Trump used, and uses the “N Word” Continually…Most Racist Family on Earth


“Niggers and Kikes, Niggers and Kikes, Niggers and Kikes”, Does this explain why he hates Obama but why is he taking orders from Netanyahu now?

Daily Beast: In her new best-selling book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, and in subsequent interviews, Mary Trump has said it was “sort of normal” while growing up to hear her family use the “n-word” or anti-Semitic expressions. But in a new interview with Rachel Maddow set to air Thursday night on MSNBC, she went even further, confirming that she personally has heard her uncle, President Donald Trump, use that language.

Maddow asked Mary Trump if Donald “was an exception” to that in her family or she ever heard him say the “n-word” specifically. “Of course I did,” the president’s niece replied. “And I don’t think that should surprise anybody given how virulently racist he is today.”



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  1. Flashback to early 2017 when the question was asked, ‘Is Trump Racist ?”. Most said No, or refused to answer.
    To have a close family member of a president say this , is going to stick in US history.
    Particularly, because she is intimately aware of where he got it from and how it has shaped who he is.
    “Is Trump a racist ?” “Of Course” he is. Anyone with discernment has known from the beginning. This renders a person unfit to lead the military or any other public office. Done.
    But, that is not where it stops, he has encouraged it, emboldened it, and people have died.
    Then they wonder why the statues are torn down. By not resigning and continuing his pursuit of another term, he is a threat to national security.

    • Wrong assessment. Responses to threats are not threats. The stats nobody hears about, are the number of white supremacist attacks that have been stopped before they were to act, police that have been arrested in 2020, and the number of white nationalists and police who engaged in vandalism during BLM protest. These are all available, but people just refuse or are unable to look it up.

  2. I watched the video put up by Odell. It is certainly a heart-felt position he puts forth. Unfortunately, by his own admission, he was part and parcel of the lead-up to where we are now. He puts across his dislike for the myopic Trump policies, but it seems only after farmers were hit in the wallet. It’s too bad he didn’t realize before Trump he himself was part of deep state(for 30 years?), the corporate controllers of everything. It’s good that he now professes to be thinking clearly, but where was that thinking when he voted for the idiot in the first place? As he now sees the error of his ways in supporting Trump, I can’t say much for his idea that the repug party is just now the evil corporate quagmire it has always been. The Ag dept has been screwing the small farmer since the 50s/60s in favor of the corporate farmer. I would like to find out more about this guy and the type of products he produces and whether or not he is just as conscientious about the food he produces or is he part of the GMO/Glyphosate farmers…whose main concern is profit. Although I’m glad he woke up(sort of) I can’t say that supporting Biden is any sort of solution.

    • Well, I looked and this guy is Chris Gibbs. He grows soybeans and corn. The two most GMO/Glyphosate crops in the US. The main thing about GMOs and Glyphosate? Increased profits…and detrimental to ones health. So, yeah, he is a true republican. He’s turning on Trump for the same reason a lot of people voted for Trump, money.

    • Yea, many of the videos in the channel, do not come out and support Biden.
      And yes, the farmers are generally slow to come around to things like GMO, because they are hooked into seed supply way before we used the term.
      But many farmers of all sizes are not happy getting checks (though they get them every year) instead of selling crops. And yes, farmers are a great group to educate because they will not be easily swayed once convinced. Most are equipment operators more than farmers these days. Product is based on soil requirements and price per acre, not what the town wants to buy. The subsidies have lost their original purpose when the soy beans are sold overseas.

  3. I have a very close relative who worked for, interacted with, and golfed regularly with Trump for over 10 years, and he is not a fan of his today, I can say with confidence this is false.

  4. Youtube channel,… Republican Voters Against Trump ,.. trending
    This one is a guy , farmer, party chair, authentic, decent human being, smart.
    half a million views
    Chris from Ohio is a farmer, Trump voter, and lifelong Republican – hear why he will be voting Joe
    another good one is “What will be in the Trump Museum”

  5. The “N Word”, the “F Word”, the “C Word”…bunch of journalistic slaves and pussies can’t even write the friggin’ word.

    • Edward, that is the result of insane tolerance and that every person has rights to express, monetize or sue smb for his personal devils in his head. Dangerous state of society, when you constantly have to watch what you say and what you do. I have mentioned many times that in Russia we call African people Negros (Негры). And it is like to call a Russian- Russian, German as German. It is normal and it is written in our language vocabulary/encyclopedia. Vice versa to call a person as “black” is considered offensive. It means “bad”. Though, i see very often when.. ok.. black people say “Hi, brother niggaz!” to their black friends. So, for them it is normal. Strange bipolarity.
      Maybe we have to thank geography that we have the oceans between Russia and the USA in order to stay safe from X-Words sanctions )
      P.s. Now i know that i can be shot if i say loud the word “Книга” (A Book) in Russian language among BLM gang. Because it sounds like Kniga.

      I ask Senior Editors not to delete my post, because i’m Russian (another culture) and we are not tolerant. Got used to name things as they are.
      Thank you!

  6. So, what ? Meaningless bullshit, a staged interview, to disparage Trump to an easily offended sheeples. Passing this stupidity on aids, abets further stupidity. There’s noting newsworthy, in the content, and makes zero difference to the outcome.

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