Time to Remove Trump


There is no “Q”

He is what he seems, unlike some try to convince you, his utter asshole and fucking idiot act is, in fact, the real deal.



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  1. A vote for a third party candidate is actually a vote for Donald “Israel First” Trump.
    Think Jill Stein

  2. And, you know, supporting wrecking Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, etc. do not help Biden either…
    At the end of the day, the NWO is built on systems, and looking largely at individuals like Trump and Biden do not address the system as a whole.

  3. How comes, that this talk is what I can read in my newspapers every day and my government (Germany, you know the best in the world) is also telling me every day since Killary lost.

    I’m out of this, I can’t follow this path any more. It’s – like our media and politicians – ongoing propaganda.

    By Jim and Gordon

    • DT,

      We have known each other for years but you know absolutely nothing about American politics but what you get from Zionist propaganda…same for others here…who I know are smart enough to know better.

      So many of you lack discipline, You don’t question what’s put on your plate, whose dung is it?

      Every assessment of Biden I see here is based on him being attacked for his anti-Israel history, which is very strong.

      And he is being attacked for being “pro-Israel” based on zionist propaganda. Same with me, listed as one of the top ten (number 3) anti-zionists on the planet and continually attacked for being a crypto-Jew and closet zionist.

      by Google.

      Raise your game, dying stupid is such a waste, particularly for intelligent people. Pay more attention, please. Woodshed beating over.

    • OK Hasbara Troll, The Great Pretenders, Worshippers of Beelzebub and proven liars, you Hasbara/IDF scum aren’t fooling anybody so move along, save it for Disqus, Facebook and Craigslist Politics.
      Veterans see right through your Israeli propaganda.

  4. I’m not a Trump supporter, nor do I care for either major political party. That said, this political ad is precisely that, an ad politicizing a human crisis. It’s utter bullshit! This is not informing the public; it’s pointing fingers for cheap political gain, no matter who’s in government. Created by the same propagandists that said Saddam had WMD’s, or who say Vladimir Putin and Russia are evil, or Iran is the leading sponsor of terror.

  5. Wow. VT scrubs the comment section. Two minutes ago there was a post about how the blue dog democrats not supporting Bernie and that’s what we get and my response to it which brought up Joe Flipflop Lieberman a fine example of a blue dog democrat, an Israeli firster …

  6. Donald Trump kisses Sheldon Adelson’s ring and declares:
    ” Anything Bibi wants Bibi gets”
    Donald J. Trump, AIPAC convention NYC 2020
    One month prior, Jared Kushner’s “Peace Plan” which includes a loyalty oath to Bibi and Israel and all Americans must comply.
    Donald “Israel First” Trump signs Executive Order prohibiting criticism of Israel including severe penalties for BDS meetings and “discussions” about 911.
    Donny the Draft Dodger has made US a de facto colony of Israel.
    2020: Trump suspends elections due to COVID virus.
    Jared Kushner is ” appointed” Supreme Leader of the United States of Israel upon Trump’s death.
    ” Once we squeeze everything from the United States it can dry up and blow away”
    Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu 2002.

  7. At this point only imbeciles and Israeli firsters support him. The two terms are interchangeable.

  8. “Q” is a another synthesized Mythos Created by hopium & illusion while the Babylonian Banksters steal America blind by controlling the conflicts used to control the debt, used to control the Gubmints of it’s people. Control the conflicts & the debt it creates, you control it all.

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