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“Western Weapons could end up in Criminals Hands”. Interpol issues Ukrainian...

The weapons that Washington and its allies send to Kiev are likely to end up in the global black market, Interpol Secretary General Juergen Stock said on Wednesday.

The Washington Blob: Its Blind Arrogance May Lead to War with...

The Washington foreign policy elite, aka the Blob, hates nothing more than dissent from the conventional wisdom that the US must always do more, ever more, in the world.

Ron Paul: Is Washington Fighting Russia Down to the Last...

The constant flow of US and allied weapons into Ukraine and talk of supporting an extended insurgency does not seem designed to give Ukraine a victory on the battlefield but rather to hand Russia what Secretary of State Blinken called “a strategic defeat.”

No, Russia is not plotting a false flag attack on Ukraine

When President Biden’s administration was asked for evidence to back up dramatic claims about national security developments this past week, it demurred with a simple rejoinder: You’ll have to trust us on that.

Trump’s Relationship with the Occult layout of Washington, DC

Debauched DC worships the Dome (ancient structural representation of the womb of Isis) and the Obelisk (ancient representation of the erect male phallus of Osiris)….”

Been through Hell and High water but nothing like this, says...

FBI Portland -- "Reports that extremists are setting fires in Oregon are untrue."

Math is racist!

Gutierrez wants to keep minority students under her rule and dictatorship. She wants to manipulate naïve students so that they cannot think through serious issues.