Wuhan Reflects on Coronavirus Pandemic


Health Editor’s Note: While coronavirus cases and deaths continue to compound in the U.S., Wuhan China continues to see a few weekly cases even after a 76 day lockdown. The stories of those in China who survived the pandemic are quite different than what is being seen in the U.S.

Why do we have rampant disregard for physical distancing, wearing masks, which has led to protests which draw large crowds together for further spread of coronavirus? 

Some in the U.S. want to believe that they are being controlled by the government when asked to wear masks and to physically distance. The anti-vaxxers, anti-government freaks, Trumpets, hawkers of fake cure potions, COVID-19 deniers, naysayers of science and medicine just keep compounding the risks of contracting coronavirus, even as we daily loose hundreds and thousands of people to this pandemic.

At present there is no cure or prevention from COVID-19 other than simply not being around others who have the virus. Too bad the virus is not something that can be seen by the naked eye.  The U.S. is not seeing a handful of new coronavirus cases. We see jumps of several thousand per day of infected and also hundreds of deaths. It is not acceptable that these deaths mostly occur in the elderly or those with pre-existing conditions such as obesity, heart and lung disease, diabetes, immune disorders, etc. These people did not need to die. The deaths are often in the elderly population and guess what!…Just because you have some age on you does not mean you are ready to give up and die because of irrational, petty, and selfish behavior by others. By the way, the average age of a coronavirus patient is coming down by decades. 

Why do we persist in ignoring the obvious and pretend “as long as it is not me, then there are no worries, business as usual for me?” None of us are comfortable with the feelings of helplessness/hopelessness coronavirus has brought into our lives, but to take the route of “me, for myself and damn the rest” is childish and grossly irresponsible behavior and in the end can come around to bite YOU or someone you know and love in the ass…..Carol  

‘We No Longer Wish For Much’: People Of Wuhan Share Stories Of Loss And Survival

by Emily Feng and Amy Cheng/NPR.org

A seafood vendor among the first people infected by the novel coronavirus has a change of heart over what is important in life.

A doctor who treated some of the first patients still puzzles over why the virus behaves the way it does.

A psychologist worries about the deep, lasting emotional strains from the outbreak.

A survivor seeks justice for his mother’s death, though he knows his lawsuit against the authorities will likely never go to trial.

These are some of the people from Wuhan, China, who lived through the start of what became a pandemic claiming almost half a million lives around the world and counting. Now Wuhan’s residents are reflecting back to where it began, including the earliest reported infections, the city’s 76-day lockdown, residents’ efforts to help each other survive and the government’s initial missteps in countering the virus.

The worst is over, say Chinese health authorities. New coronavirus cases in Wuhan have dropped to a handful each week, although they recently resurged in Beijing.

These Wuhan residents say they have not forgotten the weeks of isolation, fear and heartbreak. Here are some of their stories.

W. may well be one of the first people ….read more:



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  1. kevin barrett publishes on this site and would agree govt has clearly created the virus for political purposes and probably even arranged its strategic release. apparently you disagree, which is troubling given this is an alleged intel discussion site. my sense is many anti-hysteria victims of usa c-19 policy like me oppose masks, distancing and surely economic and civil liberties regs and refusals is for the very reasons kevin asserts: we are under attack by our own govt with weapons we produced for obvious pol purposes. no amount of masks and distancing defend us from this. govt can and likely will attack again. add to this any well informed health scientist knows store bought or homemade masks make no appreciable difference in viral conditions and you understand our disregard of those standards. some surgeons i read call them idiotic; talismans for social conditioning, not scientific results. i am wondering why barret bothers to publish here.

    • Clearly you haven’t read our coverage of the pandemic. We have exposed the whole kit n caboodle, how the virus was created at the Uni of N Carolina, how it was spread to Wuhan by a team of fake US athletes in December 2019. No-one else has published anywhere near the same level of truthful insight on the pandemic.

    • haroldburbank, I highly doubt that novel coronavirus 2019 was created for some sort of political purpose. While you may have your misguided ideas about masking, physical distancing, lockdowns there is no doubt that these are going to be the only way to slow the spread of COVID-19 since we have no vaccine or cure for COVID-19. Masking and physical distancing plus handwashing and not touching your face, eyes, mouth, nose, have made a huge difference in the numbers of cases the consequent deaths due to COVID-19. The world numbers for coronavirus cases and deaths are astronomical but if not for concerted efforts to cut down on passing the virus by physical contact, the numbers would be far higher. Studies have shown that these measures have made a difference. Here is but one article published in the Lancet: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)31183-1/fulltext Masks can help to stop the spread of coronavirus by stopping the spread of droplets which contain virus. While masks should be changed frequently for greater efficacy, and few have more than one, to use one is better than not using one. You can protect others from contracting the virus. Masks are not symbols of social conditioning, but ARE symbols of making an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus. You should also be focusing on physical distancing. Masks are not an attack on anyone’s civil liberties. Geez…..

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