Intel Drop: Censorship-Deception-Blackmail, it Even Reaches US



    In the last 48 hours, two people I know, respected authors, began publishing purposefully semi-literate COVID articles for shady cash, $3k per month.  I won’t use their names, I know why they need, or think they need the money.  I try not to judge.

    A factoid?  COVID is 3 times as deadly as the seasonal flu, not the same, not close and statistics prove it.

    They (paid influencers) try to compare COVID to flu, using fake stats.  The real ones?  From the NYT:

    “These numbers undermine the notion that many people who have died from the virus may soon have died anyway. In Paris, more than twice the usual number of people have died each day, far more than the peak of a bad flu season. In New York City, the number is now four times the normal amount.”

    Past that, almost everyone with any audience, including YouTube and Twitter “stars” and the podcast networks, have been on the pad for weeks now, parroting denialist tales which new reports, such as in today’s lancet, show COVID to be more dangerous than imagined and immunity non-existent.

    We are supposed to forget that Trump brought this on us and that a very real and quite undercounted 45,000 are officially dead and all have names and birth certificates.

    These are the orders from “Deep State Central,” sent by email in the form of “talking points.”

    Bonuses are paid for Press TV/RT interview mentions, comment left on news blogs and articles published, with VT and Global Research an extra bonus.

    • Attack Dr. Fauci
    • Blame Bill Gates
    • Blame China
    • COVID is just flu
    • Deaths faked
    • Empty hospitals

    We are in our 5th day of 100% censorship of all western media.

    Payments are being traced to funding groups for the Proud Boys, MS 13 (a CIA/GOP narcotics partner) and a series of foundations and think tanks closely aligned to Israel. (no idea why)

    Nothing whatsoever written about any of these subjects is to be relied upon and anyone writing on these subjects can be considered blacklisted as ‘bought/fake.’

    We have written what we know and withheld what we don’t know.  Live with it.


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    1. Hi Ian
      There are definitely four HIV insertions in what hit wuhan. Also SARd lots of other stuff.
      I think the research paper you mention to read is the Univ of N Carolina one??? This was about Covid 19, and it proves it was engineered in the USA and was engineered with a gain of function….so this is what I described as the “amplified to be more lethal ” covid 19 horseshoe Bay strain… To this ” super lethal flu bug base” was added all the rest later on…sime of it using CRISPR copy and paste manipulations to it …see Dr Paul Cotrell on on you tube for details how bloated with kill functions it became before being “deployed” in wuhan.

      • No there are not, this is just not true, go read the Uni of NC paper published by the people who created the virus before you say anything further as you have it all entirely wrong. You are clearly reading internet crap and mixing it together into a melange of nonsense. Sorry to be harsh, but this is a very serious subject where it is imperative to get these facts straight and not spread incorrect information.

    2. If you are talking about Jim Stone, which I don’t see how you could be, he’s not and never has been a respectable journalist, as you and I know he is not even a real person, “he” has just this morning “translated” a recording from a dyeing Hispanic woman. She is dead now but with her last breaths has warned everybody from her NYC hospital deathbed that NYC hospitals are giving COVID patients lethal injections so that they die quickly and efficiently. Stone with the aid of Kaminski’s unblockable internet distribution network is now warning the world. I guess blaming COVID on 5 G, eating pork, and simply denying that viruses even exist was not enough. If these guys were not sanctioned intelligence psy-op writers they would be arrested for this fecal matter they been spreading all over the internet. I feel compelled, for my readers who support me, to look into this myself since I know a little bit about microbiology. Been working on this since last night, Corona is a Class IV in the Baltimore classification system, I know that transduction through a bacteriophage is involved somewhere. I figure we’re all infected, and that whoever engineered COVID made it so different genetic reactants would trigger a lytic cycle in targeted groups, or even individuals now that they have most people’s DNA…

      • I thought “Jim Stone” was a science-fiction writer?

        First time I looked at “his” website, red flags appeared due to “him” appearing to be an expert in almost everything, and much not passing the smell test.

