivot: Trump Associates Use ISIS For Destabilization in Indonesia

It is becoming more clear who Trump associates back in the “War on Terror” as they have recently been seen supporting radical Islamists linked to ISIS in Indonesia, according to an investigation by reporter Allan Nairn in the Intercept.

Trump bombs Syria for ISIS – HUGE new false flag on...

Where are all the Trump fanboys now? Sitting in front of Fox News screaming "hooray for Trump, hooray for ISIS" ?

British woman fighting against ISIS in Syria says MI5 targeting her...

The first British female fighter to join the battle against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria says UK intelligence agency MI5 is targeting...

Will Amal Clooney attack the Israeli elephant in the room?

Doesn’t Clooney know that Israel has been caught numerous times supporting ISIS? Doesn’t she know that Israeli officials such as Efraim Halevy have admitted that they have supported al-Nusra, a violent terrorist group?

NEO – High Comedy and the Fall of Raqqah

Turkey is now sworn to come in for the kill and aid Syria by knocking out ISIS, even if it means Turkey must fight its own military, which makes up the bulwark of ISIS forces in this region, and Turkey will supply both sides in the fighting simultaneously. Comedy?

US Marines Invade Syria, No, they aren’t helping anyone but ISIS...

Gordon Duff - Hundreds of US Marines invade Syria, and "invade" is the term, as nobody invited them and nobody believes they are going to do anything against ISIS, unless they "go rogue" and murder their own commanders like was done in Vietnam.

Trump-Israel struggling to save ISIS, divide Syria and Iraq

We add "Petraeus" to the list, one he may be head of, "blackmailed Americans working for foreign intelligence agencies. To this list which includes a president

Russia has reasons to worry about ISIS in Afghanistan

At long last, Russians discovered that Taliban and other belligerent groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan are projects endless in sight.

General Mattis’ “Destroy ISIS” plan does not include destroying its Western...

Jim W. Dean - This is our first posting by Sophie Mangal, a young University of North Carolina media and journalism grad who has already managed to get out into the field, even to Syria no less.

Exclusive: Russia Issues Ultimatum to Turkey

Gordon Duff - Russia issued a secret ultimatum to Turkey today. It is very possible that President Trump will only learn of this through VT, so we will be as exacting as possible. Our sources are direct and "high" or "highest."

Syria Blocks Turkish Backed Militants, or are they maybe ISIS?

 Editor's note:  4 days ago, we were on sat phone with al Bab, while our informant watched Turkish troops put 950 ISIS fighters on...

CIA Head, Pompeo Leaked Fake “All Clear” to Media in Russiagate...

A report today in Axios outlines what has to become a call for a special prosecutor and should well bring about the resignation of CIA Director Pompeo as well.

Gen. McMaster is right! There is no “radical Islamic terrorism”

McMaster tells Trump some truth. But will Trump listen?