Wikileaks Destroyed: Moon Landing Fakery Video Released by Assange with Fake Video


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Let me tell you about who Wikileaks really is.  They are the White Helmets, they are MI6, they are the Rothschilds, they run the FBI and they staged Russiagate.

Wikileaks produced the intelligence that “proved” Iran was getting ready to attack the USS Abraham Lincoln, long before it was even sent to the Persian Gulf.  We are entering the world of staged/fake/fabricated/Wiki-leaked crap.

Wikileaks is Israel.  What was true in 2010 is true today in spades.  Watch Wayne Madsen out Wikileaks as Mossad on RT almost a decade ago.  Today RT loves Wikileaks.

Madsen Destroys Wikileaks

Wikileaks gave us the bin Laden tapes, all fakes, through SITE Intelligence, a Wikileaks partner.  Wikileaks created much of the fake intelligence in Iraq

We have identified elements of the video above as originating from Hollywood films about the moon landing, mixed with real video, processed into one of the biggest fakes of all time.

This is a totally fake video.

We saw this coming.  VT identified Julian Assange as an Israeli agent back in 2009, one of many “Nordic looking” operatives selected for fake fame and recognition.  Wikileaks has been nothing but a TV show, all to create a fake platform to blackmail, smear or plant phony intelligence.

The issue of the moon landing video here…this one is fascinating.  Let’s look at what came out this week in Smithsonian.  They did a huge article “debunking” moon landing critics but in doing so, the brush went too wide, purposefully, and began smearing those whose work was less speculative than others. Vt republished (within copyright) this piece a day ago.

There are some serious things wrong with the piece…enough to make us believe something was afoot.  Now this.

Things we do know, Smithsonian was right to the extent that those who love conspiracy too often leave their critical thinking in the umbrella stand.  VT is, in fact, the ONLY publication that walks the line, publishing what can be supported and singling out the rot.

Thus, we were never burned by the fake scandals, Emailgate, Pizzagate, Jade Helm, Syrian gas attacks, Russiagate…none got VT.

It was VT that broke 9/11, the real Syrian gas attacks, and broke the real story of Julian Assange.  VT has broken more stories than any news media of any kind, stories that have proven themselves to be true…

Do remember, it was VT banned by Google and Facebook years before anyone else.

As for this…we know too many people personally who worked on Apollo.  I saw some of the launches from Patrick Air Force Base…where “others” say they could never get a Saturn V off the ground…

Watching them take off was memorable, exactly as filmed.  I saw one Apollo moon lander assembled and mounted personally as well.

There are limits here….

But we also have questions.  China is on the Dark Side of the Moon




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  1. The big secret was how the lunar lander got off the surface. It was the “old hat” tech brought over from paperclip. This is where the Smithsonian article went to far with their brush. This technology is used in re entry for nuclear arms. Now they want us to believe that this doesn’t exist? No nuke’s, flat earth,and no vaccines are a good way to look away at where we are. What’s next? Catch a cold and the prescription will be a good bleeding to heal the body? No thank you…

    • peter, you have no understanding of the way the real world works. there are no nuclear weapons. hiroshima nagasaki – the influencers – conventional tnt detonated above intentionally chosen paper cities. chernobyl residents still live there amid lush vegetation. stop with your shill nonsense. there is no globe earth. occult programming has brainwashed us all from aged 3 onwards. the flat earth society (just like wikileaks) is a shill puppet site designed to confuse and mock people who seek the truth yet are gullible. hence pathetic FES headlines such as members fly across globe to attend FE conference. satan has many means at his disposal by which he tries to dimish our Creator God’s Magnificent Glory. having us believe in some random spinning ball is how serpent queen nasa and her space travel lies serves her defeated master. continued in next comment 1500 letters is too short my friends)

  2. I’m having trouble with the idea that Assange and Wikileaks are run by Israel. Wikileaks made its name exposing the Iraq war, a war Israel wanted. Wikileaks published documents from Hillary’s State Dept, exposing that the Syria war was for Israel. Infiltrated, manipulated, used… possibly but I doubt the whole thing from the beginning.

    I do think Assange favored Trump in the 2016 election – but that’s easily explained because Trump’s position on US Imperialism (at the time) was more reasonable than Hillary’s, who was likely to get us in a war with Russia over Syria.

  3. Explains why the moonbats have infiltrated the 9/11 Troofer movement. I always considered it mutually exclusive but then there’d be someone who’d have to go on about how the moon landing was “faked”. I’m not a rocket scientist but even I know that you don’t build a Saturn V rocket to fake a moon landing besides used to know one of the guys at JPL who had to do the calculations by hand in order to get Apollo 13 back.

    Why would anyone fake something like that?

    • You Americans are simply in denial about the Apollo Program. It was a complete scam, nothing more than a front for something far bigger and far more expensive. The huge gaping holes in the official story o Apollo are glaringly obvious, it is only Americans who fail to see them. The Apollo 11 astronauts faked the footage of the flight to the moon while in low earth orbit by sticking transparencies over a window, something they wouldn’t have had to do if they actually did fly to the moon.

    • Look I’m not all that familiar with all the arguments for or against the moon landing. My main point here is that it has no relevance in any discussions about 9/11.

    • Consider this Ian. They built and launched the massive Saturn rockets and went through all the trouble only to get the measurements wrong on the lander door? doesn’t seem likely. Or what you saw wasn’t the one they used and the dimensions were done to add fuel to the skeptics?

  4. It’s like Mr. Wabash said in “Three Days of the Condor”, about “clarity”. I depend on, and am grateful for, VT for that. Otherwise, in today’s world I would be helpless and hopeless discerning fact from fiction.

  5. I grew up across from the Cape. We came down in 58′ for Project Mercury, and stayed through Gemini, Apollo, and Apollo/Soyouz. After that the bottom dropped out and everyone was scrambling. I watched a lot of launches, and heard the inside scoop on a lot of stuff at the Cape. Like the time Canaveral PD tried to arrest a certain short tempered astronaut for jogging on the beach without a shirt. As an amateur radio (ham) operator who knew all about RT procedure and frequencies, I took great interest in other hams who fashioned their own stressed-parabolic dish antennas to listen to the guys direct. I have described the theory in more detail in the comments section of the moon-landing article.

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