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Classic Hollywood: Top 10 Movies from the 1950s

Movie buff Johnny Punish gives VT his list of the best movies from the 1950s. What's Yours?

A Brief Assessment of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Solzhenitsyn: “The Protocols … show a blueprint of a social system....It is more complicated than a nuclear bomb."

Joker and Destructionism

"Destructionism" says that the sole purpose of action in one's life should be to tear down what others have created, including the liberties and lives of others.

David Chappelle and the culture of death

Chappelle: "In our country, you can shoot and kill a nigger but you better not hurt a gay person's feelings. And this is precisely the disparity that I wish to discuss.”

Angelina Jolie was scared to expose pedophiles in Hollywood

"The bright lights of Hollywood are blinding, and the sanctity of childhood is easily trumped by the deafening drumbeat of fame.”

Ben Affleck: A CIA double agent

"Agencies of the U.S. government have long employed entertainment liaison officers to improve their public image in the mass media."

Top 10 Hollywood Movie Actresses of All-Time

This past week we saw the 93rd Academy Awards give the Best Actress Award to Frances McDormand, again, for the 3rd time in her career. This is just one behind the record holder, Katherine Hepburn, who has 4 Oscars. But are these two the greatest of all time?

Remembering Jeanne Carmen, Queen of the B-Movies and 50’s Pin Up...

So my friend, Brandon James, wrote a book about his mom Jeanne Carmen called "My Wild, Wild Life".  It is the definitive biography of legendary pin-up, trick-shot golfer, Sinatra girlfriend, and friend of Marilyn - the incomparable Jeanne Carmen and it's available now on Amazon.com.  He sent me this article supporting the book which I share now... Enjoy! 

Kate Winslet: Woody Allen and Roman Polanski “f—ing disgraceful”

Is Kate Winslet really sorry for working with people like Allen and Polanski? Hardly.

Parasite: Hidden Grammar and Historical Ideology in Plain View

By repudiating the moral order, Parasite finds itself in the same crazy prism which has been driving the capitalist system since Milton Friedman began to teach the Chicago Boys how to cheat the economic system at the University of Chicago.