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Trump Planned ‘False Flag’ Nuke Attack on North Korea…Was Going to...

In 2017, then-President Trump discussed the idea of using a nuclear weapon against North Korea and suggested he could blame a U.S. strike on another country, according to a section of Michael Schmidt's book "Donald Trump vs. the United States."

US Has Lost Global Power and Is Now Just Faking It

The fact that Turkey is no longer eager to please the Americans is quite telling.

Draconian Lockdown Powers: It’s a Slippery Slope from Handwashing to House...

...by Jonas E. Alexis and John W. Whitehead Jonas E. Alexis: We are told that the 1918 pandemic, which was also called Spanish influenza pandemic...

More Trump theatric distractions with Kim in Hanoi

Jim W. Dean - Trump made a fool of himself again, coming back with his implausible story that Kim refused to give up any of his nuclear program until "all" of the sanctions were removed.

Breaking: Trump announces freeze on US military drills with South Korea

Jim W. Dean - This stopping the US war gaming with South Korea was a show of good faith, but one where the switch can be flicked back on with a tweet from Trump.

Is Anti-Zionism Rising in Korea?

The Israelis can solve the anti-Israeli or anti-Jewish reactions overnight by simply denouncing their essentially diabolical/Talmudic activity. Until they do that, then anti-Jewish reactions will continue to spread like wild fire around the world.

North Korea and China have head start on Trump meeting

Jim W. Dean - The North and South Koreans, along with China, are getting their ducks in a row to box Trump in with a deal he can't refuse without giving the others a free hand to go it alone if he does.

Ukraine Admits Providing Missile Technology to N Korea – UN Expert

Jim W. Dean - The Ukraine government's earlier claim that it had found no evidence of ballistic missile parts to N Korea was an admission that those in the government had sold these and pocketed the money.

South Korea officials travel to US to brief Americans on North

Jim W. Dean - Things are moving right along on deescalating North-South Korea tensions, creating problems for those in the US power structure that want those tensions to continue.

1968: Crew of USS Pueblo released by North Korea on this...

The crew and captain of the U.S. intelligence gathering ship Pueblo are released after 11 months imprisonment by the government of North Korea. The ship, and its...

Breaking: US seeks unconditional dialog with North Korea

... from Press TV, Tehran Update: State Department walking back Tillerson's "no preconditions for talks" comments below. Inquiring minds would like to know who is in...

1950: Truman refuses to rule out atomic weapons against Korea on...

On this 30th day of November in 1950, President Harry S. Truman announces during a press conference that he is prepared to authorize the use of atomic weapons in order to achieve peace in Korea.

Russia Claims N. Korea Testing Re-Entry Vehicle for Nuking “the Swamp”

Gordon Duff - Is the "swamp" now threatened with a Chinese missile and a Jewish nuke fired from imaginary North Korea as part of a Kosher Nostra staged theatrical production starring the orange buffoon

Pravda: North Korea Threat or Victim? Some Facts

If anyone is still wondering why North Korea was being "provocative" in missile tests and repeatedly declaring what would seem to be a daunting...

US-North Korea Dangerous Rhetoric

  Asif Haroon Raja The US-North Korea antagonism has its roots in the 1952-3 Korean War which had divided the country. While North Korea is backed...

Invading North Korea…?

...by Christopher Kelly for VT   The first, though unstated, rule of American foreign policy since World War II has been..."DON'T START WORLD WAR III".  Judged...

N. Korea unlikely to give up nukes if Iran deal fails...

Jim W. Dean - We are big believers in chaos theory here at VT, where overt geopolitical measures are replaced with the more subtle "creating the conditions" for what you want to happen, but where you don't have your fingerprints on it when it does.

70% of Americans disapprove of Trump’s rhetoric towards North Korea –...

© KCNA Over two-thirds of US voters find President Donald Trump’s remarks on North Korea unhelpful in getting Pyongyang to stop its nuclear weapons program,...

Former Pentagon Analyst Explains Why Trump Fostering Hysteria Over North Korea

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — President Donald Trump and members of his administration have been deliberately fostering public hysteria over North Korea to drown out voices opposed to any US military buildup,...

