Intel Drop: A note from the Senior Editor on CV19

    Gene and Gordie

    VT is following the story, presenting hard medical advice, gleaning through the conspiracies and negotiating a mass of censorship and disinformation.

    We are now heading into new ground, this will be what I feel is true and can’t prove based on “gut.”

    I believe CV originated here and not China.  I don’t care if it came from a lab or not, this isn’t important to those reading this.  I do believe many millions of Americans are infected and believe they have colds and the flu.

    It is very possible that much, not 99% but maybe 99% of CV19 is psyop.

    If you are in good health normally, a non-smoker (smoking is a huge negative factor for CV19!!!!!!!!!!) but unwell:

    • Don’t panic!!
    • Do the hand washing thing, hands, face and mouth area and avoid infecting others.
    • Remember, this is if you are simply unwell are pretty sure you aren’t dying of CV19 and don’t want to get tested…
    • Figure it MAY be possible that you might have it and that “it’ may just be another illness like many others you have had before.  Most of all…DON’T PANIC.
    • Ibuprofen for headache and fever, liquids, much sleep and see if you stabilize or get better.
    • If you have obvious fever, severe headache and trouble breathing, seek aid without fail.  Pneumonia lowers oxygen to tissues, lowers cognitive ability (can turn you into a Trump voter) and spiral you into serious illness.
    • The more risk factors you have, the more careful you need to be.  Don’t pay any attention whatsoever to talk about age or well managed diabetes.  These are NOT genuine factors.
    • Compromised breathing is a very real factor.
    • STRESS such as stress from watching too much news and bullshit is a very big factor.

    Here is where I am coming from, first of all, I don’t have a medical license and can only make suggestions which cannot be relied upon as medical advice.  You want to invade a country, call me, I have that “license,” but not one to treat illness.

    I am saying…assume we are all being lied to and that the disease has been out there, that you might have it if you have a minor cough, headache and other symptoms.  Assume, as some are saying before being silenced, that many many people may have this and glide right through it.

    Also remember that any illness, particularly one that can cause pneumonia, and many can, can kill those with health vulnerabilities.

    The biggest thing is to NOT let this control what you think or what you do beyond common sense things like crazy hand washing.  I am only voicing suspicions from someone very very qualified to ascertain bullshit from reality.

    At some point we may all have to say “enough.” What if Trump is right?  You know, this is basically what he has been saying too.

    You see, too many people out there with political agenda’s, political and economic, are playing this up for their own gain.  Never before have we had as much bad information and, sadly, such poor leadership in Washington as well.

    If Trump has been right the problem is that he isn’t Barak Obama, who did his job, kept his mouth shut but when he talked, we could generally believe him.

    Trump burned those bridges….a huge mistake.


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    1. I live close to northern italy, and 1500 are dead so far, it moves fast. and i believe the doctors at the hospitals when they say that they feel like in a war zone. They have no reason to lie.

      in Austria all hospitals have cancelled unnessesary operations to keep beds available. I spoke personaly to one doctor. And they are expecting a wave of patients with breathing problems in the next to weeks.

      In vienna the exhibition hall is being prepared as field hospital.
      So obviously there is a serious disease out there. I dont know what it is. I am no doctor.

      But we are Austrians. We dont panic.
      And Gordon Duff is right:
      Most probably we will survive!

    2. Regarding Ibuprofen – this has been said to exacerbate the condition (French Health Authorities) paracetamol said to be OK.
      Italy has reported success with Tocilizumab, also known as atlizumab, which is an immunosuppressive used mainly to treat arthritus – (my thoughts are presumably it is used only during the difficult end stage) Soldium selenite is said to work well, as is Colloidal silver with hydrogen peroxide. Some have also said copper is good.
      Of possible relevance, I have been told on a visit to a steel works with Bessemer Converters etc. that nobody who works there ever gets a cold or flu. There could be a clue there – manganese? sulphur dioxide? heat? Who knows. One thing is for sure, this crisis will bring forward a lot more research, understanding and methods to treat viral infections and control pandemics.
      Lastly, I greatly admire the spirit of the Italian people who have taken to community singing from the balconies of their apartments.

    3. I think the biggest thing is don’t panic. Also there is going to be a large portion of the population that are going to think they have the Coronavirus when in fact they have a head cold or it could even be psychosomatic from being told what the symptoms are day after day by the helpful media. Almost as if was a positive suggestion.

    4. “… is that he isn’t Barak Obama…” – GD

      Only the positive side for Obama is that Larry (Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) actually liked him, while he wants nothing to do with most visiting politicians and was aggressive towards Netanyahu – we can put more trust in the judgement of a cat than any human employee of the UK government.

    5. I think all of the ER doctors I work with see this as just that. A particularly nasty form of the flu. The flu shot misses the mark more than 50% of the time and we have thousands of flu related deaths every year. Some worse than others. That is how the medical profession is treating this in the US. Virtually no one is being tested for CV19 in the US anyhow. I think the profession is not willing to show how shitty they are at getting vaccines right, showing the world how many people are infected by what was until recently an unknown form of the fairly common, by now, corona virus would not make the ‘vaccine corporation’ look too competent. Sure this virus may have been hijacked for nefarious ends and if so has been extremely effective around the world. And potentially creating a situation where everyone will have to be vaccinated, currently all healthcare workers must be and yet I see my fellow workers rates of sickness unchanged. I absolutely love what Katie Porter did today to help guarantee CV19 tests for every one regardless of whether one was insured or not. She took it to the CDC hard. Like Al Franken her days are probably numbered I fear.

    6. My late Father drowned in a public swimming pool where he was swimming almost alone without a lifeguard. In California the law demands the body be immediately sent to the County Coroner where a full autopsy is performed by top experts. The report was hundreds of pages. The medical examiner kindly talked to my brother for hours about the results. Drowning tends to mask the true cause or causes of death. Although he had had no heart procedures, it is likely he died of a heart attack but this could not be determined with certainty by this autopsy by a top physician. Only today a local news report from the Governor of Georgia claimed the first person to die of this virus just died in Georgia. But no proof was provided for this claim. In fact the article stated there were other unstated circumstances too. The point is unless a full autopsy is performed by a qualified medical examiner, one cannot state with certainty the cause of death and even then the cause may be uncertain as in my late Father’s case having drowned in a swimming pool.

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