Congress; Forcing “Dual Loyalty” on All American Citizens

Representative Ilhan Omar

“I shall not be expected to have allegiance/pledge support to a foreign country in order to serve my country in Congress or serve on a committee,” Representative Ilhan Omar said, when Zionists in Congress and AIPAC questioned her right to serve on a congressional committee.

Omar failed to meet the litmus test members of Congress must meet in order to serve on certain committees where AIPAC business is handled.

Her plain and direct statement raised all kinds of hell in Congress, among both Democrats and Republicans, and brought a wave of vengeance from both AIPAC and ADL, with accusations of anti-Semitism against the freshman member of Congress. All other issues facing the nation became irrelevant, with the issue of anti-Semitism dominating the news.

Unfortunately, Congressional leadership is pushing the envelope on the issue of “dual loyalty”; in fact they are enforcing “dual loyalty”, and confirming Representative Omar’s fear and warning when she said,

“I want to talk about political influence in this country that says it is OK for people to push for alliance to a foreign country.”

No one can say it better than Paul Waldman writing in the Washington Post, when he complained about the unwavering attacks on the Congresswoman “for things she did not say, and ideas she didn’t actually express”.

Under demands and threats by AIPAC and ADL, Democratic leadership scheduled a “censorship” resolution directed against the Congresswoman “enforcing dual loyalty not only among Jews but among members of Congress to make sure that criticism of Israel is punished in the most visible way possible”, wrote Paul Waldman.

It is ironic that Congressional leadership – both Democrats and Republicans – never pushed for such punishment of anyone who criticizes the US, its policies, its practices and even its institutions, yet pushed resolution in favor of a foreign country, Israel.

If that does not prove the power and influence AIPAC has over Congress and the debate over foreign policy, then I do not know what does.

Over the course of the last few years, AIPAC and Israel loyalists have pushed for state and local legislation that mandate loyalty to Israel by punishing any organization or business that supports BDS. This again shows the power and influence of AIPAC and Israel loyalists demanding that American citizens either pledge allegiance to Israel or be denied and disenfranchised from doing business with the states.

Free Speech under Attack at US Universities

The same is true of free speech on campuses. President Trump, in support of Israel and in suppression of speech critical of Israel, is issuing a Free Speech on Campus edict, denying federal funding from universities that allow criticism of Israel on campus.

Of course –  and no one can deny it, not even AIPAC – the primary mission of AIPAC is to enlist the support, by “hook or by crook” of members of Congress through offering or denying generous political support in return for legislation and generous funding directed solely for Israel, its army and its settlers.

If anyone knows of a case where and when AIPAC pushed for tens of billions in favor of American cities and communities, please share it with us. As it stands now, never has AIPAC sponsored legislation (it has a 100% track record) in favor of Detroit or Gary or clean water for Flint. Its sole mission is to serve the military, economic and political interests of Israel.

Now this uncalled for and unjustifiable punishment of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar once again confirms what AIPAC and other Zionists organizations are denying – dual loyalty – going as far as to say Americans must have and do have a duty to love Israel.

Don’t be surprised if, the next time we are at formal public or sports event, we will be asked to stand up and sing Hatikva along with our national anthem — this is the future that AIPAC sees and plans.

Israel and Zionism was never Judaism, and not all Jews are Israelis or Zionist, with the fact that a majority of Zionists are not Jews but Evangelical Christians, and are far from being Semitic.

Criticizing Israel and the ideology of Zionism is a constitutional right — not Congress, not AIPAC or ADL can ever change that. Let us hope so.

If we as citizens can criticize our country, the US, its leadership, its institutions and its policies, then certainly we must have the right to criticize any county or ideology we wish. Israel is not Judaism, in the same way Saudi Arabia and Iran are not Islam.

Hatikva is coming to your next event.


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  1. ” Do not worry about repercussions from the United States, we Jews control the United States and the American people know it.”
    Ariel Sharon, speech to the Knesset, October 2001.
    One month after 911!

  2. Long ago , its been nearly 30 years ago when I began to realize what the jew and Israel were doing to take down America . I have always voiced my opinion on the issue so much so many times I have been barred or kicked off many news sites on the internet just for being honest . Yes I am awake and I do smell the $ionist $hit ….!…Its the same tribe that wants to re-write the Christian Bible and especially the New Testament , the book that clearly states how and who had Jesus nailed to a cross …

  3. It is clear the sole and only mission of AIPAC is fleece American tax payers of tens of billions to go to Israel. For every dollar AIPAC contributes to members of Congress it secure $30,000 for Israel not a bad deal. Sometimes we wish there is a domestic lobby for us tax payers and citizens.

  4. Toby I am so surprised of the decision by IU SPEA to keep you out. As you may know I am became the administrative assistant to the associate dean of SPEA at IU Northwest serving for two years and was one of the first batch of graduates in MPA SPEA program and when I got accepted to IU Law school I was hired again as the administrative assistant to the associate dean in charge of international education program for UAE. I am surprised by such a decision when in fact IU SPEA should be the leading public policy schools to emphasis and promote accountability and transparency in the public sector. We know the Defense Department is unable ot account for tens of billions and this goes across the entire government sector. The place that is totally corrupt is Congress and I doubt of members of Congress will ever do something about it.

  5. The same can be said of the 2nd Amendment . The Constitution belongs to us , it belongs to Americans It is a document that was intended for all Americans as designed by the Founding Fathers .Members of Congress work FOR , yes work us as in you and me .Their job is to be sure we all are safe and secure as prescribed in the Constitution that also applies in the same as freedom of speech to deny Israel or any other country to control what We the People can or cannot say .

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