by Jonas E. Alexis

New World Order agents, Satanists, and ethnic cleansers are in panic because Trump announced a withdrawal of American troops from Syria.[1] Abe Greenwald of the Neocon magazine Commentary immediately wrote an article entitled, “Yes, Our Unpopular Wars Are Worth It.”[2]

Satanist Max Boot wrote in the Washington Post that “Trump’s surprise Syria pullout is a giant Christmas gift to our enemies.”[3] Why is Trump pulling out of Syria? Well, Boot has a logical answer:

“Why would Trump do this now? Who knows? Given that he is acting at odds with his advisers, this is clearly not the result of a normal policy-review process. This is the Trump Doctrine in operation: Trump does whatever he wants. It could be based on what he had for breakfast — or there could be something more sinister going on.”[4]

Boot will never tell us that the vast majority of Americans never wanted US troops in Syria in the first place. But his crazy assessment has reached a critical mass among the Neocon and Zionist cabal. Zionist puppet and ethnic cleanser Lindsey Graham said: “Withdrawal of this small American force in Syria would be a huge Obama-like mistake.”[5] Graham continued to say:

“We’re going to hold the administration accountable for this decision. If Obama had done this, all of us would be going nuts because it’s such a bad idea. The job of the Congress is to hold the executive branch accountable. He’s the commander in chief, but he needs to be held accountable for his decisions. And I want hearings as soon as possible.”[6]

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen declared: “I’m very disappointed. What I heard when I was in Syria was that while the fight against ISIS was going very well, that there were ISIS fighters who were going underground. And so I think, if we leave, we leave an opportunity for them to come back. And we also cede influence to Iran and Russia and [President Bashar] Assad in Syria in a way that would not be good for the United States.”[7]

Marco Rubio concurred with those assertions, saying that the “decision to pull out of Syria” is “a major blunder.” This major blunder, he continued, “will hunt America for years to come. It will have grave consequences for the US & Israel & great benefit for ISIS, Iran & Hezbollah.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. People like Graham and Rubio haven’t met a war they didn’t like. But the fundamental problems with these crazy assertions are myriad, too much to detail here. First of all, both the United States and Israel have been supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups throughout the Middle East, most particularly Syria. Keep in mind that it was Israeli ambassador Michael Oren who posited unequivocally that Israel was more willing to support terrorists and “bad guys” in Syria than to allow the Assad government to thrive and survive.[8]

Second, Satanists like Graham never count the cost of perpetual wars in the Middle East! As the Watson Institute at Brown University has calculated, the United States has already spent nearly six trillion dollars on perpetual wars in the Middle East since 9//.[9] Couldn’t they spend that money on rebuilding America? Couldn’t they use it to pay the average person a living wage?

Satanists have never lack funding for perpetual wars, but they always complain that they do not have adequate funding for social security, education, health care, and more importantly, for giving the average American a living wage.

One last point is that it was Assad, Iran, and Russia that have been fighting real terrorist cells in Syria, not the United States or Israel. In short, although Trump is crazy and unpredictable, he was right when he said he wanted to pull US troops out of Syria. Let’s just hope that he keeps his promise this time.

But decent Americans, as my dear friend and colleague Mark Dankof has pointed out, need to apologize to the precious people in Syria. “We’re putting the Saudi regime and the Israeli regime on notice,” said Dankof. “They are no longer under leading us” to one perpetual war after another in the Middle East.

“Let’s have no more wars for Israel,” said Dankof. The vast majority of Americans, including this writer and the people at VT, will agree completely. Perhaps 2019 is the time for the American people to tell the regime in Tel Aviv that “we ain’t gonna take it anymore.”

Happy New Year to my fellow Americans, to VT readers and writers and editors, and to all decent men and women around the world, including my friends in Korea, Japan and the Middle East.

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  1. First of all Happy New Year to all at VT to commenters and readers and contributors ….As more Americans are becoming aware of the real owners and controllers of the country Capitol Hill politicians are aware of this , the reason they are working so hard hand in hand with to stop freedom of speech and anything else our Constitutional Rights empower Americans with …

  2. Sure does shine a beacon of light on who these people are, who they lobby for, what they’re morality or lack thereof is while professing opposing beLIEfs contrarian to the hypocritical words. What an epoch to witness.

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