The Ruling Cabal’s habitual use of government assets to oppress and lie

The Ruling Cabal runs a secret invisible government and uses its vast USG assets to oppress We the People and truth itself.


… by  Preston James

The Ruling Cabal uses USG law enforcement agencies, Intel agencies, and the many other agencies of the USG to oppress We The People and to oppress truth. This is all done in order to protect their own interests instead of ours as is their Constitutional mandate.

The Cabal does all this unconstitutionally and in abject violation of the thousands of Federal Laws they conceived themselves and paid their cutouts in Congress to pass.

The Cabal has been deploying false-flag terror to militarize the American police so that they can be used to oppress We The People and generate massive societal chaos and distrust of authority. This is part of their age old plan to destroy the American Constitutional Republic.

No greater hypocrisy ever existed. This massive collection of federal law makes it easy for them to indict anyone at almost any time, but they are exempt from these laws due to their powerful control of the agencies that enforce these laws.

Most federal grand juries are cherry-picked to be easily manipulated by crooked US Attorney prosecutors they could indict a grapefruit.

Of course, no judge ever informs any jury about their Constitutional right to declare a defendant innocent if they believe the law is unjust or unconstitutional or allows anyone to pass leaflets declaring such outside the courthouse on public sidewalks.

The City of London is a separate nation-state inside London, a business center about 1 square mile in area.

The USA was transformed into a corporation in 1887 and all judges are actually corporate enforcers of corporate law whether they realize it or not.

In 1933 the USA, Inc. was declared bankrupt and the assets of all US citizens were declared collateral on the debt transforming us into chattel of the Cabal. US Attorneys are licensed under British Barrister Law and operate as extensions of the City of London whether they know it or not.

American licensed attorneys carry the title Esquire after their name which is illegal according to the US Constitution.

Widespread, massive oppression of We The People by the Cabal using USG assets.

This widespread, massive oppression of We The People by the Cabal includes the oppression of whistle-blowers, dissonants, truth-tellers and anyone they deem to have become or could become an obstruction to the implementation of their Luciferian Globalist NWO Plan.

The Cabal’s long-term Globalist NWO Luciferian agenda.

The Ruling Cabal has now activated its long-term Globalist NWO Luciferian agenda to reduce the earth’s population of humans by 90%, and has deployed hundreds of soft-kill and hard-kill programs to do so.

The final stage of their Globalist NWO plan involves the complete elimination of humans, with the substitution of their own manufactured mechanical/biological androids with their own implanted memories.

They believe this will allow them to live forever. Certainly, this is one of the greatest if not the greatest mass delusions ever adopted by a large criminal group, in this case the head of the “Pyramid of Power” also known as the 13 families, the Illuminati, the Old Black Nobility, the Babylonian Talmudics or the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM).

Hard kill means are engineered weather disasters using high tech secret means known since at least 1950, and the engineering of perpetual wars with high death counts and lots of wounded and disabled.

Hard-kill methods include engineered perpetual wars and the targeting of US Soldiers with the radiation scatter from depleted uranium weapons to make them sick, to commit suicide in mass. DU also destroys their genetic heritage and cripples America’s ability to defend itself. Soft-kill methods include secret bio warfare to keep lots of folks sick with colds and flu to keep cold remedy sales high and this becomes hard-kill for many especially including geriatrics, reducing their population significantly. 

Top secret very sophisticated mind-kontrol and chemical/biological control systems have been deployed against American soldiers deployed to the Mideast to create approximately 22 suicides a day after returning home.

These means included purposefully contaminated, experimental vaccines given to our troops, exposure to DU, and very sophisticated remote entrainment by psychotronics designed to produce suicidal unremitting ideation.

Order out of chaos–The Cabal’s motto

As the Cabal creates chaos, war, mass death, mass suffering and loss and hell on earth and through very crafty means, it is able to convert these problems to more and more money and power for themselves and their cutouts.

The Cabal creates social and environmental problems so big that they can easily convince the public that only the government has the means to resolve them.

The most evil practices of the Cabal include engineered mass-death by staged wars, and their ritualistic satanic black mass pedophilia, torture, sacrifice and cannibalism of infants and young children. Pizzagate is all true and is just the tip of the iceberg of a worldwide pedogate run by the Cabal.

Hollywood is run by the “Gay Mafia” according to insiders and some of the richest most popular producers rape young actors at gunpoint and threaten to kill their families if they talk. Undeniable facts are now being revealed to the public repetitively and these disclosures cannot be stopped and will themselves result in many of the high and mighty falling.

