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Turkey Shelling Russian Advisors in Syria, May lead to War (updated)

The Russian Defense Ministry has presented video evidence it says shows Turkish military shelling Syrian territory using heavy artillery positioned close to the border.

When Push Comes to Shove: US Pressures Turkey to Secure Border...

The United States is working to pressure the Turkish government to finally control the insecure border between Turkey and war-torn Syria, Defense News reported.

Turkey Lose More Oil Trucks that Accidentally Venture into Syria

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEriOFRnoAc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVQfpVXTqg0

Turkey Artillery Shelling Syrian Army Forces Across Border, Backing al Qaeda...

  TEHRAN (FNA) - The Syrian Army and its popular allies are making a rapid march on terrorists' positions at Lattakia province's border with Turkey,...

NEO – The New Year Brings More Geopolitical Madness

Jim W. Dean - May we continue to get wiser, stronger, and collect a few more scalps this year via our own regime change program, including entities like NATO which needs to be turned inside out and put under the spotlight.

Russia accuses Turkey of Syria border buildup

Jim W. Dean - These Syrian peace talks could become a never ending circus because if the Syrian opposition and terrorists supporters cannot get what they want they will become wrecking balls for any possible political solution.

Turkey, Kurds Spread Russian Base Hoax to Cover Possible Invasion

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said that media reports on a new Russian base in Syria may be an attempt to cover-up information about Turkey's deployment of a large group of troops to the Syrian border.

US – Turkey eyeing military operation in Syria against ISIS if...

Jim W. Dean - My, my...John Kerry is signaling he is going into the Syrian negotiations prepared to put a gun to someone's head if the US and Turkey do not get what they want. Gosh, I wonder who that could be ?

Corporate Fascism, The Vatican and the 21st Century

The Vatican is the prototype of a Corporate Fascist entity. It answers to nobody.

China’s Worries about Terrorism Supporters: How Turkey, Saudi Arabia Support Terrorism...

Jim W. Dean - Almost 100 countries are feeding ISIS replacements into conflict zones to create combat experienced jihadis, and are allowing their freedom of movement. Are they really that stupid, or is another game going on here, leaving this underground railroad fully operational? Look at all the security and law enforcement entities that would have to be compromised in an organized standdown to pull this off. Who would have the power to do that?

Erdogan takes his anti-terrorism charade international

Jim W. Dean - Erdogan has avoided international condemnation for his crackdown on opposition media, but if he starts jailing large numbers of academics, that could be the tipping point for all the remaining opposition to make a do or die stand, while they still can.

Erdogan’s Sinister Empire and the Global Web of Turkish Organised Crime

Organised crime is globally linked, sophisticated, legitimised as business and deep into government in most countries ...by  Ray Camen, VT Ankara ____________ - First published  ...  January 18,...

RT Report: Turkey Isolates US Backed Kurdish Fighters, Provides Superhighway...

Gordon Duff - Turkey has totally guarded borders, no refugees go in or out without Erdogan ordering it, no oil trucks move in our out without Erdogan ordering it, ISIS is Erdogan, the refugee crisis is Erdogan and NATO is backing him.

Russian general: New militants regularly arrive to Syria’s Latakia province from...

The Russian Defense Ministry said earlier that militants are supplied with weapons and equipment from the Turkish territory TASS/. New recruits are regularly arriving to...

Dark Forces at work in Bombing of historic Istanbul Centre of...

Turkey is rocked by another suicide-bomb attack in Istanbul. The authorities were quick enough to put the blame on ISIS and a suicide-bomber from Syria, which is quite convenient for Erdogan.

Erdogan’s Global Ambitions Cast a Dark Shadow Over Turkey

VT Ankara - Turkish Head of State Tayyip Erdogan wants to control everything, and his delusion, deceit, self-centredness, paranoia and fundamentalism have turned him into a tyrant. Like all religious zealots, he is "the chosen one".

Docs Reveal How Daesh Ran ‘Sophisticated Immigration Operation’ With Turkey

Passenger records handed over to the Guardian by Kurdish forces at Tel Abyad have Daesh stamp marks. 'Russia Smashing Daesh While Turkey Attacks Us' –...

Obama Calls on Turkey to Withdraw Unauthorized Forces in Iraq –...

US President Barack Obama called on Turkey to withdraw any military forces not authorized by the Iraqi government during his call with Prime Minister...

VT Turkey: ISIS is a Vile Terrorist Organisation for the Majority...

VT Ankara, Turkey - Democracy, equality and rule of the people are just words in the Constitutions of countries, but in reality the people have little say in their governments.

Police State Turkey: Erdogan Seeks Arrest of Kurdish Political Opponents

  ERBIL, Kurdistan Region--In the latest row between Ankara and the Kurds of Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for the lifting of immunities...