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April 20, 2022, Today’s Censored Videos

Sarmat test success; Mainstream media canceling Russia; Russian led forces advance in Maripol; DPR forces clear Mariupol steel plant; Austra criminalizes sharing banned info on social media; allegations made at UNSC; SU-34 jets conduct airstrikes.

“Massacre in Bucha”: who needs it and why

The Ukrainian authorities have accused Russia of war crimes and genocide of civilians. Russia initiated a discussion of the problem in the UN Security Council, but the British presidency blocked this process.

German Intelligence Specialist Talks About UNSC Failures

Rainer Rupp, a publicist and former German intelligence officer, spoke exclusively to RT about the ongoing Ukraine crisis and Kiev’s allegations against Moscow regarding the Bucha incident.

Russia and Ukraine trade accusations over Bucha civilian deaths (TIMELINE)

Kiev accused the Russian military of committing numerous atrocities in Bucha. Moscow has denied the allegations and unsuccessfully tried to call a UN Security Council meeting to discuss what it claims to be an attempt to frame its forces.

Bucha: Lavrov Says False-Flag Op Was Conducted in Town Outside Kiev...

Sergei Lavrov recalled that Russian troops completely withdrew from Bucha on March 30, and on March 31 the mayor of the city solemnly said that everything was in order. However, Kiev is making different claims.

Russia Sees Slaughter in Bucha by NATO Backed Nazis as a...

Sergey Lavrov recalled that Russian troops completely withdrew from Bucha on March 30, and on March 31 the mayor of the city solemnly said that everything was in order. Two days later, a production was filmed in which Russia “sees a direct threat to international peace and security.”

E3 says “Hell No” in Humiliating Rejection of Trump Snap Back...

Jim W. Dean - I will close my missive with the old saying, "With friends like this, who needs enemies?"

NEO – Implications of Trump’s ‘Snap Back’ fiasco

Jim W. Dean - A quadruple play battle for a shift of power is on the line besides the presidential race.

US plans to snap back Iran sanctions opposed

Jim W. Dean - It's do or die on November 3rd, and that might all hinge on Israel's skills at vote flipping the booths, or doing their magic of altering the vote tallies being sent in.

NEO – Turkey strengthens its position in Libya

Turkey is in Libya with both feet, one on the sand and one in the Mediterranean where it is claiming vast oil and gas drilling rights, with warships currently sailing with exploration drilling rigs. Erdogan asked no one's permission, and NATO has been silent on the issue.

US Unipolarism goes down in flames with UN vote, but the...

Jim W. Dean - The make believe country, the Dominican Republic, stood with the US for whatever it usually gets paid to do so.

NEO – Unipolar US objects to China’s objecting to US policy

Jim W. Dean - A blind person can now see that unipolarism is isolating the US and pushing everyone else toward a group defense

US Unipolarism rejected at UN Security Council on JCPOA

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tells the UN Security Council (UNSC) that the United States is an “outlaw bully” that the world body should not surrender to

Britain, France and German reject US call to ban Iran weapons...

Jim W. Dean - VT has published a dozen times that the former prime minister of Qatar on the Charlie Rose show stated that the US coalition had spend $160 billion arming and training militant and terrorist proxies to deploy in Syria and Iraq, and frankly anywhere else it wants to.