US attack timing on Syria a diversion from Trump legal problems?

US Coalition attacks Damascus "facility"


by Jim W Dean, VT Editor

Update: The Pentagon this morning stated that none of its missiles were shot down, a bad joke which the Russian surveillance tracking of the firing positions and incoming tracking of the missiles should show, if they show it. JD

This is the Damascus strike

Editor’s Note: Press TV caught me on short notice to do their live coverage on the US attack on Syria, a pitiful abuse of America military power. But fortunately the attack seems to have been put on for show.

The US and British planes attacked three locations, which I can assure you Damascus knew were on the list, and had been evacuated for more than a week. Dunford explained how the targets had been chosen to avoid civilian casualties.

Mattis and Dunford also replied to press pool questions about concerns about “releasing chemical weapons” via a strike, and that for example the Scientific Research Center had been chosen to destroy its equipment and files. So we are to assume that if Syria had been doing chemical weapons research, it would not have made a back up copy?

Later when pressured by the press pool to be more specific about what chemicals the brass was talking about, they slipped up and mentioned chlorine, and “maybe” sarin. They goofed.

Chlorine does not require a Scientific Research Facility to make, as it has been around a long time. VT published the captured jihadi facility story in East Ghouta, which was a bare bones operation. The US coalition seems to have not minded its jihadi allies having and using chemical weapons. Imagine that.

Generals Dunford and Mattis

Dear Generals, The Syrians might have already moved their chlorine production to the jihadi facility the SAA captured in East Ghouta with US equipment, because frankly, the price was reasonable and that would be the last place you would look for it, right?

No mention was made of French planes flying, but the British Tornados were credited with the Homs area “precursors” depot. Color me suspicious, as the Tornados have the radar signature of a metal whale, so it would be difficult to get four of them through the Russian radar, even as the Syrian batteries would be shooting.

The big elephant in the room once again was what was Syria’s motive for using chemical weapons in the latest alleged attack? Neither the generals nor the press would touch that question, continuing the long marathon race not to.

My conclusion is that fortunately this attack was much to do about nothing, a fake attack about a fake gassing by three countries needing a nice diversion from their various domestic difficulties.

France has strikes rolling across the country; the British middle class is being reduced to serfdom; and Trump has a small army of lawyers handling his many problems, the latest with his personal attorney facing criminal charges.

The generals promised a more detailed briefing in the morning. They even made a parting joke before exiting, to beware the disinformation that would be coming out from the Syrian and Russians. You just can’t make this stuff up…JD ]

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“In response to the very serious situation in Syria, the following activities have been organised for SATURDAY 14TH APRIL 2018:

– Street stall/vigil at Bridgegate, Irvine: 10am – 11am – organised by Scottish CND and Ayrshire CND.

– Street stall/vigil at The Cross, Kilmarnock: 1130am – 1230pm – organised by Scottish CND and Ayrshire CND.

– Street stall/vigil on Debenhams, Argyle Street, Glasgow: 2pm – 3pm – organised by Scottish CND and Glasgow CND

– Protest in East End of Princess Street, Edinburgh: 1230pm – organised by Edinburgh Stop the War

Anyone interested is welcome to come.”

Sergei Skripal

ESAG = European Security Advocacy Group

“A group organized after 9/11 in the belief that terrorism is a constant and growing threat. More recent attacks in Madrid and Amsterdam have reinforced the need for our work.” “ESAG The European Security Advocacy Group was formed in direct response to severe increases in terrorism activities.”

Yulia Skripal


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  1. Putin understands everything. He’s probably having tea with Trump, Assad & Benji as we speak. “Putin has to understand” 😂🤣

  2. Trump bravado gives way to solemn speech on Syria airstrikes
    Trump’s speech: Video
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on U.S.-led missile strikes on Syria (all times local):
    8:30 a.m.
    A U.N. Security Council diplomat says the council will meet later Saturday at Russia’s request, following the U.S.-led airstrikes on Syria.
    Moscow has denounced the attack on its ally by the U.S., Britain and France. Russian President Vladimir Putin calls it an “act of aggression” that will only worsen the humanitarian crisis in Syria.
    The Security Council held emergency meetings this past week on the suspected poison gas attack last weekend in the rebel-controlled Damascus suburb of Douma.

    • President Donald Trump and his British and French allies say the airstrikes were necessary to deter Syria’s use of chemical weapons. Russia insists there’s no evidence that chemical weapons were used.
      A fact-finding team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is in Syria to investigate.

      Pentagon says mission accomplished with strikes
      Pentagon: Russian trolls spreading lies on Syria

  3. Puto ergo sum (Putin) Puta ergo sum (Trump)

    So when Liars (Macron), Lothario’s (Trump) and Lackey’s (May) come together to solve their problems with such finagling finesse to avoid a deserved backlash Putin can well sit back and enjoy a good breakfast and laugh. General Dunford gave them everything they asked for – an ego salving salvo of Tomahawk missiles that inflicted just a little more damage than an Independence Day fire-cracker in the Bronx or Queens. Pure Bollywood.

  4. You got to be kidding to make this kind of suggestion. If you want your column to be taken seriously stop this kind of idiotic propositions…..

    • …….because when we use the pseudonym “lonegunmen” , (to make a comment) we are actively pursuing credibility by maintaining only the highest standard of seriousness.

    • It is totally plausible that with the OPCW in Syria the US would have waited for it to collect evidence and submit a report. It is also plausible that the US might have wanted to get the strike done before it made its report, and then just make the case that it “disagreed” with their conclusions. Remember that the Pentagon and State Department did publicly mention that they took social media reports at face value in their conclusion that Assad did it it. Imagine that!

    • The OPCW has its credibility on the line. It either ponies up to the table or becomes a joke. Detection of a chlorine attack is not even really a high tech challenge. My undergrad work was in Chemical Engineering. If I had access to a gas concentrator, I could make a batch of this big enough to throw into a crowded cellar of refugees, block the door, and become a mass murderer.

  5. Not only for Trump but Bibi and the shooting of Palestinian protesters too. You can cover crimes only by creating much worse crimes, same with lies, covering w greater lies. And none is talking about crimes against children, sex scandals, church scandals anymore. Especially in GB.

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