Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes: US indirectly worked with al-Nusra and al-Qaeda


Did US officials and the Pentagon know what they were doing when they armed the so-called rebels or “moderates”?

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications for Barack Obama, has unintentionally dropped the political bomb by saying indirectly that the Syrian rebels indeed had contacts with Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra. He said:

“What’s strange is, I met with the Syrian opposition, and often they would argue that we should work with al-Nusra, who we know is Al Qaeda. And I’m sympathetic if you’re in a neighborhood where al-Nusra is defending you against Assad. You want us to work with them. But let’s say a U.S. president does that, and then al-Nusra is using weapons that we gave them against us. That’s something you never recover from, right?”[1]

Rhodes seems to be saying that the US did not eventually work with Al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda. But by dropping this political statement Rhodes inexorably ended up admitting that the Syrian rebels and al-Nusra had indeed a kindred spirit and that their one goal was to overthrow the Assad government from power.

Even if we grant Rhodes the ridiculous idea that the US never worked with Al-Nusra, the fact that the Syrian rebels asked the US to work with Al-Nusra is a devastating blow on the New World Order in Syria itself.

From a theoretical point of view, there was no way for the US to stop the Syrian rebels from fraternizing with Al-Nusra precisely because both entities militarily had vowed to fight Assad by any means, including accusing Assad of using chemical weapons on his own people. In fact, it was widely reported that “Syrian rebels pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda.”[2]

Now Rhodes is not that stupid. Common sense tells him that if the US happens to support the so-called Syrian rebels, then the weapons would inevitably fall into the hands of Al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda precisely because they are close friends.

In fact, US weapons did fall into the hands of those terrorist cells.[3] And the rebels themselves made it very clear that they wouldn’t fight al-Nusra.[4]

This was one the points that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard tried to bring to the table, and the Obama administration didn’t seem to pay much attention at all largely because they were essentially following the Israelis, who made it very clear that they would prefer terrorist organizations in Syria over Assad.


So, did US officials and the Pentagon know what they were doing when they armed the so-called rebels or “moderates”? Of course. Rhodes indirectly delivers something again that essentially ruins the political hermeneutic of the New World Order. Politico has said:

“Rhodes has referred to the Washington foreign policy establishment as ‘The Blob,’ ruled by groupthink and unwilling, even as it criticized Obama’s policies, to reckon with its own responsibility for global problems.”[5]

Well, who are the members of the “groupthink”? Rhodes did not tell us. But from a scholarly standpoint, we know who they are. The Syrian war was driven by the Neoconservative ideology,[6] which is a Jewish political and subversive movement.[7]

I call it the Neo-Bolshevik ideology because there is no metaphysical difference between Bolshevism and Neoconservatism. Their approach is somewhat different, but the substance is the same: a frontal assault on the moral and political order through perpetual wars and deceptions.

In fact, Neocon academic Francis Fukuyama has indirectly pointed out that Neoconservatism is ideologically a continuation of Leninism and Stalinism.

“The roots of neoconservatism,” Fukuyama wrote in the New York Times back in 2006, “lie in a remarkable group of largely Jewish intellectuals who attended City College of New York (C.C.N.Y.) in the mid- to late 1930’s and early 1940’s, a group that included Irving Kristol, Daniel Bell, Irving Howe, Nathan Glazer and, a bit later, Daniel Patrick Moynihan… It is not an accident that many in the C.C.N.Y. group started out as Trotskyites.”[8]

Those former Trotskyites turned out to be more dangerous than Trotsky himself because they ended up plundering and destroying much of the Middle East in the name of “democracy” and “freedom.”

Moreover, they sent a six-trillion-dollar bill not to their sons and daughters but to the average American. Those Americans are still struggling to put food on the table, and now they realize that they have to carry a six-trillion dollar bill on their shoulders.

More importantly, the Neo-Bolsheviks are still trying to get their greedy and thirty hands in Washington for Israel, a country that has been instrumental in destabilizing the Middle East and perpetuating lies and fabrications in the name of self-defense. How else would the US drop at least 26,171 bombs in 2016 alone[9] and then turn around and lecture other countries about bullying?


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