The Uncounted Dead From COVID-19

The CoronaVirus molecule

Health Editor’s Note: This article is  a good explanation of why we will never know just how many COVID-19 deaths we will record….Carol

Why some people who likely died from COVID-19 aren’t included in the final numbers.

by Maggie Koerth/FiveThirtyEight

The first time Bob Duffy entered the world of epidemiology, he was an amateur scientist. It was 2003. He had retired from the New York City Fire Department and taken a sabbatical from his normal life in suburban Long Island to help his daughter Meghan earn her Ph.D. in Michigan. She was studying the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases, using tiny lake crustaceans as a model organism.

Together, Meghan and Bob would go out in a truck, towing a little, flat-bottomed rowboat. They were studying how epidemics begin and spread under a variety of conditions. They’d unhitch at one lake, and then another, working their way across the countryside as they collected and counted diseased crustaceans and the fish that preyed on them. “Over the course of a few months, you can go through a whole epidemic,” Meghan Duffy told me. Her father was her paid research assistant, and one of his jobs was to catch the fish. After 30 years of running into burning buildings, he couldn’t believe his luck, she said.

He died, at home, on March 29, 2020. Officially, the cause of death was chronic lung disease. But there was more going on than just that. …...Read More:


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  1. Carol I to am not against vaccines . But what concerns me is the safety aspect. It takes years to develop a vaccine. What we have today is a fast track development which is quite worrying . Also people behind the scenes are very suspect to what there goal really is.

    • nwonwarorders, I am in favor of vaccination but would leave it to the choice of the individual. Let’ put it this way, ICU nurses I have talked with, who are taking care of COVID-19 patients and watching them die, say they will get the vaccine. I will also.

    • VT favors limited mandatory vaccinations for people who choose to live in the general population when it is for diseases where the unvaccinated kill people…like polio and measles. Saying anything else is evidence of insanity.

  2. The article spent all it’s time rambling on about the under counted COVID-19 cases. Not a word on the over counted cases, as it was known Coroners didn’t check for the virus, Doctors with patients that died in their care were directed by Government ordered E-mail to include COVID-19 as cause of death regardless of the actual cause. That was back in about March, wasn’t it ?

    • the over counting to begin.
      The article is probably correct in that the actual numbers will never be known.
      With the main reason being Government interference into the medical field. To inflate the numbers of deaths caused by COVID-19 to justify it’s absurd extended lockdown.
      The artice states tests were available, this is not true, no symptoms-no test was/is the reality. Anyone testing that’s ever had the flu will test positive for the anti-bodies. The testing will be offered, if not forced, those testing positive for Corona Virus,as it stands at the moment with US military to vaccinate everyone will be vaccinated with this untested toxin laden combination. The first two people given this vaccine died within hours, four

    • Jim Allen, What “first two people given this vaccine died”? Where is this recorded? What study was this a part of? More info on this as blanket statements of “two people dying after vaccination” are going to cut it.

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