Lincoln Project: The Most Corrupt President in American History


and for those who belong with Trump…



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  1. I saw a clip today that made me laugh so much because people are so purposely blind to this “American dream” and what it means that only Trump and his supporters are still at it. It’s a clip on Twitter of Maximo Alvarez, President of Sunshine Gasoline, praising Trump saying that only in the US blah blah …
    What I find fascinating is that in an indirect way they admit that only in the US their lawlessness can be considered a success story. An oil executive had probably buried thousands of people from oil rich countries through the use of US military raping the country for them before they set foot and burn the place for two worthless shekels. With the exception of one post who pointed out to the crimes of the US military, everyone else’s comments were praising the bull story.

  2. How VT can fall back on an outfit like the so-called “Lincoln Project” to shove the Russia hoax in extremis while the attentive dogs in the street saw the emails from Jerusalem not only indicating but projecting IsraelGate as the real issue behind Trump’s 2016 election win and myriad suspect events it brought in on its tail. His election committee as described and outlined on video by contributor 444(?) here on VT showed an 80%+ entanglement of Ash Can Nazis who came under the radar of Geoffrey Berman the conveniently fired Manhattan US Attorney. Who would give us the choice of two effective buffoons to vote in as President – certainly not any entity with the interests of the US at heart. Only those who have been busy undermining it a la Bibi’s Fink’s Bar expose maybe? The Lincoln Project reeks of Commie Bolshevism, as in Lincoln Brigade: From eh Wikipedia – “The Lincoln Battalion was the 17th (later the 58th) battalion of the XV International Brigade, a mixed brigade of the International Brigades also known as Abraham Lincoln Brigade. It was organized by the Communist International with great care to conceal or minimize the communist character of the enterprise and to make it appear as a campaign on behalf of progressive democracy…The Lincoln Brigade integrated white and black volunteers on an equal basis.” Who is it who boast” “By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Do War”? And who or what is this outfit “Bend The Arc”? America is being destroyed by deception and Black America is being set up to take the hit. Somebody tell Mr. Farrakan because nobody else seems to be alert to events on the ground.

  3. Relax VT as I saw the orange fat man wearing a cheap paper mask on TV yesterday as our dear creepy Joe will win the November “selection”.

    You know a hundred years ago folks whom were ordered to wear masks cut holes in them for cigars and for swigs of beer in the bars of the day.

    Many think history repeats itself LOL….

  4. Please explain to me how 20 years ago when the Postal service got bombed by anthrax spores and those spores went right through a standard business envelop and contaminated a million sq foot facility and sickened and killed many how a cheap paper mask is going to stop a virus 10000 times smaller then said spore?

    Me thinks the woman in the video is smarter than many of you!

    However, if it makes you “feel” safe put your cheap mask on and obey the government!

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