Tip of the Hat to the WHO officials calling around to try to kill my stories.  Too late.

Most of you will have been to the published article “Robert Steele in Tehran Times: Interview A Counterintelligence Perspective on the Wuhan Virus – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?” on my blog.

And the aggregate updated post “Robert Steele: China Coronavirus — UPDATE: Radiation Sickness

I have updated that latter post with two very important pointers that establish definitively that most of this (not all but the cruise ships are the truth-teller) is radiation sickness from 5G and microwave including satellite microwave.

Until all governments accept that fact and begin addressing the electromagnetics, the march of death will continue, particularly among the old, smokers, and Asians. There is good news. Please subscribe if you have not already, share the video, and encourage others.

I plan to make this the BEST public intelligence channel on YouTube, an exciting place for continuing education across a diversity of non-fiction topical areas (I read in 97 areas, have a loot at “Steele on Books & America: Love it or Lose it!

Here’s the image if you want to use it elsewhere:


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  1. As with the Jade Helm exercise in the U.S., we learn as much by the theories and speculative hypothesizing of our media. Jim Stone’s views and analysis seem worthwhile mentioning the in context of “coronavirus vs. 5G” dialectic. JIM STONE was among the first to point out that the Diamond Princess was an inconveniently isolated “control group” for experimentation in thought. Hundred of ethnically substantially similar people infected, hundreds still not infected, NO DEATHS!

    JIM STONE continues: “Communists ALWAYS kill off the best and brightest people, because the best and brightest see right through their B.S. and therefore need to be disposed of. If the numbers on the Diamond Princess do not add up to what the Communists in China are saying, it will be because stupid people ran the psy op and did not realize there were people outside their reach that would realize something like a cruise ship provides a perfect control reference. HEY XI, HOW ABOUT THOSE NUMBERS? YOU HAD DAMN WELL BETTER HOPE WHAT HAPPENS TO THE PEOPLE ON THAT SHIP MATCHES YOUR STORY LINE, and BONUS: You already know if it will. If you’ve been killing dissidents, you’re already BUSTED. Time will tell!

      Here is what will probably be the final outline of this hoax
      My original assessment right in the beginning was that the Coronavirus was a basically harmless virus that gave people the sniffles. Now that the cruise ship has played out to more than 550 infected with zero deaths it does not seem plausible that any of it was real, and that instead, China, which definitely had six figure deaths, was merely using a virus as cover for killing dissidents.
      There were definitely orders for millions of body bags, and the crematoriums were definitely maxed out. how many were actually culled is anyones’ guess, hopefully awareness of how Communists tend to behave has muted the actions against dissidents, as did my suspicions about a culling which I spread widely, not only here.
      I have GOT TO be right. How can the math add up any other way? Tomorrow, Japan is letting everyone on the cruise ship go. Not a single person died or even got seriously sick. There’s a hoax somewhere, a hoax with a motive. China HAD TO announce at least a few deaths because they need a story line for families that notice people really are gone. My 20 percent figure was based on actual numbers that had to be dead, with over a million “infected”- there’s no way the crematoriums maxed out any other way.

    • End Jim Stone. My comment: As February turns to March and we are safely returned to our regularly scheduled programs, we can assess who’s who at the zoo media-unwise. Coverage at ZeroHedge was histrionic; Jon Rappoport called bogus on the virus but missed the Chinese culling aspect; RDS goes dialectic and points fingers at 5G and WHO [guilty on both accounts, probably!]; Shimatsu at rense.com was all in for a conspiracy theory involving rogue Japanese bio-scientists and a war on Chinese; there was a Professor Lieber arrested at Harvard with indirect connections to man-made bioweaponry and the Wuhan “outbreak”; and, then, there’s VT. A term paper for sure for budding hysterics — I mean, history students — along the lines of “Propaganda” by Bernays, Freud’s nephew. Runs in the family, so I’m informed. Whoever unravels this as Jim Fetzer et al. did Sandy Hook deserves the Sherlock Holmes Prize for Discernment!

  2. Jeez everyone, sit on your hands and see what happens. RDS created a dialogue and if he’s wrong, so what? You are still going to have to deal with what is happening.

  3. I agree RDS EMR “non”ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation share some of the same qualities. Microwaves emit nominal ionizing radiation while nuclear weapons emit non ionizing radiation as well known as EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse and like Microwave ovens can cook anything in its vicinity 🙂

    Also you don’t have to worry about us smokers too much. Thanks to the nicotinic acid better known as niacin or Vitamin B3 available in each “cancer” stick which has been proven effective in countering the effects of radiation.

  4. In other words, if the Coronavirus is simply the effects of 5G radiation, it would be safe to exchange bodily fluids with people exhibiting Coronavirus symptoms in a 5G-free environment. This would be the logical conclusion after listening to this report. We get the part about 5G radiation being deadly. But conflating a viral epidemic (especially when the virus has been isolated) with radiation sickness is reckless.

  5. Everyone I know laughs in my face when I mention that increased radiation is destroying human health and that radiation GMO’s and Vaccines were all part of the pale horse trifecta to wipe us all out whenever they decide to unleash the bioweapons, which apparently is right now. Thank you RDS and thanks also to Bob Nichols. Please keep addressing this, Please tell Gordon’s wife that vaccines are big pharma poison.

  6. RDS YOU Seem to be in the Same League as Michael Shrimpton of UK , I bet the Two of You can have mutually delighting never ending conversations

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