The Debate – Korea Tensions on the Rise

Jim W. Dean - I think the US knows that Kim's main goal is to get a peace treaty, which the US cannot do as Germany is still waiting for theirs and would be really mad.

Korea Crisis: Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un ‘Playing Game of Chicken’

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, for his part, told reporters that any threats to the United States or its allies would be met with a massive, "effective and overwhelming" military response

US, South Korea Consider ‘Effective Military Reponses’ to DPRK’s Nuclear Test

The top military officers of the United States and South Korea have discussed "effective military responses" that could show the military might of the allies in the wake of North Korea's latest nuclear test on Sunday.

North Korea says it has developed ‘advanced hydrogen bomb’ that can...

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un provides guidance on a nuclear weapons program in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News...

Mattis breaks with Trump on diplomacy with North Korea

Defense Secretary James Mattis broke with his boss Wednesday, saying diplomatic efforts to resolve a simmering crisis on the Korean Peninsula are still viable.

The Mystery of the 14 Dead Russian Officials: November 2015-August 2017

Curious patterns present perplexing questions.

North Korea an Aggressor? A Reality Check

Trump made his crass "fire and fury" threat on the eve of the sixty second commemoration of the US nuclear attack on Nagasaki, the nauseating irony seemingly un-noticed by him. Will some adults pitch up on Capitol Hill before it is too late?

Trump says ‘all options on table’ after North Korea launches missile...

US President Donald Trump has warned that "all options are on the table" after North Korea launched a missile over Japan early Tuesday, CNN reports.

Majority of US Dislikes Trump and His North Korea Policy, Fear...

Over half of U.S. residents disagree with President Donald Trump's approach to relations with North Korea, a survey by George Washington University has revealed.

US, South Korea begin military drill as North reacts

South Korea and the U.S. began a massive annual military exercise Monday, ignoring repeated threats by rival North Korea.

US, South Korea Gear Up for War Games, Threatening Pyongyang

The United States is set to launch its annual joint military exercises with South Korea Monday, a move that threatens North Korea, or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, DPRK, as it denounced the exercises as a "rehearsal for war."

China Impose Bans on Imports from North Korea

On Monday, the Chinese Commerce Ministry announced that it would impose a partial goods ban on North Korea. Additionally, import applications of products from The North will be halted from September 5.

PressTV: Mattis, Tillerson make US stance on North Korea more confusing

The heads of US State and Defense Departments, Rex Tillerson and James Mattis, say they are pushing for a “peaceful pressure campaign” on North Korea, breaking with President Donald Trump who has warned Pyongyang of “fire and fury” amid an ongoing standoff.

German weapons makers profiting from Korea tensions

North Korea's relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons and missiles has raised the threat of a full-blown conflict on the Korean Peninsula. South Korea has also been acquiring German weapons for its self-defense.

Xi to Trump: Show restraint on N. Korea, crisis must have...

Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed the tense situation around North Korea with US President Donald Trump over the phone, urging the “relevant side” to exercise restraint, state TV said.

North Korea stands no chance against US, Guam threat is a...

North Korea wouldn’t stand a chance against the US if the war of words between the two states escalates into a military conflict, Leonid Ivashov, a political analyst and retired Russian Colonel-General, told RT, urging a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Japan deploys missile defense over N. Korea threat

Japan deployed its Patriot missile defence system on Saturday after North Korea threatened to fire ballistic missiles over the country towards the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam, local officials and reports said.

On the Kuala Lumpur conspiracy against People’s Korea

Of late the Western media have waged an atrocious campaign against People's Korea which centres on an incident in Malaysia apparently on the 13th of February in which a DPRK citizen was taken ill at Kualu Lumpur airport and subsequently died . The south Korean fascist puppets were quick to spread the story that this was assassination.

US vs North Korea: A New Cold War in the Making?

US Defense Secretary James Mattis has warned North Korea risks a course of action that “would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people.” He insists North Korea needs to immediately “stand down.”

North Korea details Guam missile plan as it scoffs at Trump

North Korea dismissed warnings by U.S. President Donald Trump that it would face "fire and fury" if it threatened the United States and outlined detailed plans on Thursday for a missile strike near the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam.