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Why Is Assange in Jail and Not Seymour Hersh?

Hersh broke the same laws that the U.S. government accuses Julian Assange of breaking. But unlike Assange, a foreigner whom the U.S. has unsuccessfully been trying to extradite from England for years, Hersh is an American citizen living right here in the United States

Christian Martyrdom and The American Empire

(Lutheran Pastor Mark Dankof of VT was invited to a private session of Texas homeschoolers and their parents in a secluded home in San...

The inside story of the prison known as Britain’s Gitmo

RT: It inspired a controversial gangster rap album illicitly recorded inside its walls. It’s also known as Britain’s Guantanamo Bay and Hellmarsh.

Burns v. Britain

Although the coup in November was masterminded from Frankfurt the CIA were heavily involved. This raises issues for any democracy where the CIA have a significant presence, such as the UK. Having undermined an election in the US the CIA would hardly be able to restrain themselves from tampering with a British election, indeed they already have – the crucial 1975 referendum on EEC membership.

A ‘presence of evil’ pervading the Assange trial

...by Stuart Littlewood, Britain This morning I was catching up as usual on the ever-reliable Craig Murray’s day-to-day reports of what passes for a trial...

NEO – Has the US first amendment begin hijacked?

This NEO article by Vladimir Platov cites issues only with anti-Trump publications and is, in fact, evidence of the extreme censorship seen in the Russian press which is massively pro-Trump and continually cites Qanon as fact.

#UNRIG Video (7:33) Shadowgate Debunked! Former CIA Spy and Top Information...

Robert Steele debunks the Shadowgate movie that Alex Jones in peeing in his pants over. The movie is worth watching and makes two good points, but turns a company with 24 employees into the prime mover for something much vaster that is not addressed by the movie.