    3. Those talking points sound exactly right. In addition it is obvious to anyone and no need for degree in molecule biology to see it, is that the Covid 19 SARS 2 virus is a biioweapon made especially to kill as many humans as possible. This word “bioweapon” is censored as well, unless “conspiracy theorist” is in same sentence.
      For those who want to explain the obvious proof it is a bioweapon;
      It is first an ” amplified in lethality” flu bug, this the “base” of it.
      Then using CRISPR bio engineering, four obvious insertions of HIV added to it, this to screw up immune sytem…plus the most lethal SARS you can choose was added into the mix. CRISPR

      List includes more manipulations, and all are ones to make it more lethal there are NO “random natural selection” mutations to it. Also ALL manipulations occured all at once .. Everything added to it is for single purpose in is to make it more lethal. Those often quoted articles in Lancet and Forbes denying it is a lab manufactured biioweapon are only “opinion pieces” NOT peer reviewed scientific papers!! They cannot prove it is a natural virus because it’s not a natural virus . My favorite analogy is there is a dog with huge ugly spider legs walking down road… Is this natural? That’s what you see with simple examininarion of the genetic structure of Covid 19 SARS 2 a Frankenstein mix of everything you can possibly do to make that flu bug as lethal and deceptive in how it kills as is possible…no random mutations from natural selection to it at all anywhere. The chances something like this virus could evolve naturally into how it is even in a million years time span is a zillion to one.
      My theory ” what happened” is the virus initially sold as a designer type, which targets certain race if people…but being a lab produced concoction it’s very unstable and mutates very fast so the ethic targeting feature didn’t stick anymore after a couple weeks jumping around from victim to victim.
      Sorry on more thing not ever mentioned censored to the max:
      There were TWO bioweapons deployed the first on wuhan then another much more lethal on nIran. Deployed about month later after the wuhan operatio looked to be successful.

      • Go read the research paper, no HIV was added, neither was any SARS. It’s simply the horseshoe bat virus with a minor alteration so it is more infectious to the ACE2 receptor in human cells.

        Please, stop with ‘theories’ as they are counter-productive and wrong, we already know what happened because the virus creators published their research, if you haven’t read it, Gordon posted it here, so go read it immediately before you say anything else.

    4. Any evidence that the masks bought at five times the market rate by a Massachusetts doctor for his hospital were sold to him by Trump/Kushner mafiosos? He wrote about it in the New England Journal of Medicine, which has been turned into a digest of bad screenplays in our time apparently. They were delivered in unmarked trucks and took circuitous routes to evade FBI agents trying to confiscate them, perhaps as evidence of the kind of “backdoor” black market activity Trump was accusing health workers of indulging in recently. These people are bold criminals, I will give you that. When will these entitled ones ever get caught?

    5. Of course the usual ‘disinfo’ agents are in full swing going all out. Then theres this,
      “A new study carried out by researchers at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, finds that COVID-19 has mutated into at least 30 different variations, and that the ability of the novel coronavirus to mutate has been underestimated.” sputniknews.
      Here in down under, death rate is relatively small, whether that is due to management practices or just nature hard to say. Im waiting for the Swedish trial to finish and see how they compared.
      If there are 30 differnet strains, then looks like some are worse than others?

      • It’s a chimeric virus, which, if my basic interpretation based on what chimeric means, indicates that it can and does, change/mutate, hence the 30 variants.

      • Cheers, I think this chimeric ability is an indicator that it is indeed an engineered bioweapon. Yes, chimeric viruses exist in nature, but the rate at which CV19 appears to be changing would appear to be far greater than what one might expect in nature. Then again, I’m no virologist or epidemiologist, so I don’t really know.

    6. Well, I insist the blame for Windows Vista* lies with Bill Gates, Jr. When does my check arrive? 😉

    7. For this global op to succeed, the sinophobia needs to take deep root, same as was with anti-arabism after 9-11 (which is in fact a part of anti-semitism but proZionists are denialists about this one).
      Probably a feeling you get, if your name was Oussama during the 2001 attending any US university, or nowadays if you are studying or working in Little China but have family members residing in Wuhan province.
      Ah…What would a Republican mandate be without major global destabilization?

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