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NEO: Will Algeria Increase Gas Supplies to Europe?

The US has famously decided to help Europe get rid of the burden of the allegedly high price of Russian gas and find alternative sources of gas supply. And here Washington recalled earlier information about an allegedly explored 5 trillion cubic meters of gas in Algeria.

US and Israel Oppose Rapprochement of UAE and Iran

Jim W. Dean - Dubai has skillfully executed a shift to ease Gulf tensions even while the Yemen war rages on.

NEO – Erdogan Pursues a Broad Coalition in Asia

Jim W. Dean - For anyone wanting to do business with Erdogan, I would wish them luck and advise them to stash some emergency money.

NEO – Turkey enhancing ties with Israel

Jim W. Dean - VT has known for a long time that Idlib has a lot of oil, part of a formation that comes ashore from the Mediterranean, which would give Syria the rights to it.

NEO – The realities and prospects involved in Turkey’s expansion in...

Jim W. Dean - I will predict that anyone teaming up with crooked Erdogan will end up similar to those who might have thought hooking up with deeply flawed Trump was the key to a guaranteed seat at the unipolar sharing of the loot.