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US President Needs Approval for Preemptive Strike on North Korea

Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan announced that Congress needs to approve any preemptive strike against North Korea following President Donald Trump’s threat to hit the country “with fire and fury.”

UN, including Beijing., agrees tough sanctions on North Korea banning more...

The United Nations Security Council approved tough new sanctions on North Korea on Saturday including a ban on coal and other exports totaling more than US$1 billion — a huge bite in its total exports, valued at US$3 billion last year.

NEO – Was Trump Out-trumped at The G20?

Jim W. Dean - The G20 executive members came out swinging, but did not wait until the meeting began. Major “perception management” moves were put into motion, including full-spectrum government planning and media-seeding during the lead-up to the meeting.

Russia, China: “US-S Korea drills Must End”

Jim W. Dean - The gamesmanship continues, with Trump making demands of N. Korea but ignoring what the NKs want. If talks could get started in Syria, after all  the carnage that has gone on there in the past five years, why not N. Korea?

Is North Korea Enabling THAAD Missile System Deployment Against China?

Is Pyongyang conducting missile tests to enable the delivery of the THAAD missile system and "grease the skids" in South Korea? - Ann Today North Korea...

Pravda: China sides with Russia on Syria and North Korea

China shares Russia's point of view on the situation in Syria and North Korea, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at a meeting with...

“Send Trump To School,” as Moron Flubs Korea-China History

Social media has been buzzing since Donald Trump said Korea “used to be a part of China” after a visit with China’s leader.

Trump Wags the Dog in Korea

China expecting war between US and North Korea. Possibility for nuclear confrontation between the US and Pyongyang increase daily.

Pravda: North Korea, Nuclear war to start on the Day of...

North Korea may have the ability to launch missiles with warheads filled with nerve gas, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Thursday, April...

Intel Drop: Trump Blunders in Korea and Syria are Not Survivable

Gordon Duff - I hate writing this. I just finished explaining Kevin's piece on Korea and just finished talking with Jimmie. I am not allowed to mention who I talked with last night but the NSA can check their recordings.

U.S. Representative Maxine Walters: Russia is invading Korea!

Whenever politicians deny the moral and political order, they will end up positing crazy assertions that could probably stun even a toddler.

North Korea Reportedly Arming Elite Soldiers With ‘Nuclear Backpacks’

  Editor's  note:  Colonel Jim Hanke, VT editor, is the only man to have done 3 parachute jumps carrying one of these things. After conducting a...

‘Irreparable Consequences’: China, Russia Angry About THAAD in South Korea

The United States and South Korea are obsessed with containing North Korea, but Washington’s aggressive expansion of anti-missile systems in the Asian peninsula, as...

Russian Missiles on Kurils in Response to THAAD in S Korea

Russia may deploy additional missile systems to the Far East, including on the Kuril Islands, in response to the plans of the United States to deploy missile defense complexes in South Korea, Leonid Ivashov, president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, told RIA Novosti.

NEO – On the Comfort Women Issue

Vladimir Terekhov - The Seoul agreement may serve as opening of the “Pandora’s box” for Tokyo.

VT Nuclear Education: North Korea Fission-Fusion (Hydrogen bomb) Device Claim...

One of two things happened, either North Korea exploded an atom bomb, fission only, and lied about it or they exploded a small and highly advanced tactical fission-fusion (Teller type) device, which means something entirely different, something far more threatening than is being discussed may have transpired.

North Korea Confirms Successful Testing of Hydrogen Bomb

North Korea announced a successful test of a hydrogen bomb in a special statement broadcasted by the country's central TV and South Korean TV channels.