Millions are displaced from their ancestral lands through engineered wars and other complex covert means, all done to restructure European societies into one that has been “Globalized”. Destroying every nation’s borders, culture and language is an absolute necessity if the Cabal is to be able to attain its Globalist NWO Luciferian system.

Cabal deployment of soft-kill and hard-kill operations to “thin the human herd”.

Pilots and former military have come forth and gone public that the USG is using various black op deniable entities to use specially equipped aircraft to spray toxic chemicals into the sky

Many of the soft-kill methods used to “thin the herd” are top secret high technology such as contaminated vaccines.

One now well documented example of this is the polio vaccine and many other vaccines which also contain the SV40 monkey virus. SV40 is now known to be a precursor for about 40% of the soft-tissue cancers according to some top pathologists.

Recently numerous physicians and medical researchers have discovered that a very powerful toxic cancer-causing substance (Nagalese) has been added to vaccines and foods to create a lot of different types of cancers.

These doctors also discovered an antagonist that quickly stops the cancer. News reports suggest that every one of these doctors has been arkencided or murdered in obviously suspicious circumstances. Perhaps these hit-teams are deployed to protect the cancer industry and Big Pharma?

Ethyl Mercury, one of the most neurotoxic substances known to man is still present in many vaccines and is not needed, present only as a manufacturing convenience and to dumb-down young children, like Fluoride added to the water and present in many processed foods and in most toothpaste.

A peer reviewed study from a top university out east showed that on average Fluoride in the water reduced IQ in children at least 8 points. Note that I am not anti-vaccine, but am against the use of contaminated vaccines and needless, excessive vaccination which is the current practice.

Two vaccines which are needed are the Tetanus vaccine (without pertussis, a dangerous vaccine in the American version) and Rabies vaccine, both real life savers. Some wholistic doctors claim that taking large doses of vitamin C before and after a single vaccination can pull out most of the needless contaminants, but each person needs to research this.

It has been reported from insiders who became whistle-blowers that various quite sophisticated top secret psychotronic means have also been deployed to soft-kill and even hard-kill (such as the Venus gun allegedly used to murder Andrew Breitbart).

These advanced highly sophisticated psychotronic devices can and are also often used to torture, oppress and punish whistle-blowers and anyone believed to be a current threat or a likely future threat. This is not rumor and is now well documented fact with many witnesses. I have personally swept homes of some victims and found exceedingly high levels of targeted EMF present.

The classic book on the real reasons for war by two-time medal of honor winner General Smedley Butler

How does the Cabal profit from the wars and chaos which they engineer?

About 66 Cabal families own the largest blocks of stocks in the defense industry and COL franchise Banking which makes huge profits off of wars that the Cabal orders its Intel cutouts to create.

The Cabal creates an unending stream of international and national threats so large that supposedly only they have the size and power to resolve them.

Their main source of income is the massive profits their corporations make “solving” the very problems they spent years before creating. But of course they claim that only they can resolve them and that they need We The People to give up more and more rights and provide more and more tax money.

How’s that for a self-perpetuating racket? That is why Israel and the CIA created their secret mercenary army ISIS et al, with the Saudi’s paying for most of it. Now that ISIS has been defeated, the first major defeat of the CIA since the Bay of Pigs and the first major defeat for the Likudists ever, the Ruling Cabal (aka RKM) seems to be under direct fire itself for the very first time by the rest of the world.

How did the USA ever get into this mess where our federal government and its agencies and assets were hijacked by the large secret Ruling Cabal and turned against us, declaring a secret war of the USG against We The People?

The visible US government which is located in the District of Columbia is ceremonial only.

The real power that runs the USG lies in the invisible government, best called the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

And in recent years deep state researchers have come to know for certain that the SSG is actually run by the world’s largest organized crime cabal run out of the City of London.

Insiders call this massive but subterranean organized crime cabal the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM), and many call it the International Banksters. Those on the inside of the Cabal or at its periphery call it the Money-changers.

Long ago, in 1913 the USG was hijacked by the City of London (COL) private central Fiat Banksters who seized control of our monetary system.

These COL Banksters removed the use of real Constitutional money backed by Gold and Silver and substituted their FIAT debt-notes to lend us citizen peons to use at pernicious usury (rates set by them), all the while pretending it was real Constitutional money.

An officially designated pirate base, private nation-state with its own diplomats, just like Washington DC and the Vatican. king free.

These COL Banksters could create any amount of money they needed at will through various simple to complex hidden means, charge it all back to US Citizen taxpayers as loans to them an charge them interest on that money “unknowing borrowed”.

