Iran envoy implies US failed to forge consensus for anti-Iran resolution at UNSC

…from PressTV, Iran

[ Editor’s Note: The US frustration over pushback against its unipolar foreign policy has Sec. of State Pompeo at his wits end, with a twist of election year theatrics. He knows that Russia and China will veto a formal UNSC vote to sanction Iran.

Left out of the news reporting was that Britain, France and Germany have rejected the US position, continuing to insist that the JCPOA be fully implement, but Pompeo’s ‘Trump’ card there was to claim that, even though the US left the JCPOA, it will trigger its ‘snapback’ sanctions option, a privilege only for those remaining in the deal. You just can’t make this stuff up.

As usual, Pompeo claims Iran is the world bogeyman of terrorism, when just for openers, VT has published a dozen times that the former prime minister of Qatar on the Charlie Rose show stated that the US coalition had spend $160 billion arming and training militant and terrorist proxies to deploy in Syria and Iraq, and frankly anywhere else it wants to.

Pankisi Gorge

VT has long published on the various ‘weapons for terrorists’ rat lines run of out Georgia, Ukraine and the Balkans countries, and Jeffrey Silverman reported for years on the US support of the Chechen Muslim terrorist camps in the Pankisi Gorge area of NE Georgia. This was all widely known inside the Intel community and out.

And then during the anti-terrorist ‘lockdown’ with huge screening on foreign travel, the Chinese Uyghurs had zero problems flying into Turkey and crossing into Syria by the thousands, even bringing their families with them.

If Mr. Pompeo would like to debate VT on these issues, he has a standing offer. The only rules are he only gets half the time for the two hour debate, there can be no editing, and VT will have his permission in advance to publish the whole thing.

So far, no one with a reputation to loose has wanted to do this. It has been a huge disappointment to us. Life is so unfairJim W. Dean ]

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Unfortunately for Trump, these people who spent five years making the JCPOA deal are not happy with what Trump did

– First published … June 25, 2020

Iran’s permanent ambassador to the United Nations has implied that the United States failed to garner support for its anti-Iran resolution at the United Nations Security Council, which was meant to extend an existing arms embargo on the Islamic Republic.

Majid Takht Ravanchi made the remarks in a Thursday tweet just a day after the US briefed the UN Security Council on a resolution, which called for a 2015 arms embargo against Iran to be extended.

The US resolution, in which Iran has been blamed for a 2019 attack on Saudi oil facilities, claimed that lifting the arms embargo could have “major implications” for security and stability of the Middle East region, urging the UN body to “prohibit the supply, sale or transfer, direct or indirect … of weapons and related materials” to Iran.

“Yesterday, US briefed #UNSC on the extension of arms embargo on Iran and called for Council’s unity,” the Iranian ambassador said in his tweet.

Takht Ravanchi, however, added that in a later report released by the US State Department, the American side made no mention of how members of the Security Council reacted to Washington’s anti-Tehran resolution.

“Perhaps reason was their UNANIMOUS call for full implementation of #JCPOA & UNSCR 2231,” he concluded.

The US attempt to extend the arms embargo against Iran was part of Washington’s so-called “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran.

France, the UK and Germany — all signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, which is officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) — argued against lifting the arms embargo against Tehran, refuting the US claims.

On Wednesday, foreign ministers of Iran and China voiced their strong opposition to bullying practices of the US and its policy of unilateralism, throwing their outright support behind multilateralism and principles of international law.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, made the remarks in a video-conference, during which the Chinese top diplomat opposed any attempt to change the terms of the JCPOA and UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which endorses the accord.

He also reiterated that the United States “has no right” to resort to the mechanisms enshrined in the JCPOA to achieve certain goals after its withdrawal from the deal.


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  1. Slowly, but surely, the US will realise that its laughable dream of world domination was only that ….a dream. The only plausible way that could have been accomplished was through benevolence and altruism, something the US lacked from its very rancid beginning. Perhaps their is still time to change, but the ethical intelligence and moral character is absent from any of their so called diplomats or politicans. The recent revolt has been controlled and manipulated and has put the “peasants” back firmly where they’re supposed to belong. I believe that an armed uprising against the upper 1% and their paid lackeys in government and judicary is the only way for real and substantive change.

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