The only thing that Vladimir Putin can say to Recep Erdogan on March 5 in Moscow is: “If you are not a fool, then stop everything you do in Idlib,” said expert Vladimir Anokhin.

Defense Ministry makes a harsh statement on Idlib

These agreements provided for the disengagement and ousting of terrorists from the external borders of the de-escalation zone to a depth of 15-20 kilometers and the withdrawal of heavy artillery weapons there.

“Instead, the result of the agreement was the crowding out of the officially recognized UN terrorist groups” Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham, * the Islamic Party of Turkestan *, and Khoras ad-Din * all militants of the “moderate opposition” to the north, to the Turkish border, ” stated Konashenkov.

He added that shelling of the Khmeimim base became daily, Turkey, in violation of international law, transferred its units to Idlib, and in the West, no one notices this.

Everybody dislikes Turkey

As the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Vladimir Anokhin, told Pravda.Ru, “Everyone does not like Turkey, ” since Erdogan is pursuing an “absolutely crazy policy.”

“The coalescence of Turkish forces with terrorist organizations is an undermining of international relations per se, Sochi and other agreements with the aim of creating a Turkish caliphate, which should spread to the Middle East,” said Vladimir Anokhin.

He added that such actions lead to the loss of Turkish authority in the Western world.

“They perfectly understand that Erdogan is more afraid of his Turkish army than all other armies, especially after a possible coup that was foiled,” the expert noted.

According to him, Europe “can not stand” Erdogan, because he is blackmailing her with migrants and sending bandits to Libya.

Russia, according to the expert, fell into a “rather stupid” situation with the Turkish Stream, because it was “tied with a pipe to Turkey.”

“Therefore, we must portray a good face in a bad game,” said Vladimir Anokhin.

Putin should not believe Erdogan

The expert believes that after the meeting between Putin and Erdogan, “the war will continue, one way or another.”

“If you evaluate the behavior of Turkey in Syria and Libya, then the only thing Putin can say to Erdogan:“ Listen, if you are not a fool, then stop everything that you do here, ”he said.

The Turkish side, according to Vladimir Anokhin, should react to this with statements about a possible change in its attitude and position.

“As a result, in my opinion, they (Turks) will tighten their tail, there will be political statements, but there is no faith for them,” summed up Vladimir Anokhin.

* A banned terrorist organization in Russia.



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  1. Putin should hold a picture of General Solumani in front of his lying face. He will get the picture. He is an ignorant bully but he desires not to die.

  2. Erdogan seriously does NOT have a strong hand against Putin. In fact he looks in the opening video like he is pleading Putin to come to his rescue. There is something incredibly fragile about Turkey, and who knows, another coup attempt may be just around the corner. Donmeh Erdogan’s throne is far from safe, and already the Idlib campaign, not very long yet, is causing huge anger inside Turkey. It looks to me like Turkey is about to implode, by its own nature, or by mossad design I don’t know. What is certain is that US is now only a sham ally for Turkey (happy to always sell weapons of course) and NATO is a basket case.
    All the garbage about “Putin standing aside for Erdogan” is worth nothing. Never happened.

    • Your analysis is completely wrong. Erdogan does have a very strong hand, just a glance at a map is enough to realise that. If Turkey closed it’s airspace to Russian flights then how does Moscow continue to supply & support it’s forces in Syria? Turkey closing the Bosphorus would be a disaster for Russia as so much of it’s trade flows through that waterway. Then there is the Turkstream pipeline that Russia is relying on for it’s essential gas exports to Europe. The Caucasus region is primed to become a very sore spot for Russia, with all the Muslim Chechens, Dagestanis, Azerbaijanis etc. that Turkey could supply and set against Russia. Ukraine and in particular the Donbas is still an open wound that threatens to severely injure Russia – Turkey & their US-Israeli allies control Ukraine so they could easily reignite that conflict. NATO shouldn’t be overlooked as a factor either.

    • I tend to agree with you. If Erdo has such a strong hand, why didn’t he use it when Putin shut the economic door on him. It certainly didn’t take very long for Erdo to begin groveling. The US sanctions and threats (real or not) did not get the response that Russian sanctions did. Should Russia slam the door again, who is going to rescue the Turkish economy? The US? The EU? and just how would they accomplish said feat? Erdos problem is that he signed an agreement that the Russians, dotting every ‘I’ and crossing every ‘T’, insist that he honor. He thought that he would play the US and Israeli game…sign it, then renege. Unfortunately for him, although Russia prefers to use the carrot, that economic stick they carry is quite effective…at least it was last time around. So just what has supposedly changed that gives him leverage? I quite doubt it is the pipeline, as Turkey is dependent on it as well and the last time around, Putin stopped work on it indefinitely…until Erdo came crawling. Russia isn’t building several different pipelines for no reason…it’s called insurance. It sure seems to me that his position is worse now than when he was at odds with Russia. Erdo is just pissed because now he realizes that he is the one being used…for as long as he is useful. Closing the Bosphorus is a tactic, but a very dangerous one.

  3. “The biggest threat to Erdogan is his own army”. Seems true statement, perhaps he chooses the least loyal to drive in convoys arming AlQueda with no air cover into Idlib.

  4. Perhaps Idlib is shielding for Golan. Once Idlib falls, and it will it is a matter of time, then Syrian army will resort to the other terrorist entity on their territory, one that is provoking more than Turks or any other.

    • I agree. There seems to be more here than meets the eye. It does seem possible that Erdogan is shielding the biggest terrorist threat in the region i.e. Israel.

  5. The Russians are played by the Turks over and over again. Russians seem unable to detect enemies from “Partners”.

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