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The Democratic Party, Now the Leading Party of War

"Since the Vietnam era, Americans have come to expect antiwar rhetoric from liberal Democrats. Cancel that."

Lessons from Vietnam for Ukraine

Ukrainians have become cannon fodder for the US geopolitical goals, just as the South Vietnamese were.

Where Are The Anti-War Hippies When We Need Them?

Millions of common everyday hippies were genuinely pro-peace and anti-war for the right reasons.

NEO – US vs. China: Where does Vietnam stand?

Jim W. Dean - Everyone will be playing everyone else in this game to make some major money and not get burned in the process.

Dissident novelist Philip Kraske on “Legacy of Chains” (on US POWs...

Would the US government really condemn 600 American prisoners of war to forced labor and slow death in captivity just to avoid paying a couple of billion dollars ransom to Hanoi?

Book Review: Inhuman

A forgotten evil lurks in Vietnam's dark jungle

Putting the Pieces Together, an Intel Drop

The world has a rare opportunity. Use this time as if it were platinum. Watch the rats.

NEO: America’s Military, Murdered or Murderers?

There is no monument for the one million unreported 'killed in after action' from the Vietnam war on the West Point campus, Pentagon lawn, or a Veterans' cemetery any where.

The Tremendous but ‘Secret’ Success of Socialist Vietnam

Vietnam has become one of the most comfortable countries in Asia and a place where millions of Westerners would love to live.

“Dien Bien Phu” by Linh Dinh

Mr. Vinh served in the elite 308th Infantry Division, which was as much a curse as an honor, for General Giap routinely assigned to it some of the deadliest missions...

Dr. Najm Al Hamad (in Arabic) on America’s New “Caesar Law”

Politically the aim of this law is regime change via serve economic sanctions that first and foremost target the people of Syria.