Messenger RNA Vaccine for COVID-19 Will Be the First


Health Editor’s Note: There are many pharmaceutical companies and other entities and countries working on a vaccine, and I have an issue with that.  Why make this a “who gets the vaccine first, makes the most money from it” concept.  Why not put together all data from all real, scientific sources, use all the powerfully brilliant scientific minds, and place efforts into one pot?  Produce a vaccine that safely works, get it out to all, for free, and stop this continual wasting of human lives and if you choose to not take the vaccine for reasons of your own (the one I would guess is that like Trump, you think you are invincible and cannot die or perhaps you think that coronavirus is a hoax designed to take away your freedoms, well, the freedom to get sick and die) you will have that choice but for the rest of us, who do not think the elderly and those with pre-existing diseases that make them targets for COVID-19 deaths, should die, we want a safe, effective, vaccine. 

What has become blatantly apparent, is that we absolutely need a vaccine against novel coronavirus 2019 to halt its spread.  There is no natural immunity to COVID-19. No one has been born with the antibodies to fight off this virus.

Currently the only way to receive an immunity to coronavirus, perhaps only for a few weeks, is to actually contract the virus.  That is not good option to reach a level of immunity against further attacks of the virus, since this virus causes deaths. Whomever contracts COVID-19 runs a chance of dying.

It is well past time for a protection against the COVID-19 virus to be safely put out here…..Carol

What Are mRNA Vaccines, and Could They Work Against COVID-19?

by Marcus A. Banks/

The race for a vaccine is on. Earlier this month, the U.S. government agreed to pay $4 billion to six pharmaceutical companies, including $1.6 billion to drug developer Novavax, in return for the promise of delivering 100 million doses of a new vaccine against the novel coronavirus by early 2021. This timetable is breathtakingly fast, as new vaccine development typically requires several years, but it demonstrates the urgency with which scientists around the world are trying to slow down COVID-19.

The sprint for a vaccine could bring a new technique to the fore: using messenger RNA (mRNA). If successful, the treatment would be the first-ever commercially available mRNA vaccine. In May, the pharmaceutical company Moderna released preliminary data showing that its mRNA vaccine safely offered some degree of immunity against COVID-19. A partnership between Pfizer and bioNTech also showed positive results in June. These results were based on tests in small groups of people, but they show the potential of this approach.

What is an mRNA vaccine?

Inside the human body, messenger RNA supplies the information that DNA uses to make proteins, which regulate our cells and tissues. Viruses use RNA for a much more devilish purpose. They lack the cellular machinery…read more:


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  1. CDV99 July 20, 2020 at 4:26 pm

    “As normal, he is incorrect. Ask him about his summer in Greece. Long story there. Yes, of course, he is making it up.” (Gordon Duff, Senior Editor July 20, 2020 at 4:06 pm)

    Since this page/article is presumably intended to address science- and health-related issues, perhaps, Mr. Duff, we should stick those topics.

    Rather, how about you and/or your staff provide details to support your answer?

  2. CDV99 July 20, 2020 at 2:59 pm

    This article states that “There is no natural immunity to COVID-19.” Professor Beda Stadler (I’m guessing you’ve heard of him) stated in a recent interview ( that “…there was no test. There were no tests all over the world. So everybody said ‘There is no immunity,’ but nobody had antibody tests.”

    Professor Stadler continues: “Everybody who claimed there is no immunity had no assay to prove this. It was just a gut feeling and not science.”

    Is Professor Stadler incorrect?

    Gordon Duff, Senior Editor July 20, 2020 at 4:06 pm

    As normal, he is incorrect. Ask him about his summer in Greece. Long story there. Yes, of course, he is making it up.

    • Your cited source is anecdotal and runs against a mass of easily located real peer reviewed science. As for your other person, this is someone who knows me personally and someone I know to be…not someone I would seek medical care from. You believe people you don’t know. I know them.

  3. Any idea exactly how they are testing for infection? Is there a SARS-CoV-2 specific antibody that is looked for?

    • Edward, They look for the genetic material of SARS-CoV-2 to test for the infection. When they look to see if someone has had COVID-19 they look for the antibodies that the body has made because of contracting coronavirus…Not the coronavirus genetic material. When looking for early infection they look for IgM (immune globulin M) and for later in the infection IgG antibodies. Antibody testing will show if someone had COVID-19 even though they might have been symptom-less.

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