Alan Sabrosky on censorship, Zionism & 9/11, and more

Plus: Tips on how anti-Zionist Resistance can win!


Jewish* ex-Marine Corps Sgt. Alan Sabrosky,  former Director of Studies of the Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute, came on my radio show in March 2010 to state that “9/11 was a Mossad operation, period.” Mentioning Alan’s name during the Q&A at public events can get you arrested, as Jeremy Rothe-Kushel found out the hard way:

Dennis Ross: Well, look, I don’t think that as a matter of policy, that the United States or Israel engage in acts of terror.  Terror is you target deliberately civilians for an expressed political purpose. The idea that Israel had something to do with 9/11 is just outrageous – they had nothing to do with it.

Rothe-Kushel: Tell that to the Marine, Alan Sabrosky.

Seconds later, Jeremy was manhandled and arrested by trained-in-Israel off-duty cops, who also roughed up librarian Steve Woolfolk. BREAKING NEWS: Jeremy just sued the culprits! 

What’s the connection between the 9/11 coup, the Zionist takeover of America, Israel’s preparations for launching a huge new war, and escalating censorship? Alan Sabrosky breaks it down…and offers a few strategic tips to the Resistance.


*”I express my Jewish ethnicity through cuisine, not foreign policy.” -Alan Sabrosky


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  1. Yes, your stupid comment about Judy Wood is removed, you must be a complete idiot to continue to keep pushing Judy Wood’s nonsense and we don’t have a place for such idiocy here.

  2. “The idea that Israel had something to do with 9/11 is just outrageous – they had nothing to do with it.”

    An honest and authentic investigation into the crime of 9/11 would leave Israel as the primary suspect. Who had the motive, the means and the opportunity to do this and what sort of things were out of place on that day? Was there evidence of prior knowledge of the attacks? Here’s a short list of some information that I’ve gathered over the years.

    Motive: By committing this crime against America and blaming it on their Arab allies, Israel dragged America into perpetual wars against Israel’s Arab enemies. Israel has a history of attempting similar things in the past. In 1954 Israel committed an false flag attack that became widely known as the Lavon Affair, where Israel hired Egyptian Jews to dress up like Arabs to bomb American and British diplomatic establishments, hoping to drag America and Britain to war against their Arab enemies. Then there’s the case in 1967 when Israeli warplanes bombed the USS Liberty reconnaissance ship in international waters with hopes of blaming it on Egypt so America would join Israel’s war against Egypt.

    • Well, there’s about 1/4 of the information I’m trying to share…The rest describes the means, the opportunity, things that were out of place and the ability to cover it up, but so far I can only get the motive to show up..

  3. Well, I tried to share a bunch of information on this comment section, but apparently unseen forces are preventing me from doing so. I’ll bet this comment shows up though…

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