Hacked/Censored: Israel’s Fatal Attack Part of Coverup of Their Role in Idlib Gas Attack Child Abductions (updating)

This story has been hit by repeated hacks, everything is being done to make sure you can't read this

Earlier photo from Idlib of White Helmets and kidnapped child, bloodily murdered for US/Israel/UK backed terror propaganda

 Introduction by the Senior Editor

From Haaretz moments ago:

The Syrian and Russian air forces and air-defense batteries work together, in joint operation rooms and air-traffic control centers. The Syrians use Russian-made aircraft and missiles. The Ilyushin would have been equipped with IFF (identification, friend or foe) transponders and both militaries will have procedures to prevent “friendly fire” incidents. A Syrian anti-aircraft missile, made in Russia, should not have shot down a friendly Russian aircraft.

We now have doubts contradicting Russia’s claim that the shoot down was accidental.  It is unlikely that a Syrian S200 would or could hit a Russian aircraft with IFF (Identify Friend/Foe) transponder, even if shadowed by Israeli F 16s.  This is Israel’s new version of events from Haaretz:

“Something was obviously going on Monday night. Not only Russian and (allegedly) Israeli and French aircraft and missiles were in the air. Civilian radar also tracked British Royal Air Force aircraft, which, unusually, had switched on their transponders and gone into holding patterns – most likely to avoid being somehow involved in the exchange of fire over Latakia. The Ilyushin Il-20 was not so fortunate.

The Russian statements were unusually detailed and quick to apportion blame – to the Syrians for actually shooting down their plane. And to Israel for “intentionally creating a dangerous situation” that allowed it to happen, and for warning them about the impending attack only “one minute” in advance.

Screen capture of Twitter video allegedly showing strike attributed to France and Israel in Syria, September 18, 2018

There is little reason to doubt the basic details. Israel likely carried out the airstrike (France’s involvement remains an intriguing and still undeciphered element); Russia was given advance warning (whether or not this was sufficient will remain the sticking point); and the Ilyushin plane was almost certainly caught in the line of fire of Syrian anti-aircraft missiles.”

We begin by giving one of the reasons for the Israeli attack.  Israel was caught, their security services inside Idlib, kidnapping children who were then murdered to film a fake gas attack to give Trump a rationale to start a war to save himself from Manfort’s testimony.

We then, last night, published a Vanessa Beeley article on the subject, she had just interview parents of one of the kids we now know the Israeli’s kidnapped.

One thing is clear, if Putin doesn’t punish France and Israel for murdering 14 Russians in a despicable ploy, he has put more than a few nails in his own coffin.  His opposition in Russia can’t help but watch him eat dirt over Israel over and over.

Now he is seemingly allowing France to “piss on Russia.”  Putin is playing with fire here and his normal settled and diplomatic manner has proven a total failure in dealing with Trump/Macron and Netanyahu.

Within hours of running the article, CloudFlare erased it from our servers and delisted it online.  So, I am running the Beeley article as a lead in here, then onto the Russia/Israel story.

Israeli planes hid themselves behind a Russian IL20 coming in for a landing in order to make a retaliatory strike on Syria.  The attack was in response to the Russia/Turkey/Syria agreement on Idlib which surgically removed the US from any role in the planned upcoming mass attack on Syria.

Israel has now made it clear, it joins the US and Britain in the recent gas attacks in Idlib that killed dozens, their temper tantrum, or rather Trump and Netanyahu’s temper tantrum, is that now, releasing their video, kidnapping and murdering children is a waste.

Our sources in Idlib, who traveled in as delivery drivers from Hatay, Turkey, have been tripping over Israeli “journalists” and “videographers” working hand in hand with the White Helmets and contractors for Britain’s MI 6.

Using British supplied poison gas and Israeli personnel, along with al Qaeda, all under the watchful eyes of Turkey’s security services, kids have been kidnapped and gassed while White Helmet terrorists drag their little bodies back and forth like rag dolls.

Earlier photo from Idlib of White Helmets and kidnapped child, bloodily murdered for US/Israel/UK backed terror propaganda

They are going to have to do it all over.  First from Vanessa Beeley, and then on to the attack itself:

Vanessa Beeley
Vanessa Beeley is an independent investigative journalist and photographer. She is associate editor at 21st Century Wire.
“Leave our children in peace. Let our children play, stop ‘playing’ with our children.” These are the words of a mother whose child was stolen and is being imprisoned in Idlib by terrorist groups and the White Helmets.

