White Power, Now even worse, Trump ‘crazytweets’ call for gun violence

2 St Louis personal injury attorneys brandish firearms at peaceful demonstrators, testing local gun laws



Two lawyers who own a magnificent home on a “private” street may well be protecting their home from peaceful demonstrators.  They claim that a mob tore down gates and broke into a private community as part of a riot.

There was no riot but there was a mayor hiding from the community in one of many gated streets, called private but hardly private, a leftover from the 18th century when robber barons in St. Louis walled themselves off from their victims.

From St. Louis magazine:

“The private streets of St. Louis are famous.

Long before modern-day zoning and regulations, a segment of St. Louis high society chose to separate itself from the rest of the population, often living in the predecessors of modern suburbia designed by Julius Pitzman. Most of these private streets still exist, though some, such as Vandeventer Place, were annihilated in the mid-20th century. Today, these elite refuges for the wealthy are viewed by today’s St. Louisans as wonderful reminders of the glory days—or as telling relics of unresolved class resentment. Regardless, it’s interesting to see what the contemporary observer of these private streets, as the streets were being platted and sold, thought of these St. Louis inventions.

An interesting article from May 6, 1895, in the now-defunct St. Louis Republic offers insights into the institution of private streets around the year 1900 when most of the Pitzman designs opened. There is always certain confidence in newspapers at the time, and the article opens with a humblebrag about the recently opened Union Station, which was the largest and busiest train station at the time. The author remarks that since all rail traffic passes through the terminal, out-of-town visitors do not have the opportunity to see any of the city while transferring to other rail depots, despite the fact most private streets are not located anywhere near downtown St. Louis.

But the reporter does go on to include an insightful quote from a driver who provided tours to visitors:

“Everyone is surprised and delighted at our private places, and notably Vandeventer, Westmoreland, and Portland; these being the three most convenient to include in a two hours’ ride.”

The conversation later turned to the visitors’ amazement at the well-tended boulevards that separated grand carriageways. A few wondered aloud how the money was raised in order to keep all the gardeners paid. Vandeventer Place was famous, of course, for requiring unanimous approval of all landowners for any change in the restrictions put in place at its founding. There are rumors that it’s still difficult for the residents of some private streets in St. Louis to keep the bills paid for the large numbers of privately held streets or medians.


Did Donald Trump by ‘Crazytweet Proclamation’ legalize ‘brandishing?’  How can police ever respond to real threats when Trump endorses pointing guns, menacingly, at members of the public as ‘free speech?’

Guardian: Donald Trump courted controversy on Monday – and perhaps sought to deflect attention from reports about Russia placing bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan – by retweeting news footage of a white couple in St Louis, Missouri who pointed guns at protesters marching for police reform.

The president’s action came a day after he retweeted footage of protesters clashing in Florida in which a Trump supporter could be heard to say “White power! White power!”

That retweet was deleted from the president’s account after a few hours, a White House spokesman saying Trump had not heard the inflammatory words before sending the footage on to his supporters.  A screen grab of Trump’s soon to be deleted again crazytweet.

The protesters in St Louis were marching to the mayor’s home to demand her resignation.

In a Facebook live briefing on Friday, Lyda Krewson read the names and addresses of several residents who wrote letters suggesting she defund the police department. The video was removed from Facebook and Krewson apologized on Friday, stating she did not “intend to cause distress”.

A social media video showed the unidentified armed white couple standing outside their home in the Central West End neighbourhood, shouting at protesters. The man carried an assault-style rifle, the woman a handgun. People in the march moved the crowd forward, urging participants to ignore them.

It was not immediately clear whether St Louis police were aware of the incident.

Krewson, who is white, was elected as the first female mayor of St Louis in April 2017, pledging to reduce crime and improve impoverished neighborhoods. Her husband, Jeff Krewson, was killed in a carjacking in 1995. She and her two young children were in the car.


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  1. If it had been two American Blacks, the police would have already fired and the press would have titled “An extremely dangerous Black couple threatens White people”.

  2. OMG Haaarrrrold, theres black and hooligans people in the street,.. And Our Yard !

    This quite adequately emulates the reaction of (white suburban) government during the first few days of the George Floyd uprising. A microcosm of what started in Minneapolis. Women really took the center stage, police chiefs, mayors, and governors. On the protest side they did as well, countless mothers/wives lining up to take the mic and tell their stories. This is ancient stuff, the stories of the wives when the men take too rough approach to the house. In this case, the woman is wildly aggressive, overly frightened, and committing a crime on camera. She could have brought out lemonade or ice tea.

  3. Justified Use of Deadly Force is not determined by your feelings, or vague understanding of the law. Your local District Attorney presents your case to his handpicked Grand Jury, using his witnesses and his evidence. District Attorneys can empanel multiple Grand Juries to obtain a True Bill. Better to get multichannel video recorder, warn that trespassing charges will be filed. Best if you only deploy a weapon to prevent imminent injury or death.

    Deadly use of force is life altering for everyone involved. Avoid making yourself a victim of the Just-Us system.

  4. As a Federally licensed firearms manufacturer and dealer and a holder of a concealed pistol license, this activity is clearly “menacing.” The only reason to ever point a firearm at another person is if your life or the life of another is clearly in danger. This is a crime. Additionally, the woman clearly has her finger on the trigger. Proper firearms training states that the finger not be there until you are certain that you are going to fire because of the risk of accidental discharge. The man may have his finger on the trigger also but the video is not conclusive. Either way, both should be charged. Here it could be a felony or a misdemeanor, but I am not sure about Missouri law.
    I support the second amendment and responsible gun rights, but I don’t support armed morons.

    The fact that the President re-tweeted this is just another example of his mental derangement.

    • The biggest threat to the 2nd amendment is dumb (or maniac) gun owners following Trump.
      One little squeeze and that Lady is more famous than she ever wanted to be and totally not the way she would have wanted.

    • Agree completely…..and what exposes the agenda is how fast they spread that the National Register Historic district is a private and gated community that was over-run and trespassed upon….a falsity.

  5. From what I’ve read, this was a gated community that the “peaceful demonstrators” broke into. At that point, they’re trespassing on private property. What the hell good is the Second Amendment if you can’t stand guard over your own property? VT sees Trump everywhere. It’s beyond the point of overkill. I can get this kind of stuff from Daily Mail or Yahoo. Four months to election. When does the shutdown of the comment section commence?

    • In the interest of journalistic balance, how about some mention of the 16 year old, and 14 year old, that were killed and wounded, respectively, by the Seattle CHOP zone protestors?

    • Read again…that private gated community that was first reported is a historic district of the city, not gated private property like the streets and sidewalks are not public…they are. Notice the above story has dropped the gated private property bullshit that NYT flalesly reported and people with hate are repeating.

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