This unlimited ability to create any amount of money needed and spend it any way they want allowed these COL Banksters to get complete control over all the US mainstream media.

hey were thus able to consolidate and transform American Major Mass Media into an illegal News and Media Cartel comprised of six international Media Corporations which these Banksters completely control.

Why hasn’t the US Congress put a stop to this world’s largest financial fraud, the Federal Reserve System (FRS) which is a for profit, private corporate franchise of the City of London and is no more federal than Federal Express?

The answer is quite simple. The FRS serves as an unlimited elastic checkbook for the US Congress. It allows members of Congress to spend whatever they want to please the special interests who give them massive campaign funds for re-election, provides lucrative board positions, speaking arrangements with fat honorariums, and often large and very secret “set aside allocations” in numbered accounts in Caribbean offshore banks. Most members of Congress come in with modest means and leave as multi-millionaires.

What are they selling for such massive gains while claiming to serve the US citizen? They are serving and selling services to special interests while lying through their teeth to their constituents and pretending to serve them.

Members of the US Congress are a pack of lying, bought-off sociopathic secret criminals who have sold out their country for mammon and violated RICO, espionage laws and many others at will, with no exposure or accountability.

How could this be so you might ask? First it is important to note that every member of Congress (except one, Representative Walter Jones) has signed the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel, agreeing to place the interests of Israel first even before the interests of the USA. Folks, this is treason and secret espionage against America.

Representative Cynthia McKinney fully exposed this after she refused to sign this treasonous AIPAC agreement and paid the price by being illegally prevented from winning her next election. She was illegally redistricted out of her area and her opponent was given vast funds, making it impossible for her to win.

Draining the Swamp?

Thanks to the worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, the swamp is being exposed and many corrupt, evil, pedophile, satanic politicians and insiders are now being dethroned.

The FBI is now being exposed for the criminal, treasonous enterprise it always was. Insiders have always known that the FBI’s job was to protect banks and Banksters and covering up Cabal crimes and the Satanic Pedophile Network while putting on a fake but appealing public image.

And the CIA is now being fully exposed as an evil rogue action-agent of the Ruling Cabal, that continually evokes “national security” as a false cloak to cover their unimaginable evils and engineering of foreign terror and staged wars. More and more folks learn everyday that the CIA set up and runs the drug cartels in South America and is the world’s largest drug trafficker, all done to raise “off the books” money for black ops and buying influence from politicians.

Like many lower level FBI agents, most CIA employees know none of this and have mundane Intel collection jobs. It is the evil Directorate of Operations that does these unimaginably evil crimes, like its assassination of JFK, RFK and MLK and working with Israel and Saudi Arabia to set up their private mercenary army called ISIS.

Insiders have always known that the FBI Division 5 has always secretly set up and run all US domestic terror ops, creating the need for massive new USG expenditures and the unconstitutional taking of more and more of the rights of We The People.


Historically the Ruling Cabal (the RKM) has just been too powerful to defeat. Now thanks to the Internet (best referred to as the New Gutenberg Press) and thousands of insiders who are coming clean and becoming whistle-blowers, the Cabal is now under attack on many fronts in a very powerful information war against them.

This New Gutenberg Press has caused massive populism to emerge inside America and other nations too and is now unremitting and itself is forming a new counterattack on the Ruling Cabal.

This new counter attack on the Cabal is also aided by break-away groups that run the Russian Federation, China and many of their new trade partners and defense allies.

But the most powerful and important part of the attack against the Cabal at all levels is now coming from a certain deep-black faction in the Secret Space War Program that is both unaccountable and unacknowledged even within the defense contractor it is located within.

The Satanic Ruling Cabal has no specific knowledge of what this deep-black faction is, who comprises it or the incredible technology it has now deployed against the Cabal.

This deep-black faction has gained the technology to access all hard-drives, on or off, can eavesdrop using electrical wiring, windows or nothing at all but remote sensing devices, many space-based. Essentially, there is no longer going to be anymore secrecy at all.

This deep-black cell has the ability to access and deploy all secrets to bring down any Cabal member they want and can easily use such means to coerce any Major Mass Media magnate to publish any story they want, and can quite easily now manipulate any member of Congress, the USG, or any corporation to resign when ordered to do so.

Now ponder this reality. The Cabal has traditionally used the USG and its agencies that it hijacked as tools to coerce, abuse, punish and oppress We The People at will and to suppress all truth. In reality the Cabal has been fighting a secret war against We The People and all humans by deploying the USG assets it has hijacked and now controls.

