TRUTH JIHAD Christmas special! Mazin Qumsiyeh reports from Jesus’s birthplace, Sander Hicks on his pro-truth run for Congress


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Two of Truth Jihad Radio’s favorite Christians – Palestinian-American professor Mazin Qumsiyeh and New York congressional candidate Sander Hicks – follow in the footsteps of Jesus and all the prophets (peace upon them) by standing courageously for truth and justice.

First 20 minutes: Professor Mazin Qumsiyehteaches science at Bethlehem University, where he is a witness to the Zionist theft of Christmas. In this interview we discuss the ongoing protests over Trump’s Jerusalem fiasco, as well as the recent atrocities by the Israeli army, as described by Richard Silverstein:

Israeli soldiers invaded the village of Nabi Saleh (actually, they invaded her back yard, after shooting her cousin in the face! -KB) and were met with the angry protests of a 16-year-old Palestinian girl, Ahed al Tamimi. When the soldiers touched her, she fought back. She screamed at them not to touch her, and then she hit them with her hand and kicked them with her foot…Israeli “education” minister Naftali Bennett said that little Ahed should be sent to prison for life. Michael Oren the “esteemed” professor of Jewish history, said that Ahed’s family was “not a real family.”…Earlier yesterday at 4 AM., Israeli troops invaded her village and assaulted her home. They snatched her from her family, handcuffed her, and hustled her away into a waiting vehicle where she was manhandled. (Several days later, as of this posting, she has not been released.)

The second bad day for the IDF was during the Gaza protests against the Jerusalem declaration, when Gazans approached the fence with Israel waving Palestinian flags. Among the demonstrators was Ibrahim Abu Thurayyah. He was a double-amputee who lost his legs in a 2008 Israeli missile attack. Despite his disability, he insisted at being in the front lines of every protest, including the one that day. There he was in a wheelchair waving his flag. Just then, an Israeli sniper bullet tore through his brain, killing him instantly. A clean shot, a good kill. The authorities, who always investigate these incidents to ensure they’re kosher, found the killer operated within organization ethical guidelines.

Final 40 minutes: Sander Hicks discusses his run for Congress. Unlike most candidates he is actually talking about important issues!

Here are Sander’s Top Ten Positive Action Proposals:

  • Let’s start a public interest venture capital bank – that will directly fund new ventures in the public interest. Let’s support small business and open up opportunities for capital, networking, and growth. [Read more on this here.]
  • Healthcare: Free Medicaid for All. Period.
  • Impeach Trump – Before he starts a nuclear war on a whim, or a Tweet.
  • Audit the Defense Department Budget – We are wasting money on a Pentagon budget that is grossly over-funded, non-transparent, secretive, and unaudited. Congress recently proposed a defense budget of $640 billion, which was $37 billion more than what President Trump proposed. We need to look at some of the top most wasteful programs, such as these.
  • Let’s make peace. End Islamaphobia in US Foreign Policy: Stop targeting Shi’ia Muslims and threatening Iran in the Middle East.
  • Declare that Peace is Possible in the Middle East and Israel: Form a Middle East Peace-making team in the name of interfaith organizing, using the three major world religions that emerged from these lands: Judiasim, Christianity and Islam.
  • Let’s stop helping the Saudi monarchy starve the people of Yemen. Our US Air Force planes are currently re-fueling Saudi jets which bomb the cranes that are attempting to bring in humanitarian aid in the form of food and medicines to a decimated population.
  • Let’s support the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, an important new organization, currently filing a Petition for a Grand Jury in Federal Court in NY, asking for a Grand Jury investigation into 9/11. And yes, this IS a way to break with business as usual – a US Foreign Policy that kow-tows to the wishes of the Saudi Royals, the Israeli Likudniks, and the far-right political establishment in the USA.
  • Integrate refugees – not only should the USA continue to be a home for refugees from across the world, we should work harder on integrating the skills they have and help to integrate them into the information-age economy.
  • Investigate Bush/Bandar – President Obama released the “28 Pages” which were the secret financial documents of the 9/11 attacks. They implicate Bush’s friend, Saudi Prince Bandar, in being involved in financial support of 9/11 terrorists Khalid Al-Mihdhar and Nawaf Al-Hazmi. This issue is hot, having been covered by 60 Minutes, and having inspired the JASTA legislation which was passed by Congress last Summer, over Obama’s veto.


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