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[ Editor’s Note: The battle for North Syria is entering this diplomatic stage with Vice President Pence on they way to visit Erdogan and the later heading to see Putin in Moscow after that.

We anticipate the fighting toning down as everyone waits to see what comes of these high level talks will bring. The Turks have already accepted that where the Syrian Army has deployed that it will be the defacto policeman over the YPG Kurds and responsible for their conduct. Putin is emerging as the man in the center for cleaning up the current mess.

This was a major concession where Turkey recognized Syrian authority over areas it controls. So the Kurds are boxed in now on their hopes of trying to secure an independent state under the military firepower of the US with its withdrawal.

So what could motivate the Kurds to give up the ghost of independence? All I can see is their being tired of war and wanting to get back to normal living and working and having basic security.

But the elephant in the living room is that mass media is still letting NATO and the US-Gulf coalition get away with its record of having sponsored and supported the use of proxy terrorists to advance their geopolitical goals.

Any kind of “agreement” that does not squarely admit this and what changes will be made to stop it will just mean that we will be getting a pause in the terror violence until it can be cranked up again behind a new smokescreen.

The dirty laundry of all those involved in supporting the Jihadi express must be laid bare during the process while we have world attention on it.

As we have seen so many time in the past, “new” tragedies will emerge to distract public attention, like my suspecting that these new huge fires in Lebanon and Syria are the new mass terror weapon, yet I am the only one mentioning it so far. Why is no one asking why this is happening now all of a sudden? What’s up wid dat?

And as a final footnote, I was surprise to see in some of the recent coverage on the US basing structure inside Syria, that then term “permanent” structures was used multiple times is discussing the difficulties of dismantling them.

It begs the question why would the US be investing in “permanent” base construction if not to be used in defending what it had carved out of the Balkanization of the Syrian Repbublic? Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … October 16, 2019

  • 15:48
    Russian Forces Have Crossed the Euphrates River in Northern Syria, Moving East With the SDF – Syrian Observatory
  • 14:16
    Syrian Government Forces Enter Raqqa For First Time in Five Years, Set Up Road Blocks

    According to a Sputnik correspondent, citing sources in the region, the Syrian government army entered Raqqa from the city of Tabka under cover from the air. It is reported that government troops were enthusiastically welcomed by the local population.

  • 13:51

    Turkey Does Not Insist on Military Presence in Syria’s Manbij, it Prioritizes Clearing Area of ‘Terrorists’ – Erdogan

    Ankara does not insist on the presence of its military in Syria’s Manbij, the main thing is that terrorists should leave the area, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

    “We have agreements with Russia on Manbij, and when we meet with respected [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, we will discuss this with him. We do not have such a goal – certainly be in Manbij. We have one concern, let Russia or [Syrian] regime be there, but terrorists should be cleared,” Erdogan told reporters.

    The autonomous administration of territories in northeastern Syria officially announced on Sunday that it had reached an agreement with the Syrian authorities to deploy the Syrian army along the entire Syria-Turkey border to help repel an attack by the Turkish army and pro-Turkish groups.

  • 12:58

    Turkey’s Operation Will End by Itself When Turkey Completes Formation of “Safe Zone” From Syria’s Manbij to Border With Iraq – Erdogan

  • 12:56

    Quickest Solution to Syria Issue for All Militants to Drop Weapons and Withdraw Outside of “Safe Zone” in Northern Syria Tonight – Erdogan

  • 12:55

    Goal of Syria Offensive to Establish “Safe Zone” Along 444 Km Border Strip – Erdogan

  • 12:39

    Kremlin Respects Turkey’s Right to Ensure Border Security

    The Kremlin respects Turkey’s right to ensure security of its borders, but expects its offensive in Syria’s north to be proportionate, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday.

    “We respect Turkey’s right to take measures for ensuring its security, but we expect the operation to be proportionate to the … tasks of ensuring security,” Peskov told reporters.

    The Kremlin hopes that the offensive will not affect the political process in Syria, Peskov stressed.

    The Kremlin spokesman noted that the timeline for termination of the offensive remained unclear.

  • 12:19

    Russian Military Police Conduct First Patrolling of Syria’s Manbij – Officer

    Russian military police officers have conducted their first patrolling of Syria’s northeastern city of Manbij, driving infantry mobility vehicles Tigr, Russian Military Police officer Safar Safarov said on Wednesday, just one day after the Russian Defence Ministry announced that the Syrian army had taken full control of the city and the Russian military was patrolling Manbij borders along the contact line between Syrian and Turkish forces.

    “Our patrol was driving the streets of this city for the first time ever. Military activities cease immediately at the sight of the Russian flag, as neither Turks nor Kurds want to affect us. So, fighting stops thanks to our efforts. Just one week ago we could not travel to Manbij openly and demonstrate our flag there, as US servicemen, present at two military bases, opposed us all the time, intercepting us on the road due to different understanding of areas of responsibility,” Safarov told reporters.

    The patrolling lasted for over three hours, Safarov added.

    “We will continue controlling our area of responsibility. Our main task is to ensure safety of the locals if any side starts a shelling. This is not our first task here, as we have been working here for over six months, and we have never experienced any problems with anyone,” Safarov added.

    The Russian Defence Ministry also said on Tuesday that the US military had left its bases in Dadat and Umm-Mial, located to the northwest of Manbij.

  • 11:53

    ‘Several Thousands’ PKK Members at Most are Present in Syria’s North – Syrian Intelligence Chief

    Only “several thousands” members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) are currently present in Syria’s north, where Turkey conducts its offensive, the head of the Syrian General Intelligence Directorate, Husam Louka, said on Wednesday.

    “Kurds in Syria’s north are mainly represented by PKK members, their number does not exceed several thousands people,” Louka said on the sidelines of a security conference in Russia’s Sochi.

  • 11:51

    Syria to Be on Agenda During Erdogan’s Upcoming Visit to Russia – Lavrov

    The situation in Syria, namely preparations for the first session of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, will be on the agenda during Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s upcoming visit to Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday.

    “The topics were outlined in yesterday’s statement, released after Putin’s phone conversation with President Erdogan. Of course, it will be mainly the situation in Syria, the task of ensuring the Syrian Arab Republic’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the conditions of hard-edged fight against the remains of terrorist groups, and, of course, the promotion of political process in the form of organizing the first inaugural session of the Constitutional Committee,” Lavrov told reporters.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin invited his Turkish counterpart to visit Russia on Tuesday, during their phone conversation, which focused on Ankara’s offensive in Syria’s north. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said earlier in the day that Erdogan could pay this visit by the end of October.

  • 11:17

    Nations That Shelter Militants Fleeing Syria Should Take Responsibility for Them – Lavrov


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