Paradoxically, right now the Cabal itself is being covertly attacked by a far more powerful technologically superior force that they cannot identify or protect themselves against. This is called by some “Cosmic Justice” or “what goes around comes around back at you”. Some just call it “bad Karma”.

Yes, in this case what goes around has come around, back at these evil Ruling Cabal perps who are now outclassed on many fronts by a secret enemy they do not know and one they cannot understand. Stay tuned and watch the “high and mighty” fall one by one.

The Democratic party is now being destroyed and will never recover. After a while the Republican party too will be destroyed and will never recover. What will replace these parties?

Best guess is that it will be a new populist party filled with folks that are sick and tired of the USG being used as a cash trough to feed the DC special interests; tired of the USG and its agencies being used to oppress We The People, while continually violating the US Constitution and the very laws itself created and passed.

If you want to learn more about what is likely behind this new form of Justice and where it is all going, do some research on the history of the Gutenberg Press, how the Internet is the New Gutenberg Press, and the coming new Cosmic Fascism which I have predicted is now on the way.



The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism (Part I)

The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism (Part II)

The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism (Part III)





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  1. thanks for another spot on article.

    The NSA data was collected on everyone…

    and can be used by the good guys to bring down the deep state.

    things turning around a bit, and with
    13k + indictments, the pedophiles, satan worshippers
    and child sacrificers will hopefully get sent to GTMO soon

    • Rothschilds just sold a “ranch” the size of New York.

      Probably used for their “hunts” and sacrificial offerings to satan.

      Are they running out of fiat currency and need to liquidate assets?

  2. Thank you, Preston. Another excellent article, as usual.

    “…all US citizens were declared collateral on the debt transforming us into chattel of the Cabal.”

    “While boasting of noble deeds, we are careful to conceal the ugly fact that by an iniquitous money system we have nationalized a system of oppression which, though more refined, is no-less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery.” 
Horace Greeley

  3. Good post. The truly remarkable thing about the present situation is that the massive surveillance technologies deployed by the Deep State to oppress We The People has now been turned upon them to reveal all their evil secrets. And this is being done by a small deep-black group that that has released their evil secrets at strategic times to keep them off-base so they cannot stop this process. The Deep State folks who are now targeted for full exposure and displacement of power do not know who this deep-black opponent is, do not understand their ability to end all secrecy and are so confused they do not know what to do. This is a great example of “all your evil that goes around, comes around back at you”. This is Cosmic Justice.

  4. The late Fred Klenner, M.D. (1907-1984) cured all viral diseases up to polio with high dose vitamin C given mainly by needle. No one should attempt this on their own and of course the criminals in Big Pharma have made is almost impossible to purchase safe ampules for injection as they and their cronies in the FDA have obstructed his work for decades.
    Klenner even cured poisonous snake bites cheaply, quickly and safely with high dose Vitamin C by injection. Taken by mouth it leaves the body in about 2 hours so one cannot get a high enough concentration in the blood. He gave it intravenously or intramuscularly. It is quicker, safer, cheaper and superior to the approved anti venom the only approved treatment by the corrupt FDA. Read the 1971 article above; he covers all this there.

  5. It does not look like cosmic fascism will be a long term positive for the US anymore than the European arrival in the new world was for the aboriginal peoples.

  6. Great article, thank you. What especially piqued my interest was the info that a large dose of vitamin C both before and after a vaccination can help the body flush out the most toxic ingredients. Parents living in California, New York, Australia and many other parts of the US (and the world) are having a very tough time refusing to have their kids vaccinated. Back in the 1960’s kids needed just one vaccination in order to start school – the small pox vaccine. Now young children are expected to have about 45 vaccinations by the time they are 4 years old – with many of the vaccinations starting in early infancy. If you can avoid vaccinating your children during infancy and early childhood, then fewer vaccines are recommended. I found a really good link, that was convincing to me, because the research was done with aboriginal children who were so deficient in vitamin C that many of them had scurvy. Vaccines were often fatal for these children, but the large doses of vitamin C before and after each vaccination really did help. Here’s the link:

    • There is one caveat when it comes to taking Vitamin C – many brands of vitamin C are made from GMO corn – luckily there are a few brands that do not have any GMO’s.

  7. Go to or search for Karen Hudes on Twitter so see that country debt is a scam. The banksters ow us more than we ow them. Over 2 Quadrillion in Treaty of Versaille Bonds against world wide country scam

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