I met Wafaa at her home with her husband Mohammed Ibrahim and her two sons Hamza, 9, and Lotfe, 14. Both Wafaa and Mohammed are lawyers, they met while studying at the same university. Wafaa is strong, her expression is defiantly hopeful and optimistic despite fears for her kidnapped son, Ahmed, who is now 11.

Publicist for the White Helmets, Hollywood mogul, George Clooney

“Ahmed was born mute, he couldn’t speak,” she told me. “I believe this is why he was taken from us, because he cannot protest or resist.”

Ahmed was kidnapped by terrorist groups only 200 meters from his home one year ago. The location of their home will not be disclosed to protect the security of the family, but they know that Ahmed is now being held with other children in Idlib. The locations change regularly, according to information the family has received from friends and family still trapped inside Idlib.


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  1. It seems, we see the dawning of something new. Gordon is absolutely right in his statement about Putin’s total misjudgement But this is not by accident, it is by design – and that must be corrected by Russia, and I will add this IT WILL be corrected. It doesn’t matter any more, if Putin is part of this political change which is absolutely neccessary now.

    The US and Israel have done a fabulous job – sad to admit this – in encouraging the lower bulldogs France, England and now also Germany to strike against Russia with no consequences at all.

    Putin and Lawrow and Shogun had their time, but the conflicts loming need military experts (which no one of them is by profession). Good relation between Kreml’s politicians are not enough to establish a convincing strategy against these growing aggressions. In all this, the Israeli card is cruical, because – as it seems – they were directly involved in the downing.

  2. I’m curious what was reading on the crew scopes of the IL20, they were preparing to land, would they set down if they were tracking the F16’s, or there was a ground attack in progress North of them at the time?
    Were they low on fuel? Was the IL20 electronically decoyed as an F16 for the S200 strike? Did they have time to use counter measures?

    The IL20 is a surveillance bird, they would report anything they had radar contact showing verbally to the aircraft commander, wouldn’t they? Does Moscow have the recorded transmissions? Flight recorder to be retrieved?

    Stay tuned! Gordon has got this!

  3. This very well appears to be an Israeli false flag attempt to get the Russians to fire on the (NATO) French frigate to activate Article 5’s clause of NATO’s defending member nations!
    Although President Erdogan and Russian President Putin stepped back from the brink of WWIII, Israel has tried to pull off what appears to be false flag attempt by flying in over the French frigate and in the immediate vicinity of the IL-20 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces [VKS] that was attempting to land to launch an attack on the location area of Russian bases.
    The Israeli pilots used the Russian jet as cover and set it up to be targeted. It almost worked in what appears to be carried out to have the Russians hit the French frigate. Russian initial comments were that missiles had been fired from the French frigate.
    Claims have been made from both sides via the PM of Israel and the MOD of the Russian military.
    Is this not reminiscent of the USS Liberty that was attacked by Israeli AF false flag to bring in the US where US servicemen lost their lives after repeated attacks against the US Intel ship by the Israeli AF even after it had been identified as US ship?

    • Ironically at the same time of this attack US Rep. Amash made the announcement just as Monday’s evening’s massive Israeli strike on Syria was underway, which resulted in a downed Russian surveillance plane carrying 20 Russian airmen amidst the confusion of missiles flying over the Mediterranean.
      Congress Members Demand Trump Seek Approval Before Military Action In Syria

      While the Pentagon formally denied any US role in the strikes, it was an extremely dangerous situation with yet again the potential for serious escalation between Russia and the US and its allies.
      The letter was signed by a handful of Republicans including Thomas Massie, Mark Sanford, and Walter Jones, as well as 42 Democrats. It begins as follows:
      We write to strongly urge you to consult with and obtain authorization from Congress before ordering any additional U.S. military action in Syria. We are deeply concerned by recent reports indicating that your administration is preparing again to strike Syria in the event of another chemical weapons attack.

  4. Hard to say what is more amazing.

    Gordon Duff has to be at the top. That VT is still able to offer such reality without being, as Shillary would say…”Can’t we just drone him?” That such truth can still be served—that such intelligence can still be available to a freethinking audience! That the world allows such obvious evil as USrael designs for greater Israel to even happen. That Putin…well, with all the tools to obliterate this cartoon strip starring Beelzebub ripping gnawing at any brains still working—but wait. War is what the Lord of the Lies needs most, as always.

    Is it possible for a population so diminished by arrested human development to even recognize truth? Gordon Duff serves hot truth for us that are so hungry. Is Putin masterfully preparing to serve revenge the best way, cold?

    May you live in interesting times….

  5. It’s not often that you let your true feelings out, which is why I feel this is the beginning of something much bigger. Mr. Duff, your opinions have weight and substance. If only truth can vanquish malevolence.

  6. The Russian military will never get behind this one, no matter what containing policy the russian presidency adopts. What move could totally screw the Israelis after their killing spree?Could it be CSTO borders on Golan?If Syria and Greater Israel project wouldn’t conflict and overlap there would be a quiet sollution to this one. Who will be able to control Russian soldiers after this Israeli charade?Getting involved in Syria gets you involved into Syrian western occupiers, the Israelis. It is not Isis it is Israel all this time.

  7. As a Russian, i feel a heavy burden on my soul, my dear collegues on VT… All day i was working and checked-up the news about this “face punch”.. How long it can endure? What the hell is going on!? More Russians died not from bearded monkeys, but from involved jackals-western ” partners”. Experts in Russia divided. The first demand the restrictions and western blood, the second say: let us find out what it was. I, personaly, am angree. Putin is too kind. I’m fed up with it! 15 good guys are dead. F@ck the regrets and someone’s condolences. Eye for eye! Israel’s fault – punish! USA? -punish! France? What the hell the frog-eaters did there? I’m sorry, guys, i don’t wanna offend anybody. But this is too critical case. We are a superpower Russia, or we are polite paper tigers? My co-citizens are angry at Putin’s comments. And today all Russian social networks started global anti-jew campaign. People f@ck the israelites at every virtual corner and sites. The patience is over.
    Pardon. Thanks….

    • I think Putin played this one almost right. The only tool or weapon Israel and Jews have is victimhood. If Putin said one word against Israel, they would translate it, that Putin wants to wipe Israel out of the map, as happened to Ahmadinejad of Iran. That rises the oath western has given, that their only right to exist is to serve and defend the people of Israel. Now it seems that Putin neutralized that Anne Frankenstein. I’m no Putinist, but considering that the war is almost over.

    • France had planes in the air, with Israel. Why is Russia silent on this? Is any Russian press publishing on this?
      Why is it only in Israeli press?
      The French ship, where did it’s missiles go?

      When Israel joins with Britain and France and fails to communicate with a russia now seemingly cowardly to the rest of us………..

    • JL, perhaps you’re correct in that Putin does not want to see the gains that Syria has made erased by full scale war. Israel and US will continue to provoke. Killing children is nothing to the Criminal Insane monsters ruling us. Putin tip toes while walking on coals. The Iranians are the Key; they have the muscle and the will to resist the Satanists.

    • @JohnZ: thanks a lot, my friend. Sometimes it is hard to overcome first emotions from this news. This unfair, dirty policy war reaps the young souls. It always was and will always be. This is why this site VT interested me and i stay here: i meet clever and rational people here, many are the Veterans and they all know the price of every blood droplet shed and they smelled the gun-powder. Thank you, Sir!

  8. The only genuinely free press on this is Israeli. They reported the French and British air components of the attack. Nobody else bothered. Russia has chosen to ignore this even those Haaretz reported it and we are getting a total blackout on what the French ship actually fired at. The timing has it quite possibly firing air defense missiles.

    There is also NO real discussion on this temper tantrum by Israel, Britain and France.

    If Russia does nothing, they are totally screwed. This is beyond strategy and diplomacy, ignoring the psychological component is a horrible misjudgment by Putin.

  9. Was George Clooney picking up the soap he dropped in a bathroom shower of some State Prison in the US, at least that’s what his looks likes at the photo and that’s what he deserves.

    Why did Putin take the Turkish downed Russian fighter plane on the table? I don’t think that was necessary a wise diplomatic move, when Turk and Russia are planning co-operation in Syria. Of course, war is nearly end and Erdogan doesn’t know which side he’s on, but that incident also rises doubts about Putin too. Think about the noise what would rise, if Swedes and Latvians were jerking around and caused Belarus to mistakenly shoot down Russian plane.

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