Healing Addictions, Solutions at the Spiritual Root Cause (Part 3 of 11)


Healing Addictions, Solutions at the Spiritual Root Cause (Part 3 of 11) is written by Steve Robertson and authorized by Gordon Duff, Sr. Editor.

This article, “Healing Addictions, Solutions at the Spiritual Root Cause”, will attempt to deep dive into the root causes of addictions and then offer spiritually empowering solutions from which one can forever free themselves to heal and become more authentically whole to live in a more loving state of miracles that are always and ever-present.

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(Part 3)

Certain spiritual texts remind us that the Divine, Music of the Spheres, or the Kingdom of Heaven, is within each of us. They remind us that we may not enter this Kingdom of Heaven until we become as a child, a metaphorical reference to a consciousness of innocence. In such innocence, we are able to find stillness from which we can know the creative power of our God-self within.


Towards this ultimate state of enlightened awareness, here is another way to imagine this, if you will: Your soul’s record is literally imprinted onto an old vinyl record. From birth, the needle of our awareness is dropped (gently or otherwise) on the outer edge of the soul record of this particular time and space reality. The needle both plays and records each note of our life’s symphony. Like all records of this type, the needle tracks from the larger/outer radius of our heart song toward the inevitably smaller/center of our radical enlightenment.  It is interesting to note that the word “radical” actually means “closest to the center”.

Through love and gratitude, we become aware of the rhythmic flow of our soul’s grand melody. Through fear and judgment, we find the needle sinks into a groove of disharmony, unpleasantness, and discordant notes that painfully repeat over and over again. In Sanskrit, such grooves in consciousness are called “Samskaras”.

Stuck in these self-created grooves, the needle of our awareness digs ever painfully and deeper into the record of our subconscious. The ego mind ensures that we become attached to disharmony, begin to suffer and adjust to the discordant notes as being normal. Attached in this unconsciousness and suffering, our heart ever longs for the true melody of our soul’s joy.


This crossroad of unconsciousness and joyful longing marks the awakening of our intent to rejoin the symphony of our life song, our life purpose. Mindful of the disharmony of fear and lesson of greater love, we can choose to drop the awareness pebble of the Ho’oponopono into the groove to interrupt the monotony of discordance and pain.

The Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian process of reconciliation and forgiveness. At its mystical core are the elements of mental cleansing, putting things right and rectifying errors. Attending with this awareness activation is the recognition that we are always 100% at cause and responsible for any problem. Similarly, it is defined that we are also 100% capable of rectifying any and all errors. Four short phrases activate the process of this healing process and release us from the groove of suffering: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Through the melody of these words, we can transmute and transcend the error of attached and fearful thoughts and choose instead to co-create an inspired new heart song.

Now, as the needle begins to track back through the old groove of unpleasantness the pebble now serves to bump the needle back onto the record surface.  From here, a new and ever more gorgeous melody begins to play. Our heart feels lifted and we are inspired by a song of new possibilities.

Frail in this new moment, the needle runs ever close to the edge of our old groove or patterns and the ear is tempted by the discord we were once trained to find familiar. If our resolve is weak, the needle is pulled back into the groove and with this, the depth and darkness of our experiences will grow in strength. If our courage is strong the needle will continue towards our radical center and float on angelic notes that proclaim the symphony of our harmonic enlightenment.


Each moment of the day, nanosecond after nanosecond, we are co-creating a reality from which we are either conscious or unconscious. To the degree we are conscious, lovingly paying attention to the moment, our co-creativity tends to reflect a flow of ease and grace in our experiences. To the degree we are unconscious, we reactively and retrospectively discover the fearful hand that has scripted the dramatic sequences of our existence.

Curiously, we wonder how it is that certain people, places, and circumstances show up in our lives. Some of these experiences show up and bring peace, joy, and prosperity into our lives. Other experiences seem to bring sadness, anger, and poverty.   For the most part, these experiences appear as a random series of events which seem to suggest we have either little or no control over things.  As a result, we choose to feel either lucky or like a victim.  The greater truth of the matter is that we are always co-creating whether we are conscious of it or not.


Each of us has the ability to call matter; people, situations, things, and circumstances into form.  In the story of Alladin’s lamp, an impoverished young man is tricked by a sorcerer to retrieve a magical lamp from behind a mystically hidden cave door.  The lamp is legended to be able to grant its owner any wish they have.  In order to open the cave door and get to the lamp, Alladin is to say the words “Open Sesame“.   The larger metaphor of this story is that the possession of a magic lamp (one’s inner power) enables its owner to create anything they desire.  I also encourage you to slowly say Open Sesame to your self until it reveals the words …Open Says Me! 

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” – Matthew 7:7 

You see our thoughts and spoken words are constantly opening new possibilities, co-creating and calling matter into form.  The reason for this is our thoughts and spoken words are really prayers, spells, incantations, and/or mantras.   Like the knob on a radio or an old TV set, our thoughts and words reflect and serve as the tuning device of our consciousness and our soul’s ability to connect most directly with the Divine’s signal of love.  Lovingly conscious thoughts keep us clearly tuned into guiding messages of inspiration and empowerment.  The Quakers refer to such messages as “the small still voice within”.  Unconsciously unloving thoughts scramble our ability to receive the Divine’s wise signal and thus creates states of mental confusion, fear, and drama.

“In the beginning was the WORD,” (the word the “WORD” translates into “Primary Harmony,” according to John the Evangelist of the first century A.D.) “and the word was with God,” says John 1:1. “Then God SAID, Let there be light,” says Genesis 1:3.


Specifically, the ultimate point to bring awareness to is that every word is made of letters and every letter has its own specific phonetic sound based on whether it is a consonant or a vowel. Therefore, when we combine various letters into words and speak these words, it is analogous to striking several keys on a piano, as an example,  to create combinations of notes that form a musical cord.   In essence,  our thoughts create certain frequencies of causation and when these same thoughts are spoken this serves to amplify and/or accelerate matter (people, situations, and circumstances) into coming to form.

Certain words,  based on their etymology (the word’s originally intended and/or created root origin) and by their very definition, have high intention vibrations while others are lower. As we bring deeper awareness into our lives, consciousness tends to transition from a passive state of hearing into an active, and participatory level of listening and paying attention. As a result, we become more sensitive to how things feel, such as our own thoughts or those of other people.   We begin to pay attention to the words we select to communicate, how they impact how we and other people feel, and we listen to how the communication of other people affects our emotions, psyche, and thought process.

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” – Matthew 21:22 

Respectively, it’s relatively easy to feel an attraction, uplifted and trusting of someone who is thinking and speaking with lovingly kind and empowering words.  Similarly, it is easy to notice a repulsion, negativity, and distrust from someone who is both thinking and speaking in a negative, demeaning, judgemental way or using vulgar curse words.  Simply put, high-frequency words attract, inspire and empower and low-frequency words repel, depress, and disempower.   High-frequency words of caring and loving kindness encourage closeness, attract and promote growth in relationships.  Low-frequency words do the exact and corollary opposite.

Again, Buddha reminds us, “All that we are is a result of what we have thought”.  King Solomon said “As a MAN (“man” means “consciousness” in Sanskrit) thinketh in his heart, so is he.”  Emerson wisely stated, “The ancestor of every action is thought”.


With this new awareness, we suddenly find it paradoxically curious when a friend responds to an invitation to participate in something we thought they would value, by saying “NO, I would love to do that,” or “NO, that’s a great idea” or “NO, I agree with you.”  Similarly, we begin to feel a drain around a reactively proclaimed goal of “I NEED to create more money,” or “I SHOULD have a better job or career,” or “I HAVE TO,” or I MUST do… (whatever the subject might be).” Occasionally, we feel a sense of joyful empowerment around someone excitingly proclaiming “I will create more money,” or “I choose to create a better job or career,” or “I want to,” or “I desire to… (whatever the subject might be).”

To further clarify let me explain the litmus test of Divine Congruency.   When some replies to one of your given statements, a question or an invitation by saying “NO, I agree with you” or “NO, I would love to go to the movies or dinner with you”, ask yourself are these responses closer to being congruent or incongruent.  The answer, when examined objectively, is obviously, incongruent.   In the ultimate litmus test of discernment, the ego mind can only respond incongruently, from a time-space perspective of the past or future and/or with thoughts, motivation and/or words of fear, lack, and reaction.

So as a result and example let us examine the following:  You and a close friend meet and later agree to go see a movie that night.  During the conversation your friend suggests calling another friend, Jim, to invite him to join you both.  Your friend is extremely busy so they ask if you would be willing to call Jim to extend the invitation.  You agree and later call him to ask if he will join you both to see this movie, at this theater and at this time.  Jim replies, “NO, I would love to do that.”  You hang up the phone and go about your day.  Later in the evening you and your friend arrive at the theater and wait for Jim to show up.


After a long wait and just minutes before the film is about to start it is obvious Jim won’t make it.   Next, your friend turns and asks,  “When you called Jim and what did he say”? You reply, “Yes, I called Jim and he said he would love to join us.”  Again and in reality of the conversation you actually had with Jim he actually responded, “NO, I would love to do that.”  In this example, Jim communicated a mixed or incongruent and/or self-sabotaging message.   Now, imagine a similar scenario, however, in this version when Jim is asked if he would like to join you both at the movies he instead says, “YES, I would love to do that.”  In the ultimate end results of this ask and differing response, you can almost take it to the bank that Jim will, in fact, show up and attend the movie.

Now, similarly, ask yourself if someone replies to one of these same statements, a question or invitations with “NO, I don’t agree with you” or YES, I agree with you” or NO, I would love to but can not this time” or “YES, I would love to go to movies or dinner with you”, are these responses closer to congruent or incongruent.  The answer is obviously, congruent.  The true self, God-self or I AM only responds congruently and motivates only through thoughts and/or words of love, peace, forgiveness, and compassion, and from the empowered time-space perspective of the present moment…. (READ MORE by in Part IV- “The Heroes Journey of Creating from What You Do WANT” thru Buying Me a Coffee on Ko-Fi.com

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