Fauci: We Are Only Knee-Deep in the First Wave of Coronavirus


Health Editor’s Note: I am with Fauci in this prediction/statement of medical/scientific fact.  We have reached astronomical numbers of coronavirus cases and with that, even though we are not hearing so much about it, the deaths. People are still dying. Some hospitals are daily being pushed to their limits to care for COVID-19 patients. 

The subset of Americans who is contracting COVID-19, due to lack of physical distancing, use of masks, is getting younger.  Often these infectors are simply carriers and spreaders of coronavirus, as they remain asymptomatic.  No symptoms does not mean they are not still spreading virus. The air coming from the lungs/mouth/nose of a person positive for coronavirus can travel, as I have suspected all along, for many, many feet and infect anyone who inhales those virus-containing virus. 

Are the daily announcements of numbers of cases and deaths falling onto deaf ears?  Are people so used to the daily numbers of coronavirus cases jumping by thousands that they no longer hear, care about, or can no longer interpret what is going on around us?  Why is it so hard to understand that a mask, when out in public, can cut down on the spread of virus droplets, no matter their size.  Since coronavirus is transmitted from human to human, do not be physically near anyone you are not currently living with. Washing hands before touching face/nose/mouth/eyes is still the easiest to perform technique in cutting down the chances of you becoming infected. Do not be in a cramped space. People do survive being infected with the virus. Survivors of COVID-19 often have ongoing issues, such as mental problems, low energy levels, aches, pains. The younger subset of coronavirus cases may get over the virus more quickly as they may not have age or pre-existing health concerns going against their survival. 

The very best way to survive this pandemic first wave and any waves that come behind is to NOT get coronavirus.  Physically distance yourself, wear masks in areas where you will be around other people, do not allow yourself to be in crowded situations, and wash, wash, wash your hands before touching your face…Carol

US is still ‘knee-deep’ in the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Fauci says

by Christina Maxouris and Amir Vera/CNN

(CNN)In the span of a week and a half, the number of coronavirus cases in the United States has doubled, yet officials are saying this is still the first wave of the pandemic.

“We are still knee-deep in the first wave of this,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said in a Facebook and Twitter livestream Monday. “I would say, this would not be considered a wave. It was a surge, or a resurgence of infections superimposed upon a baseline … that really never got down to where we wanted to go.”

The surge in recent weeks has led to a shortage of hospital beds and threatens to set the economy back even further. This virus is notorious for how contagious it is — and how easily people can infect others without symptoms, prompting warnings from health officials that the crisis could get even worse after images of packed beaches emerged over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.
“We are in free fall,” said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, chief of infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital.
“You see the footage of what happened this past weekend. And people are either naive to the influence of their actions, or they’re simply resigned to ignore it.”


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  1. Wearing a mask is how the numbers stabilized or dropped here in upstate NY. It is a no brainer.
    Any mask is better than no mask.
    Masks off, numbers up. Masks on , numbers down. I’ve watched it play out.
    Another point that is not mentioned often, do not touch anything in a store unless you are going to buy it.
    It is unbelievable that some states who watched everything that went on in NYC, did not mandate masks. That decision cost lives and the economy.

  2. I’d sure enough love to see a sample of Trump’s blood work, just to see if it has an immunoglobulin for SARS-CoV-2.

    • Ed, Well Bolsonaro has tested positive for coronavirus….He thought just like Trump… another naysayer when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. When Trump becomes positive, if he has not been already, we will not be told…..

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