‘Light Loafered’ Lindsey Graham Voted Most Corrupt Politician in Washington


Head of Trump’s Perverted Mafia, our sources on “Pissgate” have it as more than just girls in the room, and VT directly interviewed an eye witness…someone who actually pissed on Trump.

As for Graham, we have a thousand times more on him, from members of the South Carolina Air National Guard where he is a subject of continual gossip for his peccadillos.

The South Carolina senator once put a lot of effort into cultivating an image of a reasonable, sober, sensible, moderate Republican, willing to reach out across the aisle, willing to stick up for his principles, willing to denounce Donald Trump. But today, there is no position he won’t abandon, no U-turn he won’t perform and no lie he will not tell.


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  1. As long as everyone else is stating why Trump was elected, I guess I’ll throw in my two-cents worth. While all the Trumpets try to say today that they voted for this moron because they wanted the military reined in and our boys brought home (it was their No.1 reason for supporting him)…I find that not to be true. The vast majority of those that are middle-to-upper class (yes, there are still some) voted for Trump because of the ACA. Money, the very same thing that drives Trump, drove these people to vote Trump. Why? Because when CONgress wrote this horse turd of an ‘act’, it was done by those who would benefit most, and that wasn’t me or you. Those I talked to were pissed because of the increase in their premiums. Do they care that Americans less well of have been screwed far worse for years, in relation to their income? No, because it wasn’t them. Now, when it became their turn to be screwed, that was a far different story. I heard it remarked that a disabled, but uninsured, relative had better get onto ObamaCare because they were by god paying for it. This was their whole reason for voting for Trump, he was going to destroy ObamaCare. Of course, they were fully onboard with the tax cuts (when aren’t people on board with that stupidity?). They only other real driving force was that they hated Killery. In the end, anyone that believed that a career criminal was going to do good for the US, isn’t exactly a good example of cognitive reasoning.

  2. This site’s editor (I man I trust) recently revealed what’s known as “The worst-kept-secret in NYC.” Drumpf has a boyfriend named “Justin”. Schiff lights my gaydar as a paedo. And Graham? I can easily imagine him seated on a garden swing fully cross-dressed (wig, floppy hat…the works!) playing a ukulele to an audience of young boys. Perversion(s) is/are encouraged among the beltway crowd and j00-know-who has pictures. “It’s Beyond Rats” as the saying goes.

  3. Who cares what trump does behind closed doors? All this nonsense , to me, is smokescreen of something else, a diversion- misdirection. What is it that theyre doing they dont want us to see? Is my question….

  4. Thanks, but we knew that a long time ago, now here is the headline Two years from now. “The whole of US Senate was actually working for Israel NOT Americans!”

    • I’ve watched the impeachment “trial” proceedings in the senate closely this past week. In my opinion, the House impeachment managers have done an outstanding job laying out their case, particularly Chairman Schiff. These senators took an oath to be impartial, to which they have not been faithful. Mitch McConnell and his GOP minions have been a complete disgrace. Desperate times when you have to rely on the likes of Mitt Romney and John Bolton to get to the truth. They knew even as they swore that oath that there would be no witnesses. The White House lawyers, led by the loathsome Dershowitz and Jay Sekulow, have done nothing but obfuscate and divert attention to the Bidens. There is no doubt in my mind that Trump is guilty, but in Washington DC politics precedes justice. Another sad chapter in the fall of a nation.

    • You’ll get no argument from me about corruption, and the corruption of both political parties. I abstain from political parties, support term limits, and publicly financed campaigns. The extenuating circumstance here which concerns me is that I believe Trump is an existential threat, not only to the nation, but to the entire planet. Far above corruption, he is legitimately unfit for the office.

    • Uni, Democrats pushed for JCPOA to be signed. Trump ran on tearing it and starting a war for his master in Tel Aviv. So I don’t know which policies you’re referring to when you say the policies he ran on were not bad policies. He also ran on destroying the ACA which will hang his base by the neck if the tax credits are eliminated. He also ran on giving tax breaks to the top 1% which he did and makes China laugh at how he wants to pay them back.
      He was doomed to fail from the getgo the likudnik fraud.

    • The “affordability” of the ACA is due to the republican’s greed and non stop premium hikes since early 2000s. At least now with “Obama Care” (your favorite word) still covering a cancer treatment that if eliminated could kill not just the person but the entire future of a middle class family. 50 million more people are covered with it that won’t have a coverage if eliminated. Without it the republicans cash on people’s health. And republicans have nothing to replace it with. Nothing. Zilch.
      It’s just that simple.
      Trump is a clown elite who doesn’t care about anyone, Muslim or Christian. A